YSR Pension Types | AP YSR Pension Kanuka 2021, Apply Online Check Status, Search Name in List

In this article, we are sharing information regarding various Pension types under YSR Pension kanuka. Also, you will know how to check pension status or search name in the list online. If you are interested, you should not miss this article. Let’s get started.

YSR Pension Kanuka | YSR Pension Scheme 2021, Apply, Status, List

Before we discuss each aspect of this scheme in detail, let us give you a brief overview.

Pension schemes are functional in Andhra Pradesh for a long time. But, after YSR was elected as CM, he made key changes to existing pension schemes. The complete pension program that consists of various pension types is collectively known as “YSR Pension Kanuka”. Under this program, there are 12 types of pensions. More information regarding this is available in the next section.

Through the online pension portal, key information regarding these pensions i.e. Pension Status, Checking Pensioner beneficiary name in the list can be checked easily.

YSR Pension Kanuka | Pension Types

As mentioned before, there are 12 types of Pensions available under YSR Pension Kanuka Scheme. These are:

Old Age Pension
Weavers Pension
Widow Pension
Disabled Pension
Toddy Tappers Pension
ART Pension
Transgender Pension
Fishermen Pension
Single Women Pension
CKDU Pension
Traditional Cobblers Pension
Dappu Artists Pension

YSR Pension Scheme (Kanuka) | Eligibility Criteria

Now, Let’s understand the eligibility criteria for each of the above mentioned YSR Pension Types:

               Eligibility Criteria Common to all Pensions Schemes

  • The proposed beneficiary shall be from BPL family holding white ration card.
  • He/she shall be a local resident of the district.
  • He/she are not covered under any other Pension Scheme.

Old Age Pension

  •  Old age people, (male or female), who are 60 years of age or above and are needy

Weavers Pension

  •  Weaver is 50 years of age or above and destitute.

Widow Pension

  •  As per the Marriage Act 18 years and above.

Disabled Pension

  •  Disabled persons having a minimum of 40% disability and No age limit.

Toddy Toppers Pension

  •  50 years and above. Members of Toddy Co-operative Societies (TCS) or to an individual tapper under the Tree For Tappers (TFT) scheme and who have completed 50 years of age as on 1.2.2009.

ART Pension

  •  No age limit. 6 months of continuous treatment on ART (Anti Retroviral Therapy).

CKDU Pension

  •  No age limit.Patients undergoing Continuous Kidney Dialysis(Chronic Kidney Disease of Unknown aetiology).

Transgender Pension

  •  Transgender is 18 years of age or above.

Fisherman Pension

  •  The fisherman is 50 years of age or above.

Single Women Pension

  • Married women who are separated/deserted shall have above 35 years of age and the separation period shall be more than 1 year as on date of sanction of pension.
  • Unmarried women who are having 30 years and above of age in Rural and for Urban 35 years and above of age and no support of the family.

Traditional Cobblers Pension

  •  Traditional Cobblers is above 40 years of age.

Dappu Artists Pension

  •  Dappu Artists is above 50 years of age.

Required Documents to Apply

  • Applicant’s Aadhaar Card
  • Age Proof
  • Bank Passbook
  • Address Proof
  • Passport Size Photograph
  • Particular Pension Type Documents
  • Duly Filled Application Form

How to Apply for YSR Pension Kanuka | Scheme Online/Offline Application Form

Be advised that till date there is no completely online mode in order to apply for any pension scheme under YSR Kanuka. In order to apply, an interested and eligible applicant must need to download, print & fill in the application form clearly.

Right now, the following forms are available as PDF file:

Note: Duly Filled Application Forms along with attached required documents should be submitted at Panchayat/Ward office.

YSR Pension Status | Check YSR Pension Kanuka Application Status Online

Once you have applied for any pension type, you have the option to check the application status of your Pension Application online. Here are the steps:

  • First of all, visit the Official YSR Kanuka portal
  • Now, Click on the “Search” Option
YSR Pension Types | AP YSR Pension Kanuka 2021, Apply Online Check Status, Search Name in List
  • Now, you need to provide “Pension ID” or “Grevience ID”
  • Provide the information and click on “Go” to check the status of your Application

YSR Pension Kanuka | Pension Type Wise Amount

Pension TypeAmount
Old Age PensionRs. 2250
Weavers Pension Rs. 2250
Widow Pension Rs. 2250
Disabled Pension Rs. 3000
Toddy Tappers Pension Rs. 2250
ART Pension Rs. 2250
Transgender Pension Rs. 3000
Fishermen Pension Rs. 2250
Single Women Pension Rs. 2250
CKDU PensionRs. 10000
Traditional Cobblers Pension Rs. 2250
Dappu Artists Pension Rs. 3000

YSR Pension Kanuka List | Check Reports Online

If you are interested to find out the report of pensions in your area, follow these steps:

  • Open up the Official portal & Go to “Reports” Section
  • Now Choose from “Scheme wise Analysis” or “Area Wise analysis”
  • Select your District, Panchayat etc.
  • Now you will see no. of pensioners according to the pension type

We hope that now you understand all about YSR Pension Kanuka Scheme 2021 i.e. Pension Types, How to Apply & Download Application forms & How to Check Status of your application online.

What is YSR Pension Kanuka?

YSR Pension Kanuka is a collective name for various pension schemes in Andhra. Recently, key changes have been made to all the existing pension schemes.

How many pension types are included in this Scheme?

There is a total of 12 pension types. They are Old Age Pension, Weavers Pension, Widow Pension, Disabled Pension, Toddy Tappers, ART Pension, Transgender Pension, Fishermen Pension, Single Women Pension, CKDU Pension, Traditional Cobblers Pension, Dappu Artists Pension.

Whom to contact in event of any query or grievance?

You can call on the number – 0866 – 2410017 or write an email at ysrpensionkanuka@gmail.com

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