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Mission Youth Jammu & Kashmir – Schemes List 2022, Online Registration, Portal Helpline

In the present living culture, youth must realize their dreams and work on fulfilling them. So, to motivate and support the youth for this, the government has made many schemes. We will discuss in detail the Mission Youth J&K scheme in this article.

Mission Youth Jammu & Kashmir

The government of J&K has taken the initiative to form the Mission Youth schemes for the youth of the state. The Mission youth is focused on providing support for the engagement and empowerment of the young youth of the UT.

Mission youth J&K focuses on the growth of young individuals by motivating them to form social and personal relationships. Mission youth also helps individuals build their technical skills, work on innovative ideas, grow in the sports field, etc.

The Objective behind JK Mission Youth

There are two essential objectives of the JK government behind the Mission youth J&K scheme:

  1. To motivate the young youth to fulfil their dreams and to support them by fulfilling their needs.
  2. To give complete support and guidance to the youth for shaping their future in a better way.

Mission Youth Schemes Eligibility

The applicants who fulfil the criteria mentioned below are only eligible to apply for the schemes under mission youth. The eligibility criteria are:

  1. Permanent resident of Jammu & Kashmir.
  2. Must have the age between 15 to 25 years.

Mission Youth J&K Schemes List 2022

In Jammu and Kashmir’s total population, approximately 69% of the youth is young of the age below 35 years. To give a platform to the young youth, the J&K government has initiated the ‘Mission Youth.’ Through this mission youth, the empowerment and the interests of the youngsters will be grown, and they will take their place in different sectors.

The schemes under ‘Mission Youth’ are divided into the following four categories:

  1. Livelihood Generation
  2. Education
  3. Recreational and Social Engagement
  4. Counselling and Rehab

The list of the schemes under this ‘Mission Youth’ is:

Mumkin Scheme – Livelihood Generation Scheme

Mumkin Scheme helps the young youth of J&K to acquire their commercial vehicles for stepping into the transport sector. Mission Youth will provide 0.80 lakh or 10% of the on-road value of a vehicle, and the equal amount is given by the vehicle manufacturers with whom the Mission Youth has tied up.

Parvaaz Scheme

The Parvaaz Scheme is for the aspirants preparing for competitive exams such as UPSC, JKPSC, and any other exam of the same type. This scheme provides free coaching to the aspirants who belong to a family having a total annual income below eight lakhs. Of the candidates selected for this scheme, 30 % will be female candidates. The selection of the candidates will be based on the Parvaaz Qualifying Test (PQT).

Spurring Entrepreneurship Initiative

This scheme is focused on motivating young youth entrepreneurs toward innovations. The purpose of this is to provide financial help. The aim is to encourage innovation and business ideas.

Tejaswani – The Radiant

Tejaswani Scheme is for young women in the age group 18 to 35 years. Mission Youth will provide the financial help of 5 lakhs to them for opening any self-business according to their skills and conditions.

SAHYTA Program

The SAHYTA program is for youth from the age group of 18 to 40 years. This program is for those who have lost their family members in shelling on borders or mine blasts in J&K, and it includes the person or any of his family members who have suffered any permanent helplessness from such incidents. These all will be provided with the financial help of 2 lakhs for setting up any self-business.

Young Innovators Program

Under this program, Mission Youth focuses on the enhancement of the youth’s development. The innovative entrepreneurship ideas of the youth, promoting the young social and educational innovators, and other innovation initiatives take place under this young innovators program.

Sector Specific Scheme for Dental Professionals

The focus of this scheme is on unemployment in the dental sector. Under this scheme, financial help of 8 lakhs will be provided. Mission Youth will provide two lakhs to all the unemployed dental professionals to set up their clinics under this scheme. The remaining six lakhs will be the start-up loan sanctioned by the banks.

Rise Together

Under the Rise Together scheme, eligible youths are assisted with financial support in the projects. Mission Youth will provide 10% of the total project cost, 70% of the project cost is covered by the loan from the bank, and the remaining 20% of the project cost has to be arranged by the applicant.

Skill Development

Mission Youth has built up contacts with the top organizations of India like Tata Technologies Ltd, Wipro, ICICI Foundation, and many others. These contacts were built so that the organizations can work on upgrading the skills of the youth of J&K in the highly growing sectors such as Banking, Digital Marketing, Finance, etc.

Hon’ble LGs Super 75 and SuperB 75 Scholarship Scheme

This scholarship scheme is for students who belong to marginalized sections of society. Under this scheme, meritorious students of J&K are awarded scholarships for pursuing regular mode Post Graduate and research programs. A scholarship of 1 lakh is given to the students of J&K to cover their educational expenses.

Youth Clubs

Youth clubs have a volunteer program that leads youth towards making a meaningful change by facing real challenges. These young volunteers have the capability of becoming leaders and change-makers, and thus they become socially active. Therefore, the youth volunteer program will play a crucial role in bringing a change in the life of a youth, which eventually builds the personality. Also, this is the only motive of the Mission Youth behind the youth clubs.

The volunteers will also be given the experience certificate for the completion of each of their assignments. Moreover, the top three groups of youth volunteers will be awarded cash prizes on International Volunteer Day.

State of the art Youth Centres

Mission Youth has begun the process in which the specialized youth centres are built up in all the districts of J&K. These centres will include the IT labs having lots of computers, a modern digital library, sports facility, auditorium, and many other facilities. These centres are built to provide a proper supervision environment that covers four points for the engagement and empowerment of youth. These four points are- inform, inspire, interact and innovate.


Under the sports program, the young youth are encouraged to play sports like football, cricket, basketball, and volleyball. There are two age groups – Junior under 19 years (14 to 19 years) and senior above 19 years (19 to 29 years).


The Tour program is for the engagement of the youth belonging to the age group of 18 to 30 years in learning about Indian social culture, history, art, etc. Mission Youth encourages the youth of J&K to travel across the country and explore it.

Mission Youth Portal JK Registration 2022 – Apply Online

For the youth of Jammu and Kashmir, the registration option is available on the official website of Mission Youth JK ( Steps for registering on the Mission Youth JK portal are:

  • The initial step is to visit the official Mission youth JK Portal (missionyouthjk. in).
  • On the portal’s home page, you can see the register now button on the top right side of the screen. Click on the ‘Register Now’ button.
mission youth registration jk

  • The youth data bank’s interactive digital platform is available on the screen. Here you can see the form to register yourself with Mission Youth. Fill in all the details required in the form carefully. Upload your latest passport size photo of a size less than 500 Kb.
online registration form
  • After filling out the form, preview it and click on the ‘Register with Mission Youth’ button at the bottom of the application form.
mission youth 2022
  • Finally, you have successfully registered with Mission Youth.

Where to Find the Contact Details on the Mission Youth JK Portal

Steps to find the contact details are:

  • The first step is the same as you did while registering on the portal. Visit the official Mission youth JK Portal (
  • You can see the option of contacting us in the navigation bar of the home page of the official portal. Click the ‘Contact Us’ tab.
Mission Youth Jammu & Kashmir - Schemes List 2022, Online Registration, Portal Helpline
  • Now, the screen showing the contact details is open. At the bottom of this screen, you will see the address, email, link to the Twitter account, and phone numbers.


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Mission Youth Helpline

Follow the steps mentioned below if you need any help on the Mission Youth JK portal:

  • Visit the official Mission youth JK Portal (
  • The helpline option is available on the navigation bar of the home screen of the official portal. Click the ‘Helpline’ tab.
Mission Youth Jammu & Kashmir - Schemes List 2022, Online Registration, Portal Helpline
  • Finally, you can see the helpline details on the screen. You can also send your query as a message.
  • After filling the get in touch form, click on the ‘Submit Message’ button below the form.
Mission Youth Jammu & Kashmir - Schemes List 2022, Online Registration, Portal Helpline


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