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EC View Online Odisha – Check Encumbrance Certificate, Download PDF

EC Online – Odisha Encumbrance Certificate Check Online, Download PDF

EC Online Odisha

This encumbrance certificate is used for the provision of legal documents that serve as certification that this property is free from any monetary and legal problems. This entity helps you to sell a property without any problems and it also helps to transfer ownership from one owner to another without any liability. This certificate is issued by the ministry of disaster management and revenue of the Odisha government and this encumbrance certificate (EC) is only given to the citizens of Odisha. This certificate includes the important monetary and legal transactions regarding the place that is entitled to the certificate.

Uses of encumbrance certificate

This certificate helps you to fetch the property loan concerned to the area entitled under the encumbrance certificate. This certificate assures banks and other financial institutions that this place is free from any legal and monetary issues. This certification assures the next owner that you are the previous sole and legal owner of this property, this settles the trust issues between parties concerned with the land transfer. If you have not paid your land or property tax concerning your property for three years and more, you need to complete the certification with the village or panchayat office to fill your land records. This certificate helps you to take your PF amount in response to your purchase of property and any other construction work pertained to that area.

Application of encumbrance certificate – EC Certificate Apply Odisha

You can avail of offline certification through an application form to the Sub-registrar office, but to avoid such unnecessary travel and expenses, you can also avail your application from the official website of the revenue and disaster management ministry of the Odisha government. This service charges only just rupees 10 for the certificate obtainment and you may be charged a particular fee for the processing according to your land.

Step 1

The first step is to visit the official IGR Odisha Website

odisha ec apply

Step 2

You can select the encumbrance certificate option through the services menu present on the home page. You will be directed to a new web page

EC Odisha Apply

Step 3

Just register yourself by giving your details in the form given and this allows you to register into the portal for accessing services

user registration

Step 4

You will also be asked to fill in the captcha code along with your details then just click on the submit button given below. After your registration, you can log in to the portal through the username and password given to you during your registration

Step 5

Provide the details concerned with the property that needs an encumbrance certificate and save the details

online ec request form odisha

Step 6

Provide the nearby sub-registrar office details then save the details and click on the Next button

Step 7

Just add the details of the related information regarding the property such as taluk and measurements

Step 8

Provide the complete measurements along with the boundaries of your property

Step 9

Then you just have to mention the period during which you might need an encumbrance certificate for your property then just click the button to calculate the fee

Step 10

The service provider will then calculate the fees needed for this property and you will be displayed the amount

payment 1

Step 11

Then you will be asked to make your payment through an online platform and this will be the secure gateway and this can be accessed only through the Odisha government’s online web page

payment 2

Step 12

Also, transfer the searching fee pertained to the service to the Odisha government

Step 13

You will be given a receipt regarding your payment and successful application. After your successful payment, your application will be sent to the concerned sub-registrar portal

payment receipt

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Odisha EC (Encumbrance Certificate) Online Check Status

Access the homepage of the revenue and disaster management ministry of the Odisha government and then enter the track Application status

check ec application status odisha

Just enter your application number and click on the status button given in green color. Your status will be visible if your application is successful along with successful payment

How to Download, View EC Certificate in Odisha

  • Once the application is approved at the sub-registrar portal and signed digitally by the sub-registrar.
  • You can download your encumbrance certificate from the Odisha government ministry of revenue and disaster management through the document repository.
view download ec odisha

Details in the encumbrance certificate

  • Name of the owner of the property
  • All details concerned with the property
  • This certificate contains a complete description of the property in the Sales deeds
  • This certificate contains all legal and monetary transactions made through the property
  • Gifted deeds include the details of gift settlement in this certificate
  • Details about the Release deed will be given for instance it is a property purchased by two partners and one decides to sell his share from this shared property

Is it possible to Apply EC Online in Odisha?

Yes, you can conveniently apply online for an encumbrance certificate in Odisha

How to pay the application fee?

The application fee can be paid online on the official website itself using the Treasury office Odisha’s Payment gateway.

When the Odisha EC is made available to download?

Once the application is applied online, it will come to the respective head clerk for necessary verification. The respective Head clerk verifies the details of the EC application along with the
payment details. The respective Head clerk forwards the application to the respective DSR/SR for

In case of any query, the same will be forwarded to DSR/SR for verification
and approval. The respective DSR/ SR will get the alert for the approval or in case of any query to
be addressed to the applicant of the EC application. In case of approval, the details will be checked by the DSR/SR before approval and
digital signature.

The Digitally signed pdf document of the Encumbrance Certificate document can be viewed for printing.


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