Tamilnadu Local Body Election Result 2021 Live | Winner List (Ward Wise), Download PDF

All the voters of Tamilnadu who appeared in the Tamilnadu Local Body elections in December 2021 can get live result updates here. The live counting of votes is underway. For some wards, the result is out while for others, counting is still on. In this article, you will know District & Ward wise winner candidate list. Once the counting completes, the final winner candidate list (Member of District Panchayat Ward, Member of Panchayat Union Ward, Village Panchayat Leader, Member of Village Panchayat Ward) can be downloaded as PDF file.

TN Election Result Live | Tamilnadu Local Body Election Result 2021, Live Vote Counting, Winner List

As the voters are aware, the elections took place in two-phase on 27th December and 30th December 2021. To fulfil the counting, 355 counting stations have been established. Now, let’s find out how to know result updates live.

These elections will elect the following representatives:

  • Member of the District Panchayat Ward (Total 515 Seats)
  • Member of Panchayat Union Ward (Total 5090 Seats)
  • Village Panchayat Leader (Total 9624 Seats)
  • Member of Village Panchayat Ward (Total 76746 Seats)

Now, Let’s find out how to check the live counting & Winner List of Tamilnadu (TN) Local Body elections.

TN Local Body Election Result 2021 Live | Tamilnadu Election Result, Winner List (Ward Wise) | Check Online

Here is the step by step process to check ward wise Tamilnadu Local Body election results.

Steps to Check Member of Panchayat Ward Result

  • First of all, Visit the Official TNSEC Portal (Official Website of Tamilnadu State Election Commission)
  • Now, Click on the link ” Rural Local Bodies Result – 2021″

This will open up another page, where you can see the overview of All Posts in all Districts and total seats where results are announced.

  • For detailed information, you can click on blue-coloured numeric values, corresponding to Urakam(Post) you are interested in.
  • For example, If you clicked on Blue Colored numeric value, below the “Member of Village Panchayat Ward” Urakam, a new page will open up.
  • This new page will contain District wise information. You will have to click on the link corresponding to your district
  • After you clicked on the link respective to your District, another page will open up, where information as per Panchayat union will be visible. Click on link respective to your panchayat union for more information
  • After this, you will see another page, where information will be sorted as per “Village Panchayat Name”. Click on the link (Announced Positions) corresponding to your “Village Panchayat”. Now you will get information about all seats where the result is declared along with the winning candidate names.

How to Check Village Panchayat Leader Result

  • Visit the Official Page
  • Click on Blue coloured numeric values below the “Village Panchayat Leader” Section
  • Now, find your district in the list and click on blue colored link below the “announced positions” section
  • In the next page, choose your panchayat union and click on blue colored link below the “announced positions” section

Now, you will have the Village Panchayat Head election result

Note: Similarily you can check results & Download the winner name list for Member of District Panchayat Ward & Member of Panchayat Union Ward Positions.

The process mentioned above is the most transparent and trustworthy method to check Tamilnadu Local body elections 2021 result declared on 2nd January 2021, because this information comes directly from the official portal of Tamilnadu State Election Commission Portal. As the results are currently being announced, more winner names will be visible soon.

Check TN Local Body Election Result, Winner List

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