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Promobot Face Apply Online – US Robot Maker Volunteer Application Form, 1.5 Crore Offer “Use my face”

Promobot Robotics Company offering upto Rs. 1.5 Crore to use your face – See How to Apply online for Promobot “Use my face” on the official website

You heard that right. A robot manufacturer asking for human faces. The ‘New Tech Age’ is not far enough now. The company has launched an online campaign “promo bot use my face”, for which it is offering a sum equivalent to 1.5 crores to a brave volunteer willing to give indefinite rights to use their face on promo bots. They will develop a 3D model of your face and body along with dictation of at least 100 hours of speech material for the purpose of copying your voice.

Promobot Face Apply Online Application Form

Promobot is a tech giant, a leading robot-producing company based in New York since 2019. It manufactures very realistic humanoid robots which work in a variety of roles such as autonomous navigation, facial and speech recognition, artificial intelligence, autonomous navigation, and other areas of robotics in 43 countries. The candidate is supposed to sign a licensing agreement permitting unlimited period access to the use of his/her appearance.

Their new clients are some of the large-scale projects for which they need to license a distinct robot appearance to forego legal delays in the matter. They are seeking a “friendly and kind face” to be used on their robot assistant. Although they have specified their requirements for ‘friendly and kind’, their applications are open to people of any gender and age above 25. You can check out their website for further details, the link for which is given at the end of this article.


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They plan to deploy the new humanoid face roots in 2023 in the markets and are on the lookout for volunteers. The appearance license shall be given to an American company to supply the solutions in retail stores, airports, shopping malls within the area of North America and the Middle East.

Unlike Sophia whose face was generated by a computer, the first-ever social AI robot, promobot needs a real human face for their robots, however, it is not quite clear why. Built by the Hongkong-based Hanson robotics firm and made history in 2017. Since then, Sophia has been to every corner of the world giving interviews and ceremoniously dodging questions such as “What do you think about robots taking over the world?” She chats amiably and smiles mischievously; you are sure to have fun with that one. She was also granted the legal citizenship of Saudi Arabia, making her the first machine to ever achieve such a feat.

Promobot Use My Face Website – Apply, Online Volunteer Registration Form

I am sure you are as eager to volunteer as any for this incredible opportunity. Below is the step-by-step process to apply.

Step-1 got to

Step-2 Fill in your country, name, e-mail, and other personal information along with the message of why you think you are the right fit.

Promobot use my face volunteer application

Step-3 You will receive an email confirming your application and they will update you further.


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Last Updated on December 3, 2021 by Hindi Yojana Team

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