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AP CM Relief Fund | Apply, Online Registration Form 2021 (BPL)

Andhra Pradesh CM Relief Fund | Apply , Online Registration Form, Application Procedure 2021 ( BPL)

Andhra Pradesh State Government in the year 1977,initiated a scheme named “AP CM Relief Fund” ,also called as “Mukyamanthri Sahaayanidhi” in Telugu. It helps the vulnerable families who comes under Below Poverty Line (BPL).  Under this scheme, the poor people who are suffering with different health ailments can get benefited from the government in term of 100% medical reimbursement.  Since the inception, the scheme has benefited a lot of BPL Families who could not meet their medical expenses for expensive treatments .It that has been continuing successfully all these years under the leadership of different Chief Ministers of the state.

However, the “AP CM Relief Fund” provides the financial assistance to the people who are victims of Riots and Natural Calamities. But, the major focus is on helping the people who falls under Below Poverty Line (BPL ) family, called as “Dhaaridhryarekha Dhiguvununna Kutumbaalu” and not able to meet their medical expenses. 

In this article, we are giving you a detailed explanation on the AP CM Relief Fund , Eligibility Criteria,Applying Online and  Registration Procedure of YSR AP CM Relief Fund.

AP CM Relief Fund |Apply Online | Registration Procedure 2021

Eligibility Criteria for Applying AP CM Relief Fund

  • The Applicant Patient should fall under Below Poverty Line (BPL), probably a White Card Holder.
  • The Applicants are eligible for both the Letter of Credit for Medical Treatment and Reimbursement Form from the government only for a few listed ailments like Brain Tumor, Kidney Transplant, Liver Diseases etc.
  • The Applicant Patient should have all the original certificates and all the documents supporting his/her treatment .

AP CM Relief Fund Apply Online, Registration Form 2021 @

AP CM Relief Fund 2021

  • Then it redirects you to the Letter Of Credit ( LOC) for Medical Treatment, which is in PDF Format.
  • It Consists of 4 Sections PART A, PART B,PART C, PART D
  • The PART A, this section should be filled by the Patient Applicant
  • In PART A, in this section the patient should fill the details like Name of the Patient, Aadhaar Card Number, Mobile Number,Voter ID ,Income Certificate ,Age and Address including the Assembly Constituency Details etc.

NOTE : The Concerned Relative can fill this form if the patient is not physically fit to do this on his own.

  • The PART B, this Section should be filled in by the treating hospital providing all the necessary details with supporting evidence for diagnosis and cost of the treatment in detail.
  • In this section , the treating hospital should fill in details like Name of the Patient, Name of the Hospital at which the treatment is to be carried out, Name and Details of the Treating Doctor’s etc.
  • The PART C, this section is dedicated completely to the Official Use where in they verify whether all the necessary documents are attested by the patients.
  • The PART D,this section is about all the Mandatory Enclosures that patient needs to submit like AAdhar Card,Ration Card,Income Certificate, Bank Account Details, Original Hospital Bills of the X Rays, Scan Reports, Dialysis Reports, Medicine Bills etc.
  • Now, Download Application, Download it and fill in all the mandatory details discussed in the above sections.

NOTE : Go to Home Page and download Reimbursement Form for applying to the medical expenses of the patient’s treatment . However ,the application form is of the same format of LOC as discussed above.

AP CM Relief Fund Application Procedure

After downloading and filling up all the mandatory details as discussed above, the registration process starts offline here later as explained below.

  • The Patient or the Attendant has to take the Application Form along with all the certificates and the supporting documents to the AP Chief Minister’s Office. Besides, they can also take these documents and certificates to the Local MLA or MP that makes the process faster.
  • After applying in either of the ways, the applications will go to the CM’s Camp Office for verification.
  • All the applications will be examined by the Doctors at the Camp Office making recommendations on whether to sanction the CM Relief Fund (CMRF) for a particular applicant.
  • After the final verification and validation ,the application will move to the approval process.
  • It takes at least  months time to the sanction stage and the fund will be directly sanctioned to the applicant’s account.

NOTE: In the genuine cases, the State Government extends its support to the patients for treatment of any diseases (who are not covered under the AP CM Relief Fund) by directly approaching him in his camp office . The final decision is to be taken by the CM and there is a chance of sanctioning the relief fund in genuine cases.

Quick Links 

AP CMRF Official Website

LOC Application Form

Medical Expense Expense Reimbursement Form

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Helpline : 08632441111

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Who are eligible for the AP CM Relief Fund?

People who falls under Below Poverty Line (BPL) are eligible for AP CM Relief Fund .

Are Medical Documents mandatory for applying AP CM Relief Fund ?

Yes, until and unless you have a strong medical documents and expenses bills you are not eligible for AP CM Relief Fund

Who is the final authority of sanctioning the relief fund ?

AP Sate CM is the final authority for granting the relied fund.

Where to submit the hard copy of application after online registration?

We can directly submit in the AP CM Camp office or at the local MP or MLA Office.

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