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Roadies X9 Auditions 2025, New Season Date, Online Registration Form

The Roadies is a very popular show among the youth for a long time and the legacy has just been passed on, the hype never fails and each season has something in store. Each season never fails to entertain you. There are new things every season. The show organizers know how to attract the audience and do whatever to increase the amount of audience and the TRP. There are special auditions every time, special people who can entertain, who are strong, who have credibility are selected mostly. The show is mainly about how strong you are as the name suggests, roadie, meaning a tough guy.

Roadies X9 Auditions

This article explains the complete details about the Roadies X9 Auditions 2021, Tips for Contestants, Details about the New Season Date, Step by Step Guide to Fill in the Online Registration Form on the Official Portal.

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Roadies X9 New Season Date, Audition Details

  • The latest season audition will be done online. The start date for auditions is 20 September 2021 at 12: 00 pm. The ending date is November 1, 2021, at 11: 59 pm.
  • The new season details are generally released through leaks before quite a gap to increase the hype. Hence recently an Instagram post was shared by MTV, which is the conducting body for the Roadies.
  • It says Dekho Dekho who aagaya. The translation of this is See See it has come.


Tips for Roadies X9 Participants

Let us go through the below tips for the contestants of the Roadies X9, as shown below.

  • Be patient. Do not show much haste. Be patient. Do not fill in the form in haste. Take your time and follow the advice and think with a cool mind.
  • Do not question yourself too much. Do not think whether you will be able to clear this round, or that round. In simple words, live in present and not the future. Do not be afraid whether you would be able to clear some round or not.
  • Good content gives you a selection chance. Just think of how to make a proper video.
  • Sending a video fast does not ensure your selection. Sending a good video even late will give you the chance of grabbing the chance to be selected in the audition.
  • Do not compare yourself with others. Maintain yourself for the way you are which is unique and which is the real you.
  • Use a good camera. Use a proper camera for maintaining a high pixels video with more stability.
  • That being said, you need not spend too much on camera if you do not have one. CAUSE is the most important of all. The reason why you want to be in the roadies matters. Video can be shot on a simple phone itself. The cause is what should move the judges to select you.
  • Watch various videos on how to present yourself for the roadies auditions. See many articles. But don’t see too many. Just concentrate on yourself. Watch enough to make yourself familiarise yourself with the rules and normal conditions.
  • Do not waste time in becoming someone else. Be yourself.
  • Enhance your Instagram influence completely. Start posting from today. Make your account public. Increase your followers. Post regular content regarding roadies show, and related stuff.
  • Both your external and internal self are tested here.
  • In the question of explaining your character, is the internal question telling how you are from inside.
  • The external question is that why you are a fit for roadies. For this, you have to explain how your work on your body, and your strength, etc.


How to Apply for Roadies X9 Auditions, Online Registration Form

Let us see the procedure to Apply Online for Roadies X9 Auditions and Step to Fill the Online Application Form 2021.

  • Visit the official website of the Voot app which is accepting the registration.
 Apply for Roadies X9 Auditions
  • You will be directed to the page where you have to fill in the details
Roadies X9 Online Form
  • The details you have to fill in are our name, email id, mobile number.
  • To show your strong social media presence, you have to give your Facebook and Instagram profile links.
Roadies X9 Online Registration Form
  • Make sure that you have kept them in public mode before submitting them.
  • Now you have to share that video.
Roadies X9 Online Form
  • The description of the video is a 1 to a 3-minute video highlighting your personality. you have to also tell me why you are a good fit for Roadies.
  • Now, upload that particular video by clicking on that below option
  • This is the process of sending your online audition for the roadies.


All the interested aspirants can visit the Official Portal and Apply Online for the Roadies X9 Auditions.

FAQs on Roadies X9 Auditions 2021

Will, there be any online or in-person auditions this year?

There are online auditions for the Roadies this year, which you can find here.

When will Roadies begin operations?

The tentative date will be announced soon, but the auditions will take place between September 20th and November 1st, 2021.

How can I submit my audition materials to the Roadies?

To be considered for the Roadies, you must create a video of 1 to 3 minutes in length explaining why you are a good match for the group and upload it to the link provided in the article above. Simply read through the procedure and follow it.

Is the VOOT Mobile App available online in the Google Play Store?

Yes, the online users can download the VOOT Mobile App Online from the Play Store.







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