WB Ghare Ghare Mastermosai 2021| Apply, Registration, Objective, Benefits

Complete Details about WB Ghare Ghare Mastermosai | Apply, Registration, Objective, Benefits

After the launch of the Duare Duare Paschimbanga Sarkar’ (West Bengal government at every doorstep), the state government of West Bengal has launched a scheme to make the people aware of the government’s welfare schemes. Mamatha Benerjee Government named this program as Ghare Ghare Mastermosai. The main objective of this scheme is to take the government schemes to the doorsteps of the people. Moreover, the teachers will go to each house and campaign about the government’s latest schemes.

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The interested applicants can apply for the various schemes introduced by the government based on their eligibility criteria.

WB Ghare Ghare Mastermosai

This article explains the West Bengal Ghare Ghare Mastermosai scheme, Apply and Registration Procedure, Benefits, and Features of the program.

Objective of the Scheme

The scheme’s main objective is to spread awareness among the people regarding various government schemes in West Bengal.

Features of the Mastermosai Scheme 

Let us see the features of the Ghare Ghare Mastermosai Scheme introduced by the West Bengal Government.

  • The Ghare Ghare Mastermosai is an initiative launched by the government of West Bengal in the month of April-May 2021.
  • The scheme was introduced as the campaigning program for the elections in the state.
  • The concerned locality teachers will reach every household to spread the information and raise awareness on the recently launched government schemes and benefits.
  • Besides giving an oral description, the teachers make the people aware of the schemes by distributing pamphlets, posters, and other visual aids.
  • The campaigning team hand over booklets listing projects like Kanyashree, Sabujsathi, Swasthyasathi, and Rupashree and explain how to avail them.
  • The instructors and the teachers visiting the houses give complete information about the schemes like Application Procedure, Benefits, Eligibility, Application Fee, etc.

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Benefits of the Master Mosai (Teachers at doorsteps scheme)

Let us see the Benefits of the Ghare Ghare Mastermosai scheme launched by Mamatha Benerjee’s Government.

  • The scheme educates the people about the different welfare schemes run by the government.
  • It is easy even for the laymen to understand the benefits and the application process of the schemes.
  • People no need to go anywhere to know about the government’s initiations for the welfare of the people.
  • People can avail of the free booklets distributed by the teachers at the time of campaigning.
  • Moreover, the scheme is beneficial to the government to educate the people about the welfare programmes.

[Teachers at doorsteps] Apply and Online Registration for the Ghare Ghare Mastermosai Scheme 2021

  • As discussed, the scheme aims to educate the people by sending the teachers to the citizens’ doorsteps.
  • In this instance, the primary focus is on educating the people about the government’s welfare schemes.
  • However, once the people get the awareness of the different schemes, they can apply and register for the schemes online.

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WB Ghare Ghare Matermosai FAQ’s

What is the objective of the Ghare Ghare Mastermosai scheme launched by the government of West Bengal?

The scheme’s main objective is to spread awareness among the people regarding various government schemes in West Bengal.

Where do the citizens should go to avail of the benefits of the WB mastermosai scheme?

The people are not required to go anywhere to avail themselves of the WB Mastermosai scheme’s benefits.

Can I apply for the government schemes with teachers’ help at the time of the door to door campaigning?

The teachers are to make the people aware of the government’s initiations. However, people can apply and register the schemes themselves online or visit the concerned departments.

Do the teachers provide any booklets or other materials about government schemes?

Yes. The teachers will distribute the booklets regarding the government schemes to people.