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Maharashtra FYJC (11th) Online Classes 2024 | Student Registration, Live Streaming,Lecture@covid19.scertmaha portal

Procedure for Student Registration for Maharashtra FYJC (11th) Online Classes, Live Streaming &

There is no need to mention how the Corona Crisis has affected the students’ academics and education all over the country. Due to the sudden pandemic, all the educational institutions across the country have a shutdown. Moreover, there is no clue about the change in the situation, and there is no news about the reopening of the educational institutions. A few state governments have already been started online lectures for the students. Maharashtra’s government has decided to conduct online sessions for the First Year Junior College (FYJC) Students in the state in similar lines.

Maharashtra FYJC (11th) Online Classes 2021

All the First Year students can visit the official portal to start attending their online classes on the Portal. For this, the students should register on the official website.

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Maharashtra FYJC (11th) Online Classes 2024

This article explains the student registration procedure for class 11th Online Classes in Maharashtra, Live Streaming and Lectures on the official website.

Learn More about the Maha FYJC Online Lectures

  • It has been decided by the government to conduct classes for the English Language for Arts, Science and Commerce for 3 hours each day.
  • The classes will begin on 02 November 2021 at the Zoom Meeting App.
  • Each batch consists of 50 Registered students from various colleges who are selected on the rotational basis.
  • A few students can’t take the online lectures because of the Maratha Quota issue going in the supreme court regarding the government job reservations.

Student Registration for FYJC Class 11th Online Classes @

Let us see the online registration procedure to register for the online classes introduced by the Maharashtra government for the Class 11th students in the state.

  • Visit the Official Portal of Maharashtra FYJC Online Classes.
  • It takes the online user to the Home Page of the Portal.
  • On the Home Page, in the Menu Bar, Click on the Register Button.
 FYJC Class 11th Online Classes Maharashtra
  • It then displays the following registration form below.
Maharashtra FYJC (11th) Online Classes 2024 | Student Registration, Live Streaming,Lecture@covid19.scertmaha portal
  • Enter the Last Name, First Name and the Middle Name of the student, Gender, District, Block, and Place.
  • Enter the College, Mobile Number (will be verified using OTP).
  • Enter Whatsapp Number, Email, Stream and Medium.
  • Verify all the details and click on Submit Button.
  • It ends up the registration process for attending online lectures.
  • Once after the successful registration, the students can register Login on the Portal using the Mobile Number as User Name and the Password set by the applicant at the time of registration.

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Class 11th Online Classes Live Streaming and Video Lectures @

Let us see the procedure to follow the teachers’ online lectures using the official Maharashtra FYJC Online Classes.

  • Visit the Official Portal of Maharashtra FYJC Online Lectures.
  • It takes the online user to the Home Page of the Portal.
  • Click on the below link to find the details of the Online Lectures and Live Streaming of the classes.
  • Click Here for Online Classes Links
Maharashtra Online Classes Official Portal
  • After clicking the link, it displays the following page below.
  • The student can find the details such as Date, Time, Subject, Stream, Teacher1, Teacher2 and Link.
  • The student o Join the lectures from 3 November, Click on the Click to Join link by choosing the desired slot of your choice.
  • After clicking on the Join, you will be redirected to the scheduled Video Lectures Page.

Note: The teachers who are giving lectures online should also register on the same Portal by completing the registration process. Find out the link below for registering on the Portal as a Teacher.

Quick Links 

Maharashtra Online Classes Official Portal

Teachers Registration Page

Maharashtra Eleventh Online Classes 2021 FAQ’s

Which class students of Maharashtra are eligible for attending the Online Classes on the official website?

The students of class 11th (FYJC) are eligible for attending the Online Classes on the Official website.

Do the applicants need to upload any documents like College ID or any other documents to register on the official Eleventh Online Classes portal of Maharashtra?

The students are not required to upload any documents for registering Class Eleventh Online Classes.

Is there any option for the teachers to get registered on the Maharashtra Online Classes Portal?

Yes, the teachers can register on the FYJC Portal by filling their details in the Teacher Registration Form.

Is there any application fee for the attending the online lectures on the FYJC Online Classes Portal?

The students no need to pay any kind of application fee for registering on the Online Classes Portal.

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