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Chandigarh CH Transport Online Appointment- RLA Chandigarh Appointment Booking Process

There have been many halting and complete stoppages of vehicle movement, especially in the lockdown moment in our country a few months back. These outcomes are bad because travel restrictions continued for more than two months by allowing certain vehicles in certain timings only to be travelled on the road. During this time, many people did not apply for a license in these two years because all the government offices also had been closed. But now, since everything is returning to normalcy, everyone is applying for the license. 

Therefore, there is increased pressure for licenses. In that case, the number of appointments has been increased since the Covid cases have been on a steady decrease. Due to old appointments always being also canceled, the appointments have just piled up. Now read this article for RLA Chandigarh Online Appointment and Chandigarh Transport Online Booking and complete it within the earliest as possible. 

Chandigarh Transport Online Appointment

This article explains the complete details about the Chandigarh CH Transport Online Appointment, Step by Step Guide to Apply for RLA Chandigarh Appointment Booking Process on the official portal.

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How to Book Online RLA Chandigarh Transport Appointment 

  • Because of the pandemic and the many halted processes regarding getting the licenses due to the lockdown of the country, there has been immense pressure on the transport department, so a NEW WEBSITE ONLY FOR APPOINTMENT HAS BEEN CREATED.
  • Visit the official website, which has been designed just for the sake of booking an appointment.
How to Book Online RLA Chandigarh Transport Appointment 
  • The main page opens, and you can see a colourful page.
  • There are two options – either you can call the telephone number given over there on the screen, and you can tell them your address, name and they will guide you over the phone itself about the process and when you have to visit the office. 
Chandigarh Transport Online Appointment Booking
  • Otherwise, fill in the details for the booking online appointment process.
  • Fill in your name, mobile number, date of birth, gender, appointment type from which you will get the option you will need to select, which is either service related to permanent license according to your age or learner license. 
Chandigarh Transport Online Appointment Booking
  • Choose the desired option that you need and click on submit.
  • After that, you will be asked to type in the one-time password (OTP) sent to the mobile number that you have given. 
CH Transport Online Appointment Booking
  • Go through the terms and conditions given and then tick mark on the check box that you have read and agree to the terms and conditions.
CH Transport Online Appointment Booking
  • Now, click on submit.
  • Now, on the next page, you have to select the date, time of the appointment. Be careful and wise enough to plan well before so that you do not miss the appointment and remember your appointment date. 
Chandigarh CH Transport Online Appointment Booking
  • The days that you have selected may be booked or may not be available. In that case, check other dates for booking an appointment. 
Chandigarh CH Transport Online Appointment Booking
  • When the dates are available for the booking of the appointment process, you will only get the option of selecting the time on the right side. 
Chandigarh Transport Online Appointment Booking
  • Now click on the book button beside the time that you want to book the appointment. 
Chandigarh Transport Online Appointment Booking
  • Now click on confirm in the dialog box that appears on the screen. 
CH Transport Online Appointment Booking
  • A new page will open to see the appointment confirmation status of your appointment that you have booked just now. 
Chandigarh Transport Online Appointment 2021
  • The details regarding the courier, date, time will be displayed, and also your appointment id.
  • Now click on print receipt and save the PDF. 
Chandigarh Transport Online Appointment 2021

FAQs on Chandigarh Transport Online Appointment

Can people who had applied in the past and got rejected also apply?

Yes, everyone can apply as there have been more appointments that have been allotted. So, in that case, there will not be any objections to your previous experience.

Are renewal services also started?

 NO, at present, the government is focusing on giving as many licenses as possible to huge groups of people, so the renewal services are kept at a halt. Even on the website, you will not find an option for booking an appointment for renewal.

Per day how many appointments are expected approximately?

The number of appointments per day has been increased and taken up to 300. It may also increase, which you will find on the website.

Will I get a refund if I miss my appointment?

NO, you will not get a refund if you miss the appointment, and that is why you have to plan wisely and select the date and time.

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