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MSEB Online Bill Payment Maharashtra | Mahadiscom Electricity Bill Pay

MSEB Online Bill Payment Maharashtra

Are you staying in Maharashtra? Do you have the MSEB bills to be completed? Well, now you can pay your bills without having to actually visit the office. MSEB Online Bill Payment Maharashtra gives you the complete chance to pay your bills at the disposition and comfort of your home. It is a self-service option where thousands of customers can opt to pay their bills. You have to register onto the site to make sure that you are eligible for the bill payment and other guarantees. Once done, every step will be easier to follow.

What are the options that you can check from MSEB?

MSEB Online Bill Payment Maharashtra gives you the complete option to do the following.

  1. Once you have registered onto your account, there are a ton of features you can manage.
  2. View all your earlier bills and view the payment options of each and every bill present.
  3. You can now track all your payments which are made, with the use of the payment history screen.
  4. View all the customer information which are provided on the basic MSEDCL system.
  5. Last but not the least, you can now check all your deposit payments which are made from your account to the previous or this year’s billing cycle.

How can you pay your MSEB bill online?


Here are the steps through which you can pay your MSEB Online Bill.

  1. Visit Select the electricity board which you have been registered on your name. Make sure that you know about your electricity board and then doing the bill payments. Or else it can create a mess afterward if these small details are not checked.
  2. After you have selected your board, you need to select the subdivision. Check through the list on which you can find your subdivision.
  3. Fill in with your customer ID and information. Always make sure that you are using the authentic site through which the bill is being paid. Or else it will create online theft if you enter your details to the wrong site.
  4. Enter the amount of your bill which is to be paid. Only enter the amount which has been registered and been directed to your name. 
  5. Pick and apply all the electricity payment promo codes which are present. If you have offers or vouchers to redeem then picking up and entering the promo code value will help you get a discount on your original amount.
  6. Use a payment method of your choice. You can either choose to go with your debit or credit card information. Or else, you can opt for net banking while making the payment.

What are the facilities you can avail by paying your bills from here?

Here are some of the facilities you can avail if you choose to go for the MSEB Online Bill Payment.

  1. View all your pending bills which are yet to be paid.
  2. View all the details and past payment history that is done from your account.
  3. View all the credit and billing options that are made from your account.
  4. Avail the benefit of knowing the due date of your bill.
  5. View the customer information for your MSEB Online Bill Payment.
  6. You can request for a new connection if you want. If the old connection is not suiting your needs then choosing a different category or board can be done with the help of your account.
  7. Contact the customer service for inquiries regarding bill payment.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Will I receive any receipt after I have paid my bill?

Yes, you will receive a valid pdf report after you have paid your bill. This will only be done after the payment received is checked.

Is there any part payment available to pay my bills?

Yes, you can choose to go for part payments which are available on the website.

What if I make double payment for the bill received?

The excess amount of the bill generated will be adjusted to the next billing cycle for the customer.

Is the app or website secure for me to pay my bills?

Yes, you can completely trust the app or the website. The information you provide is completely encrypted and can help you to safely pay your bills on time.

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