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Ownership Certificate Kerala – Apply for Possession Certificate & Download Guide

A certificate of possession is a document that a property seller delivers to a buyer that states the property’s possession date. In rural regions, the appropriate Tahsildar issues the possession certificate, whereas, in metro areas, the RDO does so. The e-district Kerala possession certificate is required for the property to be included in the official revenue records. A possession certificate is also necessary to get a loan. The method for securing a Kerala Possession Certificate and Kerala ownership certificate download is detailed in this article along with all the necessary steps.

Ownership Certificate – Kerala Possession Certificate

What is the significance of a possession (or ownership) certificate?

  • Residence proof
  • To apply for a home loan.
  • To identify the specific date of a property’s possession.
  • To register a property with the government’s revenue records
  • Receiving state subsidies
  • Needed to apply for government housing programs

Steps to apply:

Users can opt for both offline and online application methods depending on their preference. Let us understand each step one by one.

Offline Method to Apply for Kerala Ownership Certificate

  • Users will need to visit their local Akshaya Centre to go through the application process for the Akshaya center possession certificate
  • With the assistance of an Akshaya Centre support worker, the user must submit an online application requesting a possession certificate.
kerala ownership certificate application form
  • Provide all essential papers to the service representative for online submission. The application will be sent to the administrative department application after it has been filed with all relevant papers.
  • An SMS will be sent to the user’s registered phone number with their application number for the Akshaya center possession certificate. Store it in a convenient place for subsequent use.
  • The responsible department will handle the Akshaya center possession certificate application, and the authorized official will provide the possession certificate with a digital signature following a successful verification.
  • The certificate is available for download if the applicant receives an SMS stating that their application has been accepted.
  • Return to the Akshaya center and, with the assistance of a support employee, complete the Kerala ownership certificate download by submitting the application number.
  • Get the printed copy of your Akshaya center possession certificate and keep it safe for use.

Kerala E District Registration for Possession Certificate Application in Kerala

The E-district site must be used to apply for an e-district Kerala possession certificate. To do so, you must first create an account on the E-district portal.

Follow the steps to register on the Kerala government E-district portal.

  • Go to the Kerala E-District website.
  • Select Portal User.
E district kerala registration
  • Select “New Portal User Creation” from the drop-down menu.
  • Fill up personal information, like your phone number and Aadhaar number.
Sign up at E District Kerala Registration
  • Provide your login name and password that you created during the registration process on the E-district portal, as well as the question and answer for password recovery.
  • Fill out the captcha and select the “I agree.” option to give your consent to get authentication from UIDAI.
  • Then select Validate and Register. You may now access the e-district portal using your login ID and password for different online services offered by the government.

One time registration

To start the online application process for an e-district Kerala possession certificate from the e-district portal, you must complete a one time registration. To perform the One-Time Registration, follow the instructions below.

  • Visit the Kerala E-District portal and log in.
  • Select “One-Time Registration” from the drop-down menu in your dashboard.
one time registration
  • Enter information about the individual seeking assistance, like the applicant’s current and permanent addresses and other details.
Graphical user interface, applicationDescription automatically generated
  • Hit the “Check Duplicate” option once you’ve input all of the relevant information. This will determine whether you have previously enrolled through Akshaya centers and allow you to select the information.
  • The “Submit” option will be activated after the successful duplication verification. To register, hit the “Submit” option.
  • By choosing ‘Edit Registration,’ you may change your registration information later on during the application process.

Apply Online for a Kerala possession/Ownership certificate on Kerala E District Portal

  • Go to the Kerala E-District webpage and log in to your dashboard.
  • Choose “Apply for a Certificate” from the drop-down menu.
apply for a certificate on e district kerala
  • Choose the person’s e-district Register No. who is applying for the possession certificate.
kerala possession certificate apply
  • Choose “Possession” as the certificate type.
  • Choose the certificate’s purpose and any other pertinent information.
  • Select Save.
  • Now upload the necessary documentation. Only PDF files are supported. 100 KB is the maximum size that is supported.
  • Pay the necessary fees.
  • The user will be forwarded to the receipt page after making the payment. Print a copy of the receipt as well as the application for future reference.

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Download ownership certificate Kerala – Print/ Save PDF Possession Certificate

After your application has been granted, you will receive an SMS confirming the issuance of your Possession certificate. For Kerala ownership certificate download, follow the procedures below.

  • Go to the E-District webpage and log in.
  • Then choose Transaction History.
  • Select the from and to date.
  • Now select the option “Go”.
  • Users should now be able to see the complete list of all their requests.
  • Select View Status.
  • Check for the status “Approved”
Graphical user interface, text, application, websiteDescription automatically generated
  • Click on “Print” to complete the process of Kerala ownership certificate download.


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What is a possession certificate?

The purpose of possession certificate is obtaining subsidy and loan for housing.

What documents are required in order to get the possession certificate?

One must submit/upload aadhaar card, Land Tax, Property ownership proof, Encumbrance
certificate & voter ID.

How to Apply for possession certificate in Kerala?

One may apply online or offline. The offline method includes visiting the nearest Akshaya center and filling in and submitting the application form there. The online method is registering at the e-district kerala portal and submitting the form online.

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