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Online Tyari Haryana | Mock Test Practice,Student Online Registration on Haryana online tyari portal

Check out Online Tyari Haryana | Mock Test Practice, Student Online Registration on Haryana online tyari portal

Haryana Online tyari is a joint venture project of Haryana Government with Embibes. It is a digital platform that allows the online user to practice and attempt different mock tests. However, it is beneficial for the students preparing for various Government Recruitment Exams.

Through Haryana tyari portal, the aspirants can register on the website for attempting Mocks Tests that are provided on the portal.

Online Tyari Haryana | Mock Test Practice, Student Online Registration@ Haryana Tyari portal

In this article, we explain you the procedure for registering on the portal, creating an account, and process of attempting the Mock Test.

Online Tyari Haryana : Student Online Registration@

The Student, to attempt the mock test, he/she should get registered on the Haryana Online tyari portal. 

Let us see the step by step student registration procedure on the portal.

Haryana Online Tyari Portal
  • Now, Click on the Login/Register Button on the Menu Bar.
  • It redirects the student applicant to the Login Page.
  • Click on the Click Here to Signup Page
Haryana Online Tyari Portal
  • It redirects the Student to the below-given Registration Page.
  • The Student has to enter Full Name, Email Address, Mobile Number, Exam Selection, District, and HREX ID (Optional).
  • In the Select Exam field, the Student can select the exam of his/her choice like SSC, IAS, Banking, Railways, as listed in the drop-down.
  • Verify all the details and click on Register
Haryana Online Tyari Portal
  • Now the Student gets redirected to the Dashboard.
Haryana Online Tyari Portal
  • On the Student Dashboard , you can observe My Summary and My Settings Options. 
  • Click on the My Govt Exams link under My Summary.
  • It redirects you to the below page. 
Online tyari Haryana
  • Now, the Student can choose the language as Hindi or English . He/She can also select the choice of exam from the drop-down menu.
  • For Example, the Student clicked on the SSC Exam above
  • Click Submit after choosing the language and type of exam
  • You can observe the columns like Government Exam ID, Government Exams Name, and Number of Tests.
  • Click on the Government Exam Name, where you can find the Take Test Page, as shown below. 
  • Click on the Take Test 
Online tyari Haryana
  • It redirects the Student to the Mock Test Platform. 
  • Read the instructions carefully and click on the link, “I have read the instructions.”
Haryana Online Tyari Portal
  • Now, the user gets redirected to the given page that shows all the mock tests as below. 
  • It again shows the instruction page that we have seen before

Online Tyari Haryana : Student Mock Test Practice

  • Click on “I have the read the instructions,” then it redirects to the Mock Test Question Paper below. 
Haryana Online Tyari Portal
  • In the below question paper, you can observe the Name of the Candidate and Count Down Time of the Exam.
Haryana Online Tyari Portal
  • You can also view the Number of Questions along with the Color coding that shows the attempted , tagged, attempted and tagged, and unattempted questions numbered square boxes for the user convenience
  • After attempting each question, Save the Question Paper and click Next. 
  • After attempting all the Questions , Click on Submit that shows you the score of your Mock Test

Quick Links

Haryana tyari Mock Test Portal

Help Desk Numbers : +91 1234567891 or +91 1234567890

Online tyari Haryana FAQ

What kind of Mock Tests a student can attempt on the Haryana tyari portal?

The students can attempt Mock Tests related to the Government Recruitment Exams.

Does a candidate need to upload any documents to get registered on the portal ?

No, the candidate no need to upload any kind of documents to get registered on the Online Tyari Haryana Portal

Is there any time duration for the Mock Tests on the Tyari Portal?

Yes, there is a time duration for the Online Mock Tests that differs from exam to exam.

Can a student can move forward and backward while attempting qustions in the Mock Test on the Online tyari portal?

Yes, the students can navigate to the forward and backward to the questions while attempting Mock Test on the Online tyari portal.

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