Science City Ahmedabad Book Ticket Online, Price, Helpline Number

The Gujarat science city in Ahmedabad was opened in 2002 and since after that, it has been expanding. The development of Gujarat science city took place in a phased manner. An aquatic gallery, a robotic gallery, and a nature park in Ahemdabad science city were inaugurated by PM Modi on July 15, 2021. You must book your ticket right now and witness these. Let’s give you an overview of all these three attractions.

If you are willing to visit Science city and witness the beauty of the aquatic gallery, robotic gallery, and nature park, you can easily book your tickets online. In this article, along with the information about Science city, we are sharing the step-by-step process of ticket booking.

Science City Gujarat Entry Ticket Price

Department has listed ticket prices on the official website. Here are the prices:

Entry AquaticsGeneral Rs. 200 per person, Rs. 50 per person for Group
Main EntryGeneral Rs. 50 per person, Rs. 20 per person for Group
Entry RoboticsGeneral Rs. 250 per person, Rs. 50 per person for Group
ParkingTwo/Three Wheeler – Rs. 20, Four Wheeler – Rs. 50, Bus & Heavy vehicles – Rs. 100

Gujarat Science City Ahmedabad Online Ticket Booking

Let’s not waste time and get straight to the process of ticket booking. Kindly follow these steps to book your ticket now:

How to Book Ahmedabad science city ticket

Total Time: 8 minutes

Visit the official website

Science City Ahmedabad Book Ticket Online, Price, Helpline Number

First of all, head to the ticket booking website. Go to

Select Visit Date

Science City Ahmedabad Book Ticket Online, Price, Helpline Number

Now select the date when you will be visiting

Then select the areas where you will visit

Science City Ahmedabad Book Ticket Online, Price, Helpline Number

Select the number of visitors for aquatics or robotics. You can also select the general entry and parking entry. According to your selection, the final amount will appear.

Add to Cart

Science City Ahmedabad Book Ticket Online, Price, Helpline Number

After making selections, click on “Add to Cart”. Your items number will appear over the “Cart” menu section

Proceed towards online payment

Science City Ahmedabad Book Ticket Online, Price, Helpline Number

Click on “My cart” to go to the payment page and click on “Process checkout” for payment

Enter your Details

Science City Ahmedabad Book Ticket Online, Price, Helpline Number

Provide your Name, Email or Mobile number & Click on “Next”

Pay the ticket price

Science City Ahmedabad Book Ticket Online, Price, Helpline Number

Finally cheque the “term and condition” section and click on Pay

Select payment mode

Science City Ahmedabad Book Ticket Online, Price, Helpline Number

Select preferred payment mode, make payment and download confirmation (Ticket)


  • Aquatics Gallery
  • Robotics Gallery
  • Nature Park


  • Visit

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Gujarat Science City Apply Online – Download Entry Ticket

After online payment, you will be able to download the entry pass ticket. Keep it safe in your smartphone as it will be required before entering the Ahmedabad science city.

You can keep the scanned version of the pdf file. If you want you can also take the printout.

Gujarat Science City Ahmedabad Key Highlights

Aquatic Gallery

The gallery occupies an area of more than 15,000 square meters. The Aquatic Gallery, the built-in Science City at a cost of Rs 260 crore, is India’s largest aquarium, with 68 large tanks displaying marine life from around the world, including reef sharks, alligator gar, Koi, and black pacu fish.

In all, the aquarium houses around 11,600 fishes and marine animals of 188 different species.

Underwater walkway tunnel

One of the attractive features of this gallery is the underwater walkway tunnel. The 28-meter-long tunnel has been built to watch marine species. The tunnel will have grey reef sharks, bonnethead sharks, and zebra sharks. The Aquatic Gallery is the largest public aquarium in India.

Robotic Gallery

Cube Construction Engineering Ltd (CCEL) has gifted the robotic gallery to the general public which features a self-driving car track and an F&B outlet with robot servers and chefs.

The courtyard of Gujarat Science City is home to giant robots from Transformers and WALL-E, as well as Honda’s 2000 humanoid robot Asimo. The Robotic Gallery features interactive exhibits that trace the history of robotics from a clockwork monk in the sixteenth century to today’s humanoid robots.

The robotic gallery at Science city Ahmedabad has virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) attractions. You will find a group of performing robots with consists of a drummer, trumpeter, pianist, and five dancers.

The Robotic Gallery, in its entirety, features 79 different types of robots and a robotic workshop. Its mission is to “provide a platform for visitors to explore the rapidly evolving field of robotics.” The robotic gallery features an IMAX 3D theatre, an energy park, a science hall, an amphitheater, a science park, and dancing musical fountains.

Nature Park

Nature Park is the largest park in Western Ahmedabad, covering an area of 8 hectares in Gujarat Science City. It will feature a variety of plants and trees on a seven-hectare plot of land, as well as a one-hectare water body with a boating facility. The primary attractions will include a butterfly garden, a garden of color, an oxygen park, a maze, a cactus garden, a mist bamboo tunnel, and chess cumbersome. There is a yoga garden, an open gym, a jogging path, a walking path, a children’s play area, and numerous selfie stations. Additionally, the nature park will feature sculptures of extinct species such as dinosaurs, terror birds, and ground bears.

The nature park, which costs Rs 14 crore to construct, spans 20 acres and features life-size animal statues, according to a state government release. The park contains a fog garden, chess garden, selfie points, sculpture park, and an open labyrinth (maze). It features an intriguing labyrinth designed specifically for children.

Ahmedabad Science City Helpline Number

For assistance in online ticket booking or any other related help, you can use the helpline numbers :

Mobile No.: 07929703122

Email ID –