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Solar Rooftop Andhra – PV Online Application, Net Metering, Subsidy Status 2023

New Guidelines for Solar Rooftops in Andhra Pradesh have been recently released. This article explains everything you need to know about Solar PV Rooftop Online Applications. We have covered in-depth details on Net metering, Solar PV subsidy and application status checking. Let’s get started right away.

AP Solar Rooftop Application

Before we move on with the Solar rooftop application process, we believe that every interested person must understand the technology behind this. That’s why we are taking a moment to explain PV solar.

ap solar rooftop online application 2023

The photovoltaic effect, which is the conversion of light (photons) to electricity (voltage), gives the field of photovoltaics (commonly abbreviated as PV) its name. Scientists discovered this phenomenon in 1954 when they developed a silicon solar cell that worked and could produce an electric current when exposed to light.

Now, Solar cells are used to power many different gadgets. The power produced by solar cells is now becoming financially viable in many countries.

PV Solar Rooftop Eligibility

Let’s understand the eligibility conditions first:

  • Registered Companies, Partnership Companies, Firms, Groups of Persons/Societies, Individuals and all consumers of AP Discom are eligible.
  • The applicant party must ensure all requirements for rooftop installation are met.

What are the requirements for Solar Rooftops in Andhra Pradesh

There are specific requirements that every applicant must ensure are fulfilled before applying:

  • At least 100 square feet (10 sq mtr) of vacant roof area is required for 1 Kwp system
  • 3 Phase/1Phase Supply service connection is required
  • A single bi-directional meter shall be installed
  • Standard equipment as per rules of MNRE/APTRANSACO/DISCOM shall be installed.

APSPDCL Net Metering

Solar metering gives credit to both residential and commercial customers that use solar power systems to generate extra electricity and transfer it back to the grid. Special equipment needs to be installed along with the other set-up.

With net metering, you pay for the “net” amount of energy used each month, which is the difference between the amount of energy the solar power system produces and the amount of energy used by the house during the billing period.

Process Flow:

  1. Online Application
  2. Inspection
  3. Agreement
  4. Installation of SPV System
  5. Inspection, Calibration of Meters
  6. Synchronization of Installed SPV System
  7. Net Billing System Starts

Other Rules

  • At the LT level of the distribution network, SRP with an installed capacity less than or equal to 56 kW must be connected.
  • SRPs with installed capacities of 56 kW or more and up to 1000 kW must be linked to the distribution network at the 11 kV or 33 kV level.
  • However, APERC may occasionally change the installed capacity of SRP for connectivity at the distribution network.

Things to understand before applying

While you signup on to the website, you need to specify which type of consumer you are. The APSPDCL consumer is classified as L.T. Consumers & H.T. consumers.

L.T. Consumers – L.T. stands for Low tension

H.T. Consumers – H.T. stands for High tension

More details can be checked HERE

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How to Apply for PV Solar Rooftop in Andhra – Online Application 2023

  • Go to
  • Choose the last option that says “Online Service Request Registration.”
  • You can select the appropriate option and proceed with the online application process.
  • After the successful application, the applicant gets a registration number
  • Note down the registration number for future references

AP Solar Rooftop Check Application Status:

  • Go to this page
  • Select Application Status –
  • Enter the registration number and hit the submit button
  • You will now be able to check the status of your application

APSPDCL Create Account/Login

  • Head to the Official Website –
  • Click on the “Login” Button, hover on Consumer and select the user type as LT or HT.
  • Now, you will be redirected to the login page
  • Click on the option that says “Sign up.”
Solar Rooftop Andhra - PV Online Application, Net Metering, Subsidy Status 2023
  • Now, provide the asked details and get registered
  • Now, login to your account

Solar Rooftop Subsidy AP

The channel partners of MNRE, GOI or NREDCAP (the nodal agency) may process the eligible subsidy.

The applicable subsidy amount will be decided according to the rules set forth from time to time by MNRE; After approval from the respective agency, the subsidy amount will be approved and released.


Where can one get the solar plant installed?

Applicants can apply for solar plants on their rooftops. We call in solar rooftop plant.

What is the minimum area required on the roof?

A minimum of 100 feet or 10 square feet is required.

How to Apply for solar rooftop in Andhra?

Applicants need to apply. They can do it online or offline.

Can the applicants check the status of their applications?

Yes, those who have applied online can check their application status.

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