WB Chokher Alo Scheme 2021-Free Eye Treatment /Spectacles for Senior Citizens, Apply, Online Form

Step by Step Procedure to Apply for Free Eye Treatment and Spectacles to Senior Citizens by WB Choker Alo Scheme

We are all aware of the various welfare schemes that the Mamata Benerjee Government has launched in the state. Similarly, the West Bengal Government has launched the scheme, WB Choker Alo, in West Bengal. The objective of the scheme is to provide Free Eye Treatment and Spectacles to Senior Citizens. Moreover, the government aims to perform cataract operations for senior citizens and conduct eye camps for 10 Lakh Students in the next five years.  It has also been observed that the Tag line of the prestigious scheme is ‘eyes-for-all by 2025. 

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 For further details, the interested participants can apply for the scheme on the official portal of WB Chokher Alo Scheme 2021.

WB Chokher Alo Scheme 2021

This article explains the online procedure to apply for WB Chokher Alo Scheme 2021, Online Form, Free Cataract Eye Surgery/ Spectacles, Eye Tests to the students and free eye tests for the beneficiaries.

Highlights Of the WB Chokher Alo Scheme 2021

Let us see the key highlights of the West Bengal Choker Alo Scheme.

  • The WB Chokher Alo Scheme 2020-2021 launched by the West Bengal Government aims to provide healthy eyes to the citizens by 2025. 
  • The main objective of the scheme is to bring eye treatment to your doorsteps.
  • The West Bengal government has set a cataract operation target for 20 lakh senior citizens free of cost.
  • They will operate about 8.25 lakh under the scheme, and spectacles will be provided to the beneficiaries.
  • The government will engage over 300 doctors and 400 optometry technicians for this purpose.
  •  This scheme is not only for senior citizens. The government has also planned to provide free training to 10 lakh students, out of which 4 lakh students will also be offered free glasses.
  •  Besides Senior Citizens and Children, the Anganwadi staff will also be able to take advantage of this scheme.
  • .So far, the government has finalized over 700 doctors under the scheme for this work.

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How to Apply Online for WB Chokher Alo Scheme 2021

Let us see the step by step guide to apply for the WB Chokher Alo Scheme 2021.

  • The State Government has very recently announced the scheme for the state.
  • In this instance, the WB Government has not launched any official portal to apply for the Chokher Alo Yojana.

WB Chokher Alo Online Application/Registration Form

  • However, the government may announce the launch of the official portal soon.
  • We will keep you updated once there is an official announcement from the government regarding the same.
  • Please visit our articles to get the latest updates on various schemes of state and union government.

Implementation of the Chokher Alo Scheme West Bengal

Let us see the 1st phase of the implementation Chokher Alo Scheme launched by the Mamatha Benerjee Government in the state.

  • The WB Chokher Alo Scheme was initiated on 5 January 2021 in the state.
  • The government has covered around 1200 Gram Panchayats and 120 Primary Health Centers under this scheme.
  • The subsequent phases of the project will cover the rest of the Gram Panchayats and PHC’s.
  • The government has inaugurated advanced health care facilities with sophisticated infrastructure at North Bengal Medical College and Hospital.
  • The Rs. 10 crore unit will have 20 beds, two operation theatres and a 10-bed recovery room. 
  • The government has also recruited an orthopedic surgeon and a neurosurgeon to take care of emergency patients.

WB Free Eye Treatment/Spectacles to Senior Citizens Eligibility Criteria

Let us see the eligibility criteria to get eligible for the West Bengal Chokher Alo Scheme.

  • The applicants should be permanent residents of West Bengal State.
  • Candidates applying to the scheme should be Senior Citizens in the state.
  • The applicant candidates should possess all the documents essential for the scheme.
  • The Senior Citizens applying for the Free Eye Treatment and Spectacles should belong to BPL Families.

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 Quick Links

WB State Official Portal 

Contact: Helpdesk 

West Bengal Choker Alo Scheme 2021 FAQ’s

What is the objective of the WB Chokher Alo Scheme 2021?

The main motive of launching the WB Chokher Alo Scheme is to provide cataract eye treatment for senior citizens.

How much it costs for the cataract operation under WB Choker Alo Scheme?

It is entirely free of cost operation, and free spectacles will be provided for the people who undergo an operation.

Is the Free Eye Tests and Spectacles Scheme available for WB students?

Yes, the scheme is available for Ten Lakh weaker section students.

Is the WB Chokher Alo Scheme available for people of other states?

No, the citizens who belong to West Bengal State can only be eligible for the WB Free Eye Tests and Spectacle Scheme.