Sonu Sood Free E-Rickshaw Gift Scheme 2021 – Apply Khud Kamaao Ghar Chalaao, Online Registration Form, Eligibility

Step by Step Guide to Apply Sonu Sood Free E-Rickshaw Gift Scheme 2021, Khud Kamao Ghar Chalao, Online Registration Form,

Soon after the Free Sonuism Scholarship Scheme for the Medical Students, Bollywood Actor and Philanthropist Sonu Sood has announced another scheme. This time, the Bollywood Actor will gift the E-Riskhaws to the people who have lost their livelihood in the recent Covid Crisis. The Dabang actor has named the free E-Rikhsaw Distribution Scheme as Khud Kamao Ghar Chalao. Sonu Sood has announced it on his Instagram handle and Twitter about the latest initiation. The actor has also added that the Free E Rikshaw Distribution Scheme is a joint venture with Shyam Steels.

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Khud Kamao Ghar Chalao

The interested applicants can visit the official portal of Khud Kamo Ghar Chalao and Apply Online for the free E-Rickshaw Scheme.

Sonu Sood Free E-Rickshaw Gift Scheme

This article explains how to apply for the Sonu Sood Free E-Rickshaw Gift Scheme Online, Registration Form, Features, Eligibility Criteria of the scheme.

Sonu said, “Over the last few months, I have received a lot of love from people. This love inspires me to be there for them. That is why I started the initiative ‘Khud Kaam Kho Ghar Chalao.”

Features of Sonu Sood Free E-Rickshaw Gift Scheme 

Let us see the features of the recently announced free e-rickshaw scheme announced by the bollywood philanthropist and Simmba Actor  Shri Sonu Sood.

  • The main objective of gifting the E-Rickshaws is to help the people who have lost their livelihood and to make them self-reliant in the time of this pandemic.
  • The Shyam Steels India has also collaborated with Sonu Sood for the Khud Kamao Ghar Chalao Project.
  • Soon, the actor turned philanthropist will start campaigning for the Free E-Rickshaw Scheme.
  • Shyam Steels India will take care of the vigorous campaigning programme for the Sonu Sood brainchild project Khud Kamao Ghar Chalao.
  • The E-Rickshaws will be distributed based on the socio-economic parameters of the applicants.
  • The eligible beneficiaries can get registered on the Official Portal of Shyam Steels.

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Sonu Sood E-Rickshaw Gift Scheme Eligibility Criteria

Let us see the eligibility criteria that an applicant should fulfill to get eligible for the free E-Rickshaw Scheme of the Bollywood Celebrity Sonu Sood.

  • The applicant should belong to the vulnerable sections of society.
  • The interested candidates should have a business running in their name to apply for the E-Rikshaw Scheme.
  • The aspirants applying for the scheme should have an Income Certificate and the Valid Driving License in their name.

How to Apply for Khud Kamaao Ghar Chalaao (Free E Rickshaw) Scheme

Let us see the online procedure to apply for the Free E Rickshaw Scheme launched by the Dabangg Actor Sonu Sood for the needy people’s welfare.

  • Visit the Official Portal of the E-Rickshaw Scheme.
  • It then displays the online user to the Home Page Below.
  • The applicants can observe the Contact Us Form on the Same Page.

Online Application Form for Free E-Rickshaw 

  • On the Registration Form, Enter the Applicant’s Name, Bussiness Name, Applicant’s Phone Number, and Email ID.
  • Enter the Income Certificate Number and Driving License Number.
Sonu Sood free E rickshaw Scheme
  • Enter Address, Number of Members in the Family, and Write your Message.
  • Click on the Submit Form.

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Sonu Sood E-Rickshaw Gift Scheme 2021 FAQ’s

Who are eligible for the recently announced Sonu Sood’s Free E-Rickshaw Scheme?

The people who have lost their livelihood in Covid 19 Pandemic can apply for the recently announced E-Rickshaw Scheme of Sonu Sood.

Is the Driving License Mandatory to get registered for the Sonu Sood Khud Kamao Ghar Chalao Scheme?

Yes. The applicants should possess a valid driving license in their names to apply for the Khud Kamao Ghar Chalao Scheme.

What is the major eligibility criteria to get eligible for the Sonu Sood Free E-Rickshaw Gift Scheme 2021?

The applicant’s economic condition will be the primary criteria for getting eligible for the Free E-Rickshaw Scheme announced by the actor turned philanthropist Sonu Sood.

Where do I apply for the Sonu Sood Khud Kamao Ghar Chalao initiation for the Coivd Affected small business owners?

The applicants can apply for the E-Rickshaw Scheme on the Khud Kamao Ghar Chalao Portal of Shyam Steels.