Punjab Free Smartphone Scheme 2021 for Class 11, 12 | Muft Mobile Phone Yojana Punjab

Punjab Free Smartphone Scheme 2021 for class 11 and 12

COVID-19 has been around for long. And students have been suffering a lot because of this. Sure, there are digital classes, but many students fail to attend because of insufficient resources. Punjab government has noticed this and has been trying to come up with some positive steps to make it easier for students.

The main objective is to provide students with enough resources to continue their learning process uninterrupted. This is why Yojana Punjab has come up with the Punjab Free Mobile scheme.

Punjab Govt. Free Smart Mobile Phone Scheme 2021

Punjab Government has taken up the initiative to distribute over 50 lakh smartphones to all students of class 11th and 12th. The Muft Mobile phone scheme is designed, keeping in mind the needs of students who are in their career-building years. 

Lack of smartphones, especially in this COVID-19 crisis, has put pressure on students. They are under great stress and may even lag behind. The Punjab free mobile scheme is designed to battle this crisis scenario. Punjab Free Mobile scheme can also be seen as a means of digital empowerment in Punjab. With better internet access, many learning opportunities are likely to appear.

In the first phase, over 50,000 smartphones shall be distributed to girl students of class 11th and 12th all over Punjab. The preparations are going great. Punjab government has confirmed that the process of procurement has been completed. Punjab Government has also approved free distribution. They have also made sure that no Chinese apps or parts are used in the manufacturing of these devices.

Amarinder Free Mobile Phone Scheme has been started by CM Amarinder Singh. And it shall be achieved after two years of coming in power.

Punjab Free Smartphone for class 11th and 12th Students: Eligibility

All students of Class 11th and 12th are eligible for Punjab Free Mobile Scheme. The scheme is divided into multiple phases. And in the 1st phase, over 50,000 smartphones are to be distributed primarily among girl students.

Girls are the primary beneficiaries of phase 1 of Muft Mobile phone scheme. But this is only the beginning. Punjab government aims to extend the benefit to all students of class 11th and 12th. The targeted beneficiary of the entire scheme is all the youth of Punjab.

Since it is a step-wise process, it might take some time to achieve the targeted benefits. As a part of phase 1, all-girl candidates of class 11th and 12th need to submit a self-certification form. This form must justify their need for a smartphone. It must state that the applicant does not own any smartphone and is in need of one.

Punjab Muft Mobile Phone Yojana: Key Points

The main objective of Punjab Muft Mobile Phone is to promote online methods of education during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Punjab government has also confirmed that these smartphones will come with a prepaid data plan, which shall be valid for a year. Free calling shall also be offered as a part of the scheme. The main aim is to provide free access to the internet. It shall help the youth of Punjab to make informed career choices. Students are less likely to miss out on crucial career-related information.

Punjab government has confirmed that a basic smartphone shall be provided to all candidates. All smartphones will have a touchscreen interface, front and back camera, and stable internet connectivity options. Besides this, social media applications shall be pre-installed besides other basic features.

This is sure to boost the performance of online classes.

PB Class 11,12 students free smartphone scheme: Official Announcement

The first official announcement for Phase 1 of the Muft Mobile Phone scheme was made on 28th July 2021. It is a long process and would take months of planning. Punjab government shall open a transparent bidding process in which vendors can bid to be a distribution unit.

Free Smartphone Scheme Punjab

Once the manufacturing process is complete, the distribution shall begin. It is estimated that by the end of December 2021, the distribution of phase 1 shall be finished. Over 50,000 girl students will have smartphones in their hands by the end of this year. If it is achieved in time, it shall be an excellent achievement for the government of Punjab.

It is the start of something tremendous and might take a while to establish, but it definitely a start. Punjab Free Mobile Phone scheme can transform the lives of many students. This more about overall development in the field of education than anything else. This scheme is sure to have a massive impact on the coming years of the Punjab education system.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the primary beneficiaries of Punjab Free Smartphone Scheme 2021?

As per the latest announcement, on the initial phase, smartphones will be distributed to girl students of class 11th and 12th.

Which type of smartphones is to be given under the Free Smartphone Scheme in Punjab?

Government will provide basic smartphones with features like touchscreen interface, camera unit, internet connectivity, social media apps and other basic functionalities.

How many smartphones will be distributed in phase 1?

Around 50,000 smartphones will be distributed to the girl students of 11th and 12th.

Will smartphones be distributed to boys under Free Smartphone Scheme in Punjab?

Yes, after the completion of the initial phase, the scheme will be extended to other students of 11th and 12th as well.