Udyam Registration 2021 | Online Enterprise, MSME Registration with Aadhaar, Self Declaration Form, Apply Online on udyamregistration portal

Step by Step Procedure to Apply Udyam Registration, Online Enterprise, MSME Registration with Aadhaar, Self Declaration Form@ udyamregistration.gov.in

The establishing micro, small or medium enterprise should file the Udyam Registration Online on the Udyam Registration Portal 2021. Once after the registration, the applied enterprise will get a permanent identification number known as Udyam Registration Number. The process can be completed based on self-declaration with no requirement of uploading documents, papers, and certificates of proof.

The interested parties can visit the official website and apply online for Udyam Registration and get the Udyam Registration Certificate.

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Udyam Registration 2021

This article explains the procedure to apply for Udyam Online Registration, MSME Registration with Aadhaar, and Self Declaration Form on the official portal.

Apply Online Enterprise, MSME Registration with Aadhaar @udyamregistration.gov.in

Let us the online application procedure to apply for the Udyam Online Registration on the official portal.

  • Visit the Official Portal of Udyam Registration.
  • It takes the applicants to the Home Page below.
Udyam Registration
  • On the Home Page, Click on the New Entrepreneurs who are not registered yet as MSME.
  • It then redirects the applicant to the Udyam Registration Form.
Udyam Registration Portal
  • Enter the Aadhaar Number and Name of Entrepreneur.
  • Click on Check Box and then click on the Validate and Generate OTP button.
  • Enter the OTP Generated to your Mobile Number and click on Validate.
MSME Registration with Aadhaar
  • The applicant will receive the alert- Your Aadhaar has been Validated Successfully. You can continue Udyam Registration Process.

Self Declaration Form Online 2021@udyamregistration.gov.in

  • On the Same Page, Start the PAN Verification Process.
Udyam Registration Certificate
  • In this section, enter the Type of Organisation.
  • It displays the list of organisations the applicant can select from the above-listed choices.
  • Enter PAN Number in the respective field, as shown below.
Udyam Registration Form Official Website
  • Click on the Declaration Check Box and Click on the PAN Validate.
  • It then shows the alert- Your PAN Number has been successfully validated.
  • Scroll down the page to start the registration process.
  • Enter the Name of the Entrepreneur as per PAN, Mobile Number, and Email.
  • Enter the Name of the Enterprise, Location of the plant, Flat/Door No./Block Number, Name of Premise/Building, and Village/Town.
  • Enter the Pin Code, State, and District.
  • Enter the Official Address of the Enterprise, such as Name of the Premises/Building, Block Number, Pin Code, and Village/Town.
  • Enter the previous EM2/UAM Registration Number, if any.
  • Enter the Status of the Enterprise, Date of Incorporation/ Registration, Whether Production/Business Commenced, Date of Commencement.
  • Enter the Bank Details like Bank Name, IFSC Code, and Bank Account Number.
  • Select the Major Activity of the Unit.
  • Search and Enter the National Industry Classification Code for Activities.
  • Enter the Number of Persons Employed.
  • Enter the costs of Investment Plant and Machinery.
  • Enter the Total Turnover, Net Turnover, and Export Turn Over in Rupees.
  • Answer Yes if you are interested in registering on Government e-Market (Gem) and TReDS Portal.
  • Enter the District Industry Centre.
  • Click on the Declaration Check Box and click on Submit and Get Final OTP.
Udyam Registration Certificate FAQ's
  • Enter the Generated OTP in the respective fields below and click on the Final Submit Button.
Udyam Registration Form 2021
  • It then Ends up the Udyam Registration Process and click on the Print Button to download the acknowledgment.
  • Later, the applicant will be issued with Udyam Certificate within a few days.
Udyam Registration Form

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Quick Links 

Udyam Registration Form Official Website

Udyam Registration Certificate FAQ’s

Is the Aadhar Number Mandatory for Udyam Registration Process on the official portal?

Yes, the Aadhaar Number is mandatory for getting the Udyam Registration Certificate Online on the portal.

What is the application fee for applying for the Udyam Registration Form?

The application procedure is entirely free of cost to apply to the portal.

Can the already existing enterprises register for the Udyam Registration Certificate?

The existing enterprises can also register for the Udyam Registration Certificate Online.

Do the applicants must provide the PAN and Bank Account Details while applying for the Udyam Certificate Online?

Yes, providing the PAN and Bank Account Details are mandatory while applying for the Udyam Certificate Online.