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TNTP Login – TN EMIS (Tamilnadu School Educational Management Information System)

Here you will find information about the TNTP Login App and the TN EMIS Login at The Tamil Nadu Schools Educational Management Information System (TNEMIS) has provided schools and teachers with a variety of log-in portals, apps, and systems. Among them are the TN EMIS Portal, the EMIS Tamil Nadu, and the TNTP Tamil Nadu Teachers Platform. Therefore, if you are also using the Tamil Nadu Teacher Platform (TNTP) Login App, this article will guide you through the Tamil Nadu Teacher Platform (TNTP) User Guide. You are advised to go through his whole article to understand the process.

TN EMIS – TNTP Login 2022

What is the meaning of EMIS?

Educational Management Information System (EMIS) is an acronym for Educational Management Information System. It is a centralized database that stores basic information about each student, such as their name, age, height and weight, location, educational qualification, contact number, and home address, as well as information about staff members and schools throughout Tamil Nadu.

The Department of Education (DoE), assigns a Tunique 8-digit number assigned to all schools which is also known as the EMIS number.

Tamil Nadu Educational Management Information System is abbreviated as TN EMIS, while EMIS is abbreviated as Educational Management Information System. TN EMIS provides the Tamil Nadu Teachers Platform (TNTP) to schools, teachers, and students.

T.N. State introduces these horizons of technology-enhanced learning to the learner through engaging and vibrant e-contents. It offers standards-aligned e-learning resources such as videos, interactives, simulations, online courses, and training modules.

(TNTP) Tamil Nadu Teachers Platform Key Features

  • Through this portal, teachers in Tamil Nadu have access to a centralized repository of digital content.
  • Teachers can track their progress toward professional excellence using a unique login ID associated with the state curriculum


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TN EMIS How to Login at

To begin, you must register on the Tamil Nadu Schools EMIS or TNTP website. Once registered, you will receive an EMIS-assigned unique eight-digit username and password. If you are a teacher, you can access your EMIS school login information via the Staff details menu or the Teacher login details option. After successfully completing the TNTP registration process, proceed to the login steps. Additionally, we’ve included the necessary steps for Login Details. Please refer to the following steps:

  • In the beginning, you will need to log into the TNTP Login through its official website at or
TNTP Login App -TN EMIS Login @ portal
  • Please enter your unique 8 digit username and password assigned by EMIS to log in.
  • The Home Page appears on the screen as soon as a user logs in.

The 5 main verticals in TNTP are Academic Resources, E-Textbooks, Question Banks, and Course Contributions. Click on any of them to see details and forms. The login process is now complete. You can now log in to the emis tnschools dashboard.

Here are some more services, features that you can access at the portal

Enter School Profile

If you wish to create a school profile, you must enter critical information such as the U-DISE code, the school’s name, the school’s location details, the school’s management category, the school’s affiliation, the school’s phone number, website, and email ID, as well as the school’s establishment details, which include the year the school began.

Update Teaching Staff Information of School

You will need to enter the following information to update your teaching staff information: name, Aadhaar number, gender, blood group, date of birth, caste, and parents’ names, along with your academic qualifications, communication details, main subject taught, and deputation information.

Updating Non-Teaching Staff Details of School

To update the details of nonteaching staff, enter critical information such as their name, Aadhaar number, gender, blood group, date of birth, caste, and parent’s names, followed by their joining details, academic qualifications, and communication details.

Updating Student Information

Enter critical information such as staff members’ names, Aadhaar numbers, genders, blood types, dates of birth, castes, and parents’ names, followed by their joining information, academic credentials, and communication details.

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Related FAQs

How can one search for topics on the TNTP Dashboard?

After TN EMIS, open the dashboard. Utilize your username and password to log in. On the dashboard, click the Search option (Magnifying glass icon). Type the subject you’d like to search for in accordance with your specifications. And then click the enter tab to conduct a topic search within TNTP. Following your search, you will see the chapters that are associated with it.

What is the process of EMIS TNSchools Portal Registration?

Each school in Tamil Nadu is required to register with the EMIS system at There are a few high-ranking individuals who have access to the TN EMIS Online Login, including Head Masters (HM)– Monitor and improve student and staff attendance. Chief Education Officer(CEO)– Inspects all schools within the revenue district. Block Education Officer(OEO)– Inspects all schools within the block district. District Education Officer(DEO)– Inspects all schools within the education district. Teachers of all types of respective schools can obtain an access id and password for EMIS Online Entry from their respective Head Master(HM).

How to reset the password for TN EMIS Login if forgotten?

To begin, navigate to the TN EMIS Login Portal. You’ll notice the Search by username and Search by email address options. In the required field, enter your registered username or email address. If your username or email address is found in the database, you will receive an email at that address. And following the provided instructions, you will regain access to our TNTP EMIS Login.

How to Download TNTP App?

Start by going to the Play Store app on your smartphone. Search for Moodle and install it.
In the moodle app, type and click on CONNECT. Next, you need to enter the 8 digit username and password assigned to you by EMIS. You are now logged in. Go to the bottom right corner and click the three dots. You will finally see the course option on the menu.

How to Login at TNTP Portal and Access courses Offline

This app does not require an internet connection to operate. Due to the fact that the app enables you to download the course and access it without an internet connection.
Simply open the course to begin downloading. In the top right corner, click the three dots. Finally, click the option to Download the Course.
Open and choose the course you wish to download. Refresh the screen by dragging it down to reveal the download course option. Following that, choose the download option and then the Courses option from the menu

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