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Delhi e Vehicle Portal, Step by Step Procedure to Apply for Subsidy, Search & Download EV Policy, Login

Delhi’s Chief Minister Aravind Kejriwal has recently started another initiation called Delhi e Vehicle Portal to continue the innovative schemes. Under this initiation, the Delhi Government aims to reduce pollution and boost Delhi’s economy by launching the Electric Vehicles on roads. Moreover, the government is providing subsidies to citizens purchasing electric vehicles. For, this government has designed a policy called Electric Vehicle Policy. The people should abide by this policy to get the subsidy benefits from the government of Delhi. Recently the Delhi Government approved more than 100 models, including 45 e-Rikshaws,12 For-Wheelers, and other models under New E Vehicle Policy.

This article explains the Delhi e Vehicle Portal, Online Application Process for applying the subsidy, View and Download the Delhi e Vehicle Policy on official website

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What is Delhi e Vehicle Portal

Let us see the Delhi e Vehicle Portal details and the Electric Vehicle scheme launched by Kejriwal’s government.

· e Vehicle scheme’s main focus is to make the country’s capital pollution-free and boost its economy by creating employment.

· The buyers of the e Vehicles can get their subsidy amount by applying online on the official website.

· Delhi government has designed a new policy called Electric Vehicle policy to raise this scheme’s seriousness.

· Delhi’s government expects the number of buyers to be at least 5 Lakh in the coming five years.

· The aspirant buyers will also get loans at low interest for buying the e Vehicles.

· A special EV cell will be set up to implement the policy with transparency.

Benefits of Delhi Electric Vehicle Policy 2021

Find out the benefits the government offers to the citizens purchasing electric vehicles under e Vehicle scheme introduced by Delhi’s government.

· The government aims to make the share of electric vehicles up to 25% by 2024.

· The people purchasing the two-wheelers can get a subsidy amount of Rupees 30,000.

· The customers buying the two-wheelers can get a subsidy of 1,50,000.

· On Auto-rickshaws, the subsidy amount given to the vehicle owners is Rupees 30,000.

· The fright vehicle buyers are also eligible to get a subsidy of 30000 Rupees.

· The buyers of Electric Vehicles no need to pay any Registration Fee & Road Tax like other vehicles.

· 200 public charging stations are available across Delhi.

· Scrapping incentive

· Low-interest loan on the purchase of E-Vehicles

· E-buses Facility

· Within one year, Delhi Govt aims to induct 35,000 E-vehicles

Apply for Subsidy on Electric Vehicle @

Let us see the procedure to claim the subsidy after the purchase of Electric Vehicles under the Delhi e Vehicle Scheme launched by the Kejriwal Government.

  • After purchasing the electric vehicle, the buyer will get a user name and password for login on the portal.
  • The buyer can start claiming the subsidy on the vehicle by visiting the EV Delhi Portal.
  • Go to the Home Page of the official website.
  • It displays the home page given below.
Delhi e Vehicle Portal
  • On the Home Page, Click on the Login button.
  • It takes the claimant to the below page.
Delhi Electric Vehicle Subsidy Scheme
  • Enter the User Name and Password provided at the dealers end as the credential to access the portal.
  • After that buyer will get redirected to the user dashboard.
  • In the dashboard, enter the vehicle’s details, model, and other details to claim the subsidy amount.
  • The owner of the vehicle receives the SMS Alerts until he/she completes the subsidy claim process.

Note: The dealers will also have access to the portal to enroll in the number of purchases made at a respective selling unit.

Search and Download e Vehicle Policy @

Let us see the simple procedure to view and download the e Vehicle Policy sponsored by Delhi’s government for its citizens.

· Visit the official portal of Electric Vehicles Delhi.

· It takes the online applicant to the Home Page.

Delhi EV Policy 2021

· On the Home Page, in the Menu Bar, click on the Notification & Circular

· It then expands into a drop-down. Select the Delhi EV Policy 2021 and click on it.

· It then downloads a pdf file of the Delhi EV policy on your system.

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Delhi e Vehicle Portal

Delhi e Vehicle Policy PDF

Delhi Electric Vehicle Portal FAQ’s

What is the objective of the Delhi e Vehicle Scheme 2021?

The Delhi e Vehicle scheme’s objective is to boost the economy by creating employment and to reduce pollution in the capital city.

How many charging stations are set up in Delhi under the Electric Vehicle Scheme?

A total number of 200 charging stations are set up in Delhi under this scheme.

Can I view and download the Delhi e Vehicle Policy on the official website 

The interested applicants can view and download the Delhi New e Vehicle Policy on the official website.

What is the maximum subsidy amount an applicant can claim under the Delhi New e Vehicle Policy?

The buyers can claim 1,50,000 Rupees of subsidy, which is the maximum subsidy for buying cars under this scheme.

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