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Delhi Bus/Metro Online E-Ticket Booking | Download App

Find out how to Book Bus or Metro tickets online in Delhi using the newly launched app

Here’s presenting to you Chartr App- The Delhi Bus Ticket E booking and Metro online Ticket E booking that can make your travel easy as ever. You can travel without worries with the Chartr App. This step of the government will ensure that there is no direct contact with the people at the ticket window or the bus conductors.

Delhi Bus, Metro Online E-Ticket Booking

Good news for people of Delhi! The Delhi government has started a new initiative to facilitate contactless ticket booking. This will be a hassle-free experience to the users and also helpful during Corona epidemic. A dedicated app namely “Chartr” has been launched using which people can book their Bus on Metro tickets online. This e-ticket booking system in Delhi will change the traditional way of booking tickets. This is a great facility by the Kejriwal government and should be appreciated.

If you are from Delhi and want to take benefit of online bus & metro ticket booking service, you must download the app. Follow the steps given below:

Delhi Metro/Bus Online Ticket Booking App, Download Chartr

Method One

  1. Open the Google play store
  2. Download the Chartr app
Download Delhi Chartr App From Google playstore
Chartr App on Play Store

Method Two

  1. Send “Hi” on WhatsApp on the number 9910096264.
  2. A URL will be sent to you.
  3. Click on the link to download the app. 
Delhi Bus/Metro Online E-Ticket Booking | Download App

You can use any of the above given methods to download the App on your Smartphone.

Let’s now understand the features of the Chartr App

Delhi Chartr App | Online Bus & Metro E Ticket Booking Mobile App – Features

Tickets Section

Under the ticket section, the users will be able to book the Delhi Bus Ticket E booking and Metro online Ticket E booking and also view the tickets and show it to the concerned authorities. 

Routes Section

Under the routes section, the users will be able to check the routes of the buses or metro lines just by typing the bus numbers and metro lines.

Delhi Bus/Metro Online E-Ticket Booking | Download App

Stops Section

Under the stop section, the users can search the name of the stop and find out when the bus would be arriving and what the bus number is that will drop the user to the destination.

In case the user is not aware of his or her location or the nearest stop he or she can click on the nearest stop location and Chartr app will help direct the user to the nearest location.

Direction Section

Under the direction section, the user can type in the source and the destination and it will help the user with the direction using the location.

Setting Section

Under the setting section, the user can save some important locations under saved locations. Under the same panel, the users can also save their places of daily use like home and work.

After the usage of this app, the users can also drop in their valuable feedbacks under the settings section.

Methods to use the Chartr App to Book Tickets Online

Delhi Online bus metro ticket booking
Ticket Booking Section

Method One

By Fare
Step 1: User scans a QR code present in the bus using the Chartr app.
Step 2: User selects fare.
Step 3: User pay the fare amount.
Step 4: After a successful transaction, the user receives the ticket.

Method Two

By Destination
Step 1: User selects the route, source and destination.
Step 2: User scans the QR code present on the bus.
Step 3: Fare is calculated and shown to the user.
Step 4: User pay the fare amount.
Step 5: After a successful transaction, the user receives the ticket.

The users can also view the active tickets in the view tickets section. In this section, the user will receive and will be able to view the tickets after the transaction is successful.

One added information

Chartr App- The Delhi Bus Ticket E booking and Metro online Ticket E booking App will soon be launching the Hindi language in the Chartr App for the convenience of its users.

Use whichever method you feel is more convenient and comfortable for you. I hope the thought of using this app to book your tickets will make your process of booking tickets a cakewalk.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is required to Access the Metro & Bus Ticket Booking App

All you need is a smartphone and mobile app.

Does this app charge anything?

There are no charges for the app itself.

I am not comfortable with English. Is it available in Hindi?

Yes, it will also be launched in Hindi.

Will the ticket booking on this app incur any additional charge?

No, you will not have to bear any additional expenses.

Last Updated on August 7, 2021 by Hindi Yojana Team

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