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Online FIR Jharkhand | E-FIR Apply Online, Check Status, Download @jofs jhpolice

Jharkhand online FIR facility allows residents to lodge E-FIR. One can apply online on JOFS Portal, check the status of the application even download the electronic copy at the JOFS portal of JH Police.

God forbids if a wrong is committed then the aggrieved person or group of people will want to file an FIR and he is free to do so. The laws do not stop anyone from launching an FIR.

Previously it was a problem for the citizens of Jharkhand to launch a complaint but things have changed a lot in the past few years.  One can sit at home and use the official website (Online FIR Jharkhand) to launch a complaint regarding any matter. Just click on the official website and your work will be over in no time. Still, if you feel confused about how to file online FIR in Jharkhand then kindly read this write-up. This write-up will give you the details about how to complete the work sitting on your couch. 

Online FIR Jharkhand – How to Apply for E FIR @ JOFS JHPOLICE Portal

Follow all the steps diligently for JOFHS Online FIR: –

  • Step 1: First of all, go to the official website, (kindly check the picture below)
Online FIR Jharkhand | E-FIR Apply Online, Check Status, Download @jofs jhpolice
  • Step 2: On the left side of the web page see this image and click on the orange bar ‘Complain’  
Online FIR Jharkhand | E-FIR Apply Online, Check Status, Download @jofs jhpolice
  • Step 3: You will be redirected to the main page where the form is there. Fill in all the boxes. 
Online FIR Jharkhand | E-FIR Apply Online, Check Status, Download @jofs jhpolice
  • This is the main page, so you cannot ignore it. The red asterisks denote to fill that particular box as it is important. 

  1. Complainant Details
  2. Full Name: full name of the Complainant (in another word your good name)
  3. Gender: select Male or Female
  4. Age: entire your age
  5. Contact Address: complete address and do not miss the PIN Code
  6. Contact Details:
  7. Mobile No: enter your cell phone number because the OTP will be sent to the given number immediately
  8. Email Address: if you do not have one then kindly create it
  9. Complaint Details
  10. Topic: Options are provided select the topic (Cyber Related, Crime Related or other)
  11. Subject: try to describe the case in short (like theft in so and so place etc)
  12. Details: Here you need to describe the case incomplete details. This box is really important, you can write in English or Hindi as well. 
  13. Choose file: you need to attach the copy of the ‘written complaint’ and sign it (it should be within 3MB)
  • Step 4: Once you are done filling this form then the last box is about OTP (One Time Password). 
Online FIR Jharkhand | E-FIR Apply Online, Check Status, Download @jofs jhpolice
  • Step 5: now click on the submit box
  • Your complaint is registered with the Jharkhand Police. If you want you can take a printout of the website.  


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How to Check FIR Status Online in Jharkhand

The website has the option of checking the FIR status as well. For this, you need to open the official web page. See on the top right the second option which says ‘JOFS FIR status’ click there. 

Online FIR Jharkhand | E-FIR Apply Online, Check Status, Download @jofs jhpolice

You need to key in the email id or the mobile no that you had used during filling the form while launching the complaint. And also, the Complain ID. This Complaint ID is different for each case and it is auto-generated. You just need to keep the digits in mind or you can write it down somewhere else if you want to. Once the two options match click on Proceed to check the status.  

Download FIR Online in Jharkhand

After you have successfully applied and filed an online FIR. You have the option to download a copy of FIR. The same can be done at the portal.

Few people think that the aggrieved person needs to fill the form and do the necessary work. Well, that is not the case anymore, anyone can file an FIR with the help of the internet. The person should be present while filling this form as he or she will have first-hand information. 

Things have become easier these days than it was previously. For any kind of complaint, you need not visit the police station, just use the internet for E-Fir Jharkhand. In fact, the aggreged person or persons will feel less pressured to sit at home and do the needful. This website is checked daily and you get to know about it whenever you wish to. So, do not worry anymore, the Jharkhand police are efficient and they will help you surely. Obviously, the police will call and ask to meet them once they receive the complaint.  

Jharkhand Police E FIR FAQs

What is JOFS?

JOFS is Jharkhand Online FIR System.

What are the available facilities on the Jharkhand JOFS portal?

The available facilities are Lodge FIR online, Download FIR copy & Check status.

Who to contact in case any help is required?

Jharkhand Police Headquarter Dhurwa, Ranchi, -834004,
   Or Write an email at support[at]jhpolice[dot]gov[dot]in

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