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Dilli Bazaar Portal – How to Register Online, List Products & Login

Dilli Bazaar Portal, Vendor Registration, Login, Product Listing: Like big e-commerce players, the Delhi government has developed Dilli Bazaar Portal. Thousand of traders, shopkeepers can register on the Portal and sell their products online. Initially, 10,000 vendors are registered on the Dilli E Bazaar Portal.

The Delhi Government aims to add over 1 lakh vendors within six months of the launch. The motive for introducing the Delhi Bazaar Portal is to provide equal opportunities to local vendors. It has been observed that after the e-commerce boom in India, local vendors’ business is declining. The Dilli E Bazaar Portal gives the local shopkeepers(vendors) equal opportunities and lists their products to be sold online.

What is Dilli Bazaar Portal?

Dilli Bazaar Portal is an online Store (E-Commerce Platform) that allows online registration of vendors. Registered vendors can list their products and sell them online. Interested buyers can sign up and buy their chosen products on the same platform.

Dilli Bazaar E Commerce Portal

The Dilli Bazaar Portal is necessarily a competitor of likes of Amazon, Flipkart etc. This portal aims to provide equal opportunities to the local vendors of Delhi by bringing their business online.

Benefits of Delhi Govt’s Dilli Bazaar E Portal

  • Online platform for local vendors.
  • Local Shopkeepers and vendors can list their products online so that people from anywhere worldwide can buy them online.
  • Buyers can sign up, log in and order the products from their phones
  • The vendors will get an equal chance in the competitive market.
  • A chance to be a part of the Online business world

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Dilli Bazaar Online Registration – How to Sign up

As mentioned, the Dilli Bazaar Platform allows vendors to list and sell their products online. However, to do so, online registration is mandatory. Here are the steps to sign up on the portal.

  • Visit the Dilli Bazaar Portal
  • Go to the “Vendor Registration” page
  • Enter the asked details
  • Submit the registration form

After the registration is approved, the vendor can log into their account.

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Dilli Bazaar E Portal Login

Once the vendor’s account is approved, he/she can log in with these steps:

  • Go to Delhi Bazaar Website
  • Click on “Vendor Login”
  • Enter the username and password
  • Hit the Submit button
  • The vendor will be redirected to the seller dashboard if the details are correct.

How to Add/List Products

After successful login, vendors can add the products they are selling. The detailed guidelines regarding adding products to the Dilli Bazaar portal will soon be shared.

Customer Registration & Login on Dilli E Bazaar Portal

Customers (interested buyers) need to create an account on the portal. After signing up, they shall log in to their respective accounts.

After this, like other e-commerce portals, they can search for the products they want to buy, and if they find them, add them to their cart and make payment.

After the order is successful, customers shall receive their product within a few days.

Customers will have the facility to return or replace damaged items.

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