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Banglarbhumi 2022 Land Record, Khatian, Plot Map

Here we will look at land records in West Bengal for 2022. Also, in this article, we will discuss the critical components of Banglarbhumi 2022 land records for West Bengal.

Banglarbhumi 2022

WB Khatian Plot Map Check Online 2022 service and most recent announcements about the Banglarbhumi Portal are available in this article. The government has set up a new site that provides various services. Therefore, you must complete the Banglarbhumi Portal Registration Online before moving on to the next step. After completing the Portal’s registration process, you will be able to use its services. Be sure that you have all the necessary information and that it is up to date before using this program.

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You can view any property in West Bengal on this platform. On this page, you will find all of the services offered by Banglarbhumi Portal, and once you register, you can access them. This app allows users to directly access all land-related information on Banglarbhumi App 2022 from their mobile phones to save time and money. From their location, they can view the WB Banglarbhumi Land Record Plot Map Online using this program.

Consequently, those who own a property or piece of land and wish to stay updated will find this application very useful. For this reason, you should learn all about the Banglarbhumi Online Portal and then utilize it to access government services. Please refer to the section below for more details.

Banglarbhumi Land Record 2022

Banglarbhumi is a website designed by the Land Reforms Department of West Bengal. All state residents are welcome to use this website to check their rights records, including land records. Both buyers and sellers need this information when buying or selling a property. The original report should be reviewed first if one wishes to purchase land. By doing so, you can find out who the valid owner of the land is. The “Banglarbhumi” website provides citizens with access to previously available information in government offices.

Banglarbhumi 2022 Khatian

West Bengal’s Banglar Bhumi site is one of the state’s most significant land records websites, run by the state’s revenue department and developed under the guidance of the state’s NIC team. For the whole state, it had information for over 42,042 Mouzas and around 4.30 crore Khatians. In the hamlet, 70% of residents are descended from farming families.

West Bengal’s revenue department estimates Patta’s population at 3000000. As a result, it isn’t easy to provide them with all the information individually. It is now possible to get all the information you need about your land and property by searching for the owner’s name and the specifics of your land on the official Bangla Bhumi website.

Banglarbhumi 2022 Plot Map

The chief minister of West Bengal, Mamata Banerjee, is always working for the people. This is why she won the assembly election in 2022. The West Bengal State Government has made numerous government job records available online. Online WB Land Records include:

  • Users can access information about their plots and Khaitan conveniently on this site.
  • Consequently, the process of selling or buying a home has become more accessible.
  • Because of online land records, the system has become more transparent.
  • Suppose you want to find out more about a particular property. You’ve come to the right place.
  • Residents accessed property records from government offices before this service was available. Residents can now access property records online. Additionally, it saves time and money for users.
  • Entrepreneur in West Bengal seeking to set up a business. You can now check the Banglarbhumi portal for site infrastructure availability.

Benefits of Banglarbhumi 2022

  • You can find detailed information about Khaitan and plots on the Banglarbhumi website.
  • It is an excellent resource for selling and buying a home.
  • Openness has been added to the land record-keeping process, improving its effectiveness.
  • Businesses looking to set up in West Bengal can check the infrastructure availability of their chosen location using the Banglarbhumi portal.
  • Land and property information can be found on this site.
  • This website will also save you a lot of time and money.
  • In West Bengal, residents can now access their land records without visiting government offices.

How to register for Banglarbhumi Portal Online?

  • Individuals should first visit the Banglarbhumi portal’s official website.
  • Click on the Sign-Up button.
banglarbhumi registration
  • A new registration form will now appear in your browser.
  • Then fill in the blanks: Name, Address, Father’s Name, Mother’s Name, Phone Number, Municipality, District, Email Address, etc.
  • Then enter the Security Code, followed by the password you wish to create.
  • An OTP will be created and sent to the registered cell phone number.
  • Fill out the OTP field and apply.
  • Your registration has now been completed.

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BanglarBhumi 2022 Portal Purpose

The BanglarBhumi Portal is operated by the Land & Land Reform Department of the West Bengal Government. The West Bengal government maintains the site to achieve two goals.

The first is to ensure that people are taken care of, and the second is to ensure transparency. In today’s digital age, most government services are accessible online, allowing citizens to access all this information at their convenience.

Through this method, people have found some relief from the pain of the government office. Nevertheless, people have received some respite from fraud perpetrated by full-fledged or dishonest brokers.

The second objective of this webpage is to make government structures more transparent. Moreover, it has reduced corruption and made government institutions more transparent.


The government of West Bengal keeps digitized information about the land through its Portal. It currently has 42000 Mouzas in which to store data.

In addition, it has reserved roughly 4.30 crore acres of land. BanglarBhumi allows you to register land or get information about land you have acquired.

What is Banglarbhumi?

The West Bengal government recently introduced Banglarbhumi, a web portal that manages land records and land reforms. The portal allows you to look up data on land and property, such as the name of the owner, the land area, the plot number, and the value of the property.

What services are available on this portal?

The portal provides Citizen-Centric Services, Digitization of Map & Records, Preparation, Updation & Maintenance, Distribution of Land information, etc.

Is there any helpline?

As per the web information, you may contact the Helpline Number at 18003456600

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