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How Link Aadhaar Card, Mobile No. with Ration Card in West Bengal, Food WB E-KYC

Easily link your Aadhaar Card with Ration Card online in West Bengal, Use Food WB E-KYC to link aadhaar with RC

A few days Back Government Gave a notice Regarding the Ration card. The Government Said Aadhaar card linking with ration card is mandatory, Ration card provides you Lot of Benefits and subsidies. Mostly Government Verification System works with Aadhaar cards. This verification with the Ration card makes them work easily. You can go online or offline

In this article, we will discuss the online process to complete RC & Aadhaar E-KYC or linking process in West Bengal (WB(

Let’s know about the Ration Card (RC) Linking process. After Reading this Article, you can easily Link your Ration card with your Aadhaar card & even update your mobile number if required.

Link Aadhaar with Ration Card in West Bengal – Food WB Portal RC E-KYC

wbfood portal
  • Open your Browser and click this HTTP:// food wb. gov. in this Link Works in both phone and Laptop Both.
wbfood portal e-kyc link aadhaar with RC
  • On the top side Right Corner, you can See “Link Aadhar with RC (Ration Card )”
  • This is the direct Link to the E-KYC page.
aadhaar card linking with ration card in west bengal
  • There, you will see two Box First Box;[ you can select Ration card Category]
  • In the Second Box:[ Enter your Ration card. NO] fill those boxes
  • After Completion of this process Click the ‘ Search ‘ option
  • You will see your Ration card Details
  • choice “update Aadhaar and mobile Number.”
  • click. “Aadhaar card NO” BOX & write your Aadhaar number.
  • Click the “verify ” Button
  • After Completing e -KYC process the government portal will send one otp to your Aadhaar card Linked mobile number
  • Bottom side ” Enter OTP ” box, paste your OTP. Click the “Do e-KYC” option
  • It will show your photo and Aadhaar card details
  • Check your details properly. then click the “Verify and Save ” option
Update Mobile
  • The site will show, “Do you want to update your mobile number
How Link Aadhaar Card, Mobile No. with Ration Card in West Bengal, Food WB E-KYC
  • If you want, click the “YES” option. Enter your number. If you don’t need a mobile number update, click ‘ NO.”
How Link Aadhaar Card, Mobile No. with Ration Card in West Bengal, Food WB E-KYC
  • After this step, your Aadhaar card is Linked with the Ration card.

This is the easy method to link the Ration card with the help of the West Bengal official site.

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Required Documents to Link Mobile number, aadhaar card with ration card in west bengal

  1. Phone number
  2. Aadhaar Card
  3. Ration card



How Can I check my Aadhaar card linked with the ration card?

Go to, click the ration card option. On the top side, you can see verify Ration Card option; the site will show you Another link. Click that. Provide what is required; the Ration card number shows you will see all details on your screen.

What is the last date to link ration card with aadhaar

Before December 31, west Bengal gave time to link your Aadhaar card with the ration card. You can easily complete this process. You can link both online and offline.

What did the government say about duplicate ration cards?

Yes, the government wrote in the notice that the use of ration cards linking the government would prevent duplicate cards and multiple ration cards owned by a single person. the government easily find fraud activates







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