Tamilnadu Land Record | TN Online Patta Chitta Download Adangal, A-Register, FMB, Verify Online

Step by Step Guide to check TN Land Records 2021, Online Patta Chitta, e-Adangal, A-Register, FMB & Verify Details Online facility is now available. Follow this detailed article, to check this Tamilnadu land records information online.

This article is dedicated to sharing Tamilnadu Land Records’ online information. By the end of this Article, you will know how to Check & Verify TN Patta Chitta, e-Adangal, A-Register & FMB. All interested persons are advised to follow the steps given to check TN online land records.

TN Patta Chitta Online Download

Patta is a land revenue record that establishes the title/ ownership of land. The Patta Register is maintained at the Taluk office and contains ownership details of all Landholdings.

Patta records are labeled under the Records of Rights (ROR) and include details such as:

  1. Taluk and village names
  2. Survey number
  3. Name of property owner
  4. Area and size of land
  5. Wetland or dryland (category)
  6. Tax information

Chitta is an extract from the Patta register that gives ownership details of land that belong to a person or persons. The specific information that Patta/  Chitta extract contains includes Village, Taluk, District, Land Owner’s name with Father’s name,  Patta number, Survey Number with sub-division details.  Chitta provides additional details of land ownership such as the Chitta land ownership information, size and area of land, subdivision of land, and other specific information.

To establish land ownership, only the Patta document is required. However, the Chitta contains specific information about the property, such as its dimensions, land type, and intended use. Patta Chitta has been consolidated into a single legal land document, which eliminates the need for landowners to present each separately when verifying their ownership status.

Adangal record is the extract from A-  Register maintained at VAO office. Adangal records provide more details about the type of land and the purpose of land. The Adangal extract contains information like Survey Number wise holdings, field area, tenancy details, crops & cultivation details, etc.

Please Note:

  • Online land records are for informational purpose only
  • To get the authorized copy which can be used for legal purposes, you need to visit the Revenue office (Tehsil office) and apply

Importance of online land records

  • Using the online service, you can verify your name and other details
  • By viewing the online information, you can avoid property fraud. Just verify the property details online and then proceed with property purchase

TN Patta Chitta Online Check

  • Visit the Official website eservices.tn.gov.in
  • Click on “View Patta & FMB /Chitta /TSLR extract
TN Tamilnadu Patta Chitta Online Download
  • In the next page, select your district
District wise patta chitta tamilnadu
  • Then select if your area is Rural & Urban
  • Now select your Taluk, village
  • Then you need to select if you want to view patta/chitta online using Patta number and survey number
  • Enter the details, finally enter the captcha code and hit the submit button
provide details to download
  • Now your patta information will be displayed on the screen
view patta chitta certificate online
  • You can even download the Patta Chitta PDF or print it

Tamilnadu Patta Chitta Adangal @eservices.tn.gov.in

Adangal is an extract from the A-Register, and it is administered by the Village Administrative Officer. It contains information about the type of land and its intended use and is a critical document that should be used in conjunction with the standard Patta Chitta. It contains information about the crop and cultivation process, tenancy information, survey numbers, and a plethora of other details about the property.

The following are the reasons for applying for a Patta Chitta Adangal:

  • It is required by the Sub-Office Registrar’s when a property is registered.
  • Patta Chitta Adangal is a pre-requisite for Verification of Land Titles.
  • Adangal is used by landowners for personal purposes.
  • It is required when submitting applications for bank loans.
  • Patta Chitta Adangal must be presented to state and district courts for civil law reasons.

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Apply/View TN Patta Chitta Adangal Online

The following steps have to be taken in order to apply for or view Patta Chitta Adangal:

  • Visit the official TN Patta Chitta website of Patta and Chitta
  • Click on “View Patta and FMD” section
patta chitta adangal online
  • Now select your district and choose your current location
  • Now enter the asked details like name, village, taluk, ward, survey number, etc.Then mention the Sub-division number too
  • The final step of the process is submitting your application. You will get your Patta Chitta Adangal from the Town Survey Land Register and the certificate is issued online. Details such as the type of land, municipal doors, locality and neighborhood, and many other

TN Land Records A Register Extract Online – How to View

Here are the steps for TN A Register online extract viewing

  • Navigate to Tamil Nadu Patta Chitta website
  • Click on the option – View Patta Chitta/A-Register Extract
tn a extract online
  • After this, a new page will open up
  • Fill in the Survey Number and select Subdivision number
Tamilnadu Land Record | TN Online Patta Chitta Download Adangal, A-Register, FMB, Verify Online
  • Select the Taluk, District, and Village 
  • Enter the authentication info shown on the image to verify that you’re human
  • Hit submit and you will be able to view your A-Register extract details
Tamilnadu Land Record | TN Online Patta Chitta Download Adangal, A-Register, FMB, Verify Online


Is it possible to view land records online in tamilnadu?

Yes, thanks to the online services of TN revenue department, now you can view land records information online.

What is most common type of land record information people seek in tamilnadu?

Patta, Chitta, Adangal & A extract are some common types.

What is the name of the portal that provide online land record detail information?

TN E services portal is responsible for providing all the required info to interested people