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AP YSR New Rice Card Status 2021| Search and Download

Complete Details of AP YSR New Rice Card – Application Status – Search and Download Process

In a developing country like India since the decades, the middle class and below middle class Population has been in huge number. The government in order to provide food security to the vulnerable sections of society, has introduced the Ration Card system before a few years back in the country. With the help of Ration Cards the vulnerable sections of the society can live their life like normal people availing different commodities like Rice,Dal,Sugar, Kerosene at subsidized rates.

However , Ration Card also benefits those people to get eligible for the different schemes from the government that has been implementing for the weaker sections.Till date the application process of  New Ration Cards, also called as Rice Cards has been doing manually by the governments of different states.

While in Andhra Pradesh ,on 14th February 2021, YSR Government initiated a project named “AP YSR NEW RICE CARDS” to provide the new Ration Cards to the eligible people of the state “. Under this scheme, the New Rice Card applicants can apply for Ration Card directly  through online in the official websites of the government. Besides , the applicants can search and download the status of their Rice Cards.

In this article , we are giving you a detailed explanation on the application procedure of YSR Rice Card Status 2021, Rice Card Search and Download process.

AP YSR Rice Cards 2021| Application Process| Search and Download Rice Cards Online 

Eligibility Criteria for YSR Rice Cards

The citizens should meet the following criteria for applying  YSR Rice Cards 2021

  • The income of the Rural Households should be less then 10,000 Per Month and the income for the Urban Households should be less than 12,000 Per Month.
  • The electricity consumption of the applicant should not exceed more than 300 Units per month.
  • The persons in the family should not be a government employees.
  • The family members should not own any four wheeler, where Tractor,Auto and Taxi are exemptions from this.
  • No member in the family should pay income tax under their name, and it makes the applicant ineligible for the Rice Card.
  • The Applicants should not own any huge property other than a rented house and a small place for living.

Documents Required for YSR Rice Card :

Below given are the list of documents the applicant has to produce for the application of the Ration Card 

  • Address Proof ( Any proof like Aadhar, Driving Licence, Voter ID Etc)
  • Domicile Certificate
  • Income Certificate
  • ID Proof of the Family (Any Proof like Aadhar,Driving Licence,Voter ID Etc)

NOTE : To Apply for the New Ration Card the Applicant should Link Aadhar Number to his/her Mobile Number before applying.

AP YSR New Rice Card Status Online Registration 

Here we are giving you the step by step procedure in detail for the application of Rice Card.

  • Go to the State Government Official Website 
  • You can see the Home Page as below 


  • Click on the Online User Login in the Menu Bar
  • Now it redirects the applicant to the below web page


  • Now Enter the Aadhar Card Number  followed by Captcha as shown below.
  • After entering the Captcha ,the user has to click on the “GET EKYC OTP” and then he receives an OTP to his Mobile Number 
  • After entering the OTP in the given fields , re-enter the Aadhar Card Number and Captcha again and Click Submit
  • It redirects you the following the following page below that says Online User Inbox


  • Then on the Grievance Box ( “Arjee Namodhu” in Telugu) 
  • It redirects the application to the below page and shows you the page that says “Click Here For Applicant Details”
  • Click on the button “Click Here For Applicant Details”


  • Then it redirects to the below registration form as below 


  • It shows the Personal Details column,where in all details of you are already filled as shown in the below form
  • After the personal details , the applicant can see two other sections , “Family Grievance Information” and “Provide Grievance Address”
  • “Family Grievances Information”  is empty because there are no grievances in the name of the applicant.
  • In the “Provide Grievance Address” , tick the checkbox  “If Same Address Here” ( If you are applying for the same resident address)


  • Then it shows the District ,Mandal and Address that are mapped to Aadhar as shown in the below image .
  • In the same page it shows “Grievance Information” as  below
  • Now Select “Grievance by Department” as shown in the below image


  • In Department Select Civils Supply, in Subject being a  new applicant you have to select “I am not having Ration Card” option and it is also same with the Sub Subject.
  • In the Source Type Click the option “Online User” as you are applying through Online .
  • Add remarks , in the remarks column ,they may be anything like your Change in Address or an Old Ration Card Holder applying again.
  • Then Click Submit after filling all the mandatory details in the above sections .
  • Your grievance will be registered in the portal and it will generate a receipt of your application with a unique code to your mobile number.

After the application process , your grievance will be registered in the portal and your Rice Card Application goes to the nearest Grama Sachivaalayam for the verification of VRO for the eligibility ,then followed by the final approval of  MRO . Thus, the final status gets updated in the official portal.

After 7 working days ,you can check the status of your application in the same website that you have applied for the Ration Card.

How to Search and Download the YSR New Rice Card?

Through the below given procedure the applicant could Search and Download his/her Ration Card from the Portal.

  • Go to the Government Official Website 
  • The Home Page is displayed as below and now search for Click on the User Login


  • It redirects the Applicant to the given page , where he/she should enter his Aadhar Number followed by Captcha.
  • After entering Captcha the Applicant should Click “EKYC OTP.”
  • Then the Applicant should enter the generated OTP  and re-enter the Aadhar Number and the Captcha again,then Click Submit.
  • Now, the Applicant is redirected to the Online User Inbox, then the user can view the status of his/her Application Status.


  • In the above figure you can see the status that shows the Rice Card Sanctioned Status.
  • In the same figure, you can also see the details of the applicant family members by clicking on the option “Click Here to View Household Details”
  • Besides , it shows all the details of the Rice Card Applicant details throughout the page.
  • In the bottom you can observe the PDF File that shows your Grievance( Arjee in Telugu) that was redirected to the MRO in the local language on your behalf.


  • Thus, the Applicant can download his/her Ration Card or he/she can contact the nearest Grama Sachivaalayam in case of queries.

NOTE : The applications for YSR Rice Cards also available in the other government owned portals like MeeSeva, but MeeSeva is not accepting the Ration Card Services at present.

Quick Links 

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Is Aadhar Card Mandatory for Applying YSR Rice Card?

Yes, Aadhar Card of the applicant is mandatory for applying to AP YSR New Rice Card.

Can I Apply the Ration Card Offline?

Yes, one can apply Ration Card Offline by approaching the nearest Graama Sachivaalayam producing the required documents .

Are the tax payers eligible for applying Ration Card?

No, the tax payers are not eligible for applying Ration Card .

Can I check my application status of my Ration Card online ?

Yes, the applicant can check his status of the online application visiting the official portal.

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