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Ireland Government’s 75 Lakh Scheme – Govt. Offering $92,000/£68,000 Grant to Move in

Yes, you read that right. The Government of Ireland is offering a Grant up to 75 lakhs ($92000/£68,000) to move to the country’s remote islands. This announcement is part of the “Our Living Islands” Scheme of the Government of Ireland.

Please hold on and don’t start packing your bags already. To take part in Ireland 75 Lakh rupees scheme, you must follow the rules & all the eligibility conditions.

Many people want to know How to Apply for this scheme, What are the rules & regulations, Who is eligible to apply and who is not. Let’s explore the Ireland Government’s Our Living Islands scheme in depth.

Is Ireland Government Paying Money to Move to Remote Islands?

Yes, the Irish goverment is certainly paying Grant to the eligible and interested persons to move to remote islands.

As per the recently announced “Our Living Islands” Policy, beneficiaries will get a grant worth 75 Lakh Indian rupees or $92,000 or £68,000.

Ireland Living Islands Policy 2023

The policy was released on 7th June 2023. This 84 pages document cover a lot of things but here is the takeaway of the Ireland’s Living Islands scheme:

The policy aims to support sustainable and vibrant island communities while promoting the unique culture, heritage, and environmental richness of the islands.

ireland island scheme 2023


Key Takeaways from Ireland Living Islands Scheme

  • The policy focuses on achieving five high-level strategic objectives identified by islanders themselves as crucial for the islands’ sustainable future. These objectives are mutually reinforcing and aim to improve the quality of life and opportunities for island communities.
  • The policy recognizes the interconnections between different sectoral policies that impact island communities. It takes a whole-of-Government approach, involving various government departments, to ensure a coordinated and cohesive implementation.
  • Each strategic objective is directly linked to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). This alignment helps Ireland fulfill its SDG commitments and facilitates complementary reporting.
  • The policy will be implemented through a series of 3 to 4-year action plans. These plans will provide detailed outlines on how the strategic objectives will be achieved. The first action plan will cover the period 2023-2026.
  • The policy sees the islands as having the potential to help with national goals in tourism, culture, the marine economy, and climate action. It highlights the economic, social, and environmental development opportunities that these policies offer to the islands.
  • The policy reflects the Government’s ambition, as outlined in “Our Rural Future,” to ensure the islands’ sustainable and vibrant communities. It emphasizes the need for government departments to work together to implement the policy effectively.

Irish Government’s Grant to Move in to Remote Islands

SchemeLiving Island’s Policy
ObjectiveTo promote island culture, heritage, and environmental richness while supporting sustainable island communities.
BenefitsGrant Upto USD 92,000, 68,000 Euro or Upto Rs. 75 Lakhs
Official Page

Who is Eligible

Please note that “Our Living Islands” award applications are only accessible to Irish people with proper immigration rights. Non-Irish non-EU/EEA nationals cannot apply.

Beware of fraudsters providing Irish “relocation visas” and misinformation regarding this policy. Check the Irish Immigration webpage for visa information.

How to Apply for a Grant to Move to Ireland’s Islands

The online applications under this scheme open from 1st July 2023. All interested and eligible aspirants need to ensure their eligibility and understand all the rules.

Once sure, you are eligible, you must fill in the online application form. After you submit your application, the government will scrutinize your application if all goes well, the relevant grant will be offered.

Quick Links

Official Website
Policy DocumentRead Here

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