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Mission Shakti Yojana UP (Uttar Pradesh) -Features, Apply, Online Form 2024-25

[Apply] Mission Shakti Scheme Uttar Pradesh, Features, Online Application Form 2024

The Uttar Pradesh State Government recently launched a pilot programme called Mission Shakti Yojana fro the women of Uttar Pradesh State. Recent incidents against the women in society have led to the launch of Mission Shakti Yojana. Under this scheme, UP CM Yogi Adithyanath aims to protect and ensure the security of women in the state. Moreover, the government raise awareness in public by conducting different events from the grama panchayat level to the women at the industrial level, from schools to government institutions etc.

This article explain about the Mission Shakti Yojana UP, Features, Online Application Form 2024.

What is Mission Shakti Yojana 

  • Mission Shakti Yojana is a scheme design to dedicate the upcoming Navratri Festival to Women of UP.
  • It is a women empowerment scheme that the UP Government will launch on October 17th this year.
  • The Mission Shakti Scheme will last for six months from Shardiya Navratri to Chaitra Navaratri in April.
  • Under this scheme, the government will organize different programs in the Gram Panchayats, Industrial Units, Schools, Durga Puja Pandals, and Ramlilas to explain women’s role in society.

Features of Mission Shakti Scheme 

Let us see the features of the Mission Shakti Scheme, which is going to start soon in the Uttar Pradesh State.

  • The Mission Shakti Yojana aims to provide safety and security to the women in the state.
  • Under this scheme, the government plans to conduct different programmes on the greatness of women which starts from this Shardiya Navaratri.
  • Various departments from the government, including primary education, secondary education, higher education, MSME and other government agencies.
  • Private Operators will also be the partners under the Mission Shakti Scheme.
  • In the Mission Shakti Scheme, the government conducts various events like Short Films, Street Plays, Safety Pledge, Women’s laws and other inspirational stories to raise the awareness of the women.
  • To raise more awareness about the scheme, other departments like Medical Education, Technical Education, Secondary Education, Employment Exchange, Panchayat Raj will also be a part of the 9-day programme.

Uttar Pradesh Mission Shakti Scheme Launch Date 

The Mission Shakti Scheme, the yet to be implemented scheme of Uttar Pradesh Government will start from October 17th on the occasion of Dusshera festival which symbolizes the victory of good over evil.

Apply Online Form for Uttar Pradesh Shakti Yojana 2024

According to the information sources available, as of now, the government or the concerned department have not launched any official portal or the application registration process. We will keep you update in case of any further announcements related to the scheme.

Mission Shakti Uttar Pradesh 2024 FAQ’s

What is the objective of Uttar Pradesh Mission Shakti Yojana?

The objective of the Uttar Pradesh Mission Yojana is to raise the awareness of the greatness of women by conduction different activities.

What is the official date of launch of the UP Mission Shakti Scheme 2021?

The official date of launch of the UP Mission Shakti Scheme will starts from October 17th 2021.

What are the different events that the UP government is planning to conduct under the UP Mission Shakti Yojana?

The Mission Shakti Scheme aims to conduct various programmes like Short Films, Street Plays, Pledge on Women Safety.

What is the duration of the Mission Shakti Scheme of Uttar Pradesh State?

The scheme will start on October 17th and continue until six months from the start date.

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