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AP Property Tax, Andhra Pradesh Property Tax Pay Online On Portal, Download App

Property tax Andhra Pradesh or AP Property Tax is a sort of a tax that an owner of the property is at risk of pay and includes only the largest supply of financial gain to the Urban native Bodies in the Republic of India. The regime calculates the tax to be paid supported the worth of the property in hand as well as the land. the kinds of properties taxed and therefore the capital levy rates vary by jurisdiction. The Revenue section of the Municipal body is answerable for the administration of property taxation for the involved urban native bodies. during this article, we glance at the various aspects of state capital levy very well. You can pay property tax online AP through property tax online payment.

Andhra Pradesh Property Tax

This article explains the complete details about the Andhra Pradesh Property Tax, Features of AP Property Tax, Andhra Pradesh Property Tax Official Portal, and the Step by Step Guide to Download the Mobile App.

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Features of AP Property Tax

One of the sources of main revenue for the Urban Local Body in Andhra Pradesh is the property tax. They collect the taxes from their natives and reuse the taxes for the sake of the development of the country. Especially, the revenue is utilized in the renovation and improvement of government schools, railways, roads, bridges, and other official constructions.

Properties of Taxable Under Andhra Pradesh

The residential spots and the commercial niche within the boundary of the Urban Local Body of Andhra Pradesh are granted under the taxable properties. Even it quite depends on the owners too. But the value of buildings or spots which is lower than 600 is not included in the taxable property.

Factors Of Property Tax

The taxes are sanctioned under the 85 section of Municipal law in Andhra Pradesh. There are four categories of tax – water and drainage tax, lighting tax, general-purpose tax, and scavenging tax.

Assessment Of Property Tax

The required tax on the property needs an assessment. Mainly the size of the building or spot is measured majorly. After that from the government, there is an entire chart that the owner needs to preserve. They are-

  • Consecutive or serial Number
  • The owner’s name
  • Door No.
  • Territory
  • Region Number
  • Type of building
  • Nature of use
  • Plinth locale in sq. Meters
  • As per Form An announcement, the Monthly rental cost is fixed per sq. meter. of plinth area
  • Monthly rental cost fixed on the equity
  • Half-yearly estate tax
  • Date of employment of special notice
  • Date of receipt of revision appeal
  • Date of hearing
  • Decrees of the Commissioner in brief
  • Equity tax fixed after discarding of revision petition
  • Initials of the Commissioner

Pay Andhra Pradesh Property Tax Online on Portal

Now, it is very easy to pay the property tax ap to the government of Andhra Pradesh online. Let’s know about the entire process.

  • In the first step, you must have to visit the commissioner and the directorate of Administration Municipal’s official website.
Pay Andhra Pradesh Property Tax Online on Portal
  • There the Home page of this portal will be open. Click on the top ‘Online Payment’.
Pay AP Property Tax Online on Portal
  • In the second step, choose the ‘Property Tax’ from the ‘online payment option.
  • In the third step, an application box will appear. There you need to choose your district, municipality, and kind of your property.
Pay AP Property Tax Online on Portal
  • In the below, there is a ‘submit’ option on a green box. Tap on it.
  • In the fourth step, the Property search tab will be disclosed. There you must have to write the name of the owner, valid mobile number.
  • After submitting this, you will be directly taken to the payment page.
Pay AP Property Tax Online on Portal
  • In the fifth step, the payment tab will appear in front of you. As per the chart, the payment will be mentioned. Just you have to pay online.
Pay AP Property Tax Online on Portal
  • After completing the payment process, one can see acknowledgment slip will be given on the screen.

AP Nagaraseva Mobile App Download

Let us see the online procedure to download the AP Property Tax Paruseva Mobile App, as shown below.

AP Nagaraseva Mobile App Download
  • It then displays the relevant search results on the following page.
  • Click on the install button on the same page.
  • It then installs and downloads the Nagaraseva Mobile App on your mobile.
  • Open the app downloaded on your mobile and enjoy the services of Nagaraseva.

Details about the Rate Of The Property Tax

The rate of property tax is varied from amount to amount. There is a fixed chart which is mentioned below.

  • Up to Rs.600/- = No Property Tax
  • From Rs.601/- to Rs.1200/- = 17%
  • From Rs.1201/- to Rs.2400/- =19%
  • From Rs.2401/- to Rs.3600/- =22%
  • Over Rs.3600/- =30%

All the interested applicants can visit the Official Portal and avail of the property tax payment services online.

FAQs on AP Property Tax

On which the Annual Rental Value is calculated?

It is depending on the Municipal authority. The sectors which are mainly given the focus are – the type of property, the age of the property, the zonal number, the status of whether it is residential or not, etc.

What is the penalty if someone misses paying tax?

Andhra Pradesh land tax is calculated and picked up semi-annually. The month just in case of downfall to pay land tax by the tip of the Gregorian calendar month for the primary half-year and by the end of December month for the second half-year, interest at the speed of 2 % per month is levied.

What is the rate of the none residential buildings?

The rate is 30% for all none residential buildings in Andhra Pradesh.

Is there any mobile app available for the AP citizens to pay the Property Tax in the state?

Yes, the citizens can pay the property tax by downloading the mobile app Nagarseva on the Google Play Store.

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