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District Wise Odisha Labour List 2022, View/Check Shramik Card Online Labour Card Beneficiary List 2022| Orissa Shramik Card details online, view, print

This article is dedicated to labourer (Shramik) of Odisha. Here we are explaining the process to check online if your name exists in Odisha’s registered Labourer list or not. No matter which district of Odisha you live in, given information will help you. In addition to list checking, you can view your labour card details online. Let’s not waste time and get started right away.

Benefits to Registered Labourers/Labour Cardholders of Odisha

All beneficiaries (Shramik Cardholders) get various benefits from the state government. Here are the details :

  • Assistance in the case of an accident
  • Assistance to the family in event of Death
  • Pension
  • Medical expenses for treatment
  • Assistance with purchasing necessary tools
  • Assistance with the marriage of two dependent girl children of the cardholder
  • Assistance with funeral expenses
  • Maternity benefit to the beneficiaries
  • Loans and advances facility for the construction of houses
  • Financial assistance for developing and upgrading skills
  • Educational assistance

As you can see, there are various benefits to the registered labour workers or so called shramiks. If you have recently registered yourself and want to check if your name exists in latest Odisha labour list or not,follow the given steps.

Odisha Labor List 2022 | Check/Search Name Online in Odisha Shramik List (All Districts)

  • First of all, navigate to the official portal of Orissa Building & Other Construction Workers welfare board website
  • Once there, go to the “Reports” Section
orrisa labour list
  • Now, you will be taken to another page, where you need to click on “Reports on Beneficiaries ” section
District Wise Odisha Labour List 2022, View/Check Shramik Card Online
  • After this, you will see a district wise list along with total number of beneficiaries in each district
download labourers list odisha 2022
  • Now, move your cursor to your District name & click on total beneficiaries number corresponding to that.
  • For example, when you click on number 11034, corresponding to “Cuttock” district, this opens labor list of cuttock
District Wise Odisha Labour List 2022, View/Check Shramik Card Online
  • You need to go through the list to check if your exists in the list or not.

How to View/Download Labor Card Details Online from Orrisa Shramik List checking Page

[continued from above]

  • So, when you are at list checking page, in order to view Labor card details, click on the “Regd no.” corresponding to your name
  • This opens up a new pop window on your browser (make sure pop-ups are not blocked)
  • This window contains the complete information of Labor cardholder. it can be considered as an online shramik(labor card).

It looks like this:

District Wise Odisha Labour List 2022, View/Check Shramik Card Online
  • As you can see, key details like – Beneficiary registration number, registration date, BPL/APL status, nature of employment and other key information is available.
  • You can take a print out this page and download the details to your phone or computer

District Wise Orissa Labour List 2022 with Name | Check Now

If you want to skip the above-mentioned process of checking name in the list and navigate directly to your district page, use the following table :

District NameNo Of Beneficiries

Complete Information in Odia Language

ALSO Check – Odisha Govt. Schemes


Which works come under Building & Other Construction Works?

“Building or other construction work” means the construction, alteration, repairs, maintenance or demolition, of or, in relation to, buildings, streets, roads, railways, tramways, airfields, irrigation, drainage, embankment and navigation works, flood control works (including storm water drainage works), generation, transmission, and distribution of power, water works (including channels for distribution of water), oil and gas installations, electric lines, wireless, radio, television, telephone and overseas communications, dams, canals, reservoirs, watercourses, tunnels, bridges, Viaducis, aqua ducts, pipelines, towers, cooling towers, transmission towers etc.

What is the name of concerned department.

Odisha Building & Construction Board.

Shramiks of which district can view the list online?

Labourers belonging to all districts of orissa can check list.

Last Updated on January 26, 2022 by Hindi Yojana Team

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