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Thanks to the S S A Gujarat Website, Online Hajri is now easy. website allows teacher to login to profile and mark the attendance online. If you are teacher of Gujarat, simply login to your profile on Gujarat SSA website and follow the given steps.

Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan (SSA Gujarat) is a Gujarat Council of Elementary Education initiative by Department of Education, Government of Gujarat to provide free education to the children age between 6 to 14 years according to the 86th amendment to the Constitution of India. Free training is the fundamental right to tend to provide to every child from 6 to 14 years of age by the government. One of the main motives of the Government of Gujarat is to strengthen the education system. This is being done by constructing various schools are providing facilities to the children.

SSA Gujarat Online Hajri

The computerization is also helping education department a lot. Now teachers of Guajrat can login to profile and mark attendance online. Thanks to SSA for implementing online Hajari module in the SSA website.

SSA also pay attention to the recruitment of professionals teachers for children education. For existing teachers facility of training is provided by the Government of Gujarat. Many other teacher monitoring systems and online attendance system are also active on the SSA Gujarat Online Hajari Portal (એસ.એસ.એ. ગુજરાત ઓનલાઇન હજારી).

This online Attendance ( Online Hajari) System is a great tool. This makes the whole system transparent. SSA Gujarat Online Hajari Portal is a great example for other states. Here are the attendance timings:

  • Online attendance of teachers can be filled only from 11:30 am in the morning, Monday to Friday.
  • Attendance for second shift schools can be filled from Monday to Friday at 02:00 pm

  • Attendance for all school teachers will be filled by 12:30 hours on Saturday.


Services offered to Teachers on SSAGUJARAT.ORG Website 

  • Sarv Shiksha Abhiyan
  • GIS School mapping
  • gunotsav website
  • e classes
  • online circulars
  • migration monitoring system
  • special training for out of school children
  • Aadhar dise child tracking system
  • children with special need
  • citizen centric information
  • transportation
  • online monitoring system
  • teacher training subject selection
  • gyankunj
  • RTE notification
  • teacher portal
  • periodical assessment test
  • Dise
  • tenders
  • metric for difference redressal
  • online attendance system
  • requirements
  • School monitoring app

SSA Gujarat Online Attendance – Website Teacher Profile Login

Gujarat online Hajari is a portal by Sarv Shiksha Abhiyan Gujarat Council of Elementary Education Department of Education, by Government of Gujarat, where teachers can mark their attendance online. This system accepts attendance filing as per the timing mentioned above.

All teachers are advised to follow the schedule and make sure your attendance is submitted on time.

Features/Facilities Available Within SSA Gujarat Online Hajari Website:

  • Teachers Attendance
  • Students Attendance
  • Teachers Report
  • Students Report

S S A Gujarat Online Attendance Online Hajri Website ssagujarat 2022

  • First and foremost get to the official website of Sarv Shiksha Abhiyan
  • Once the Page opens up, Scroll Down and Click on “Online Attendance System”
ssa gujarat teacher profile login
  • This takes you to Official Portal for Online Hajari i.e. Log in using the Username and Password you are provided with
  • From this process, you will be able to fill your online Hajari form.
  • It the finish the registration process online.


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Gujarat Online Attendance App: Download Online

  • Visit the Google play store
  • Now type SSA Online Attendance Gujarat in the search box.
  • Now the application will appear in the screen.
  • Click on the application and install the app.
  • It then installs and downloads the Online Attendance App of Gujarat.

I hope that this Article and the Video Explains the Gujarat Online Hajri System Clearly to you. Feel Free to Share your thoughts and suggestions in the comments section below.


SSA Gujarat

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