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YSR Jagananna Bhoomi Hakku Bhoomi Rakshana Pathakam | Complete Details of AP Land Survey Scheme

Complete Details about YSR Jagananna Bhoomi Hakku Bhoomi Rakshana Pathakam (AP Land Survey Scheme)

Andhra Pradesh State YSR Government has led to another initiative called YSR Jagananna Bhoomi Bhoomi Rakshana Pathakam. This scheme’s main objective is to give permanent landowners permanent rights and encourage dispute-free landholding in the future. Announcing this scheme, AP CM YS Jagan Mohan Reddy has claimed that it is the first time to do a land survey on such a large scale. Moreover, the State Government has entered into Mou with the Survey of India.

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This article gives the complete details of the YSR Jaganna Saswata Bhoo Hakku Bhoo Raksha Scheme.

YSR Jagananna Bhoomi Hakku Bhoomi Rakshana Pathakam

This article explains the YSR Jagan Bhoomi Hakku Bhoomi Rakshana Pathakam, Complete Details about the AP Land Survey Scheme.

“I am immensely proud to launch yet another great initiative amidst your love and affection. No other State has dared to take up such a mammoth project. We felt it has to be implemented for the good of people. Recruiting 16,000 surveyors at village and ward secretariats and training them in latest technologies like drone and CORS and partnering with the Survey of India are part of it. Today, we made a new beginning,” the Chief Minister said. 

Highlights of AP Land Survey Scheme 2021

Let us see key highlights of the Land Survey Scheme announced by the AP CM Jagan Mohan Reddy.

  • The land survey is going to be conducted in 1.26 Lakh Sq.kms across the AP State.
  • The survey will take place in Cities, Towns, Villages, and Hamlets except for Forest Lands.
  • The Bhoo Survey will be done in three phases in 17,000 Villages.
  • Around 5000 villages is to be covered in the first phase, 6500 villages in the second phase, and 5500 villages in the third phase.
  • The timeline for the completion of the survey is by August 2023.
  • The land survey will be held in 3345.93 Sq.Kms in towns and cities covering 10 lakh open plots and 40 lakh assessment lands. Around 2.26 crore acres of land belonging to 90 lakh pattadar passbook holders.
  • Moreover, 14000 surveyors have already been appointed by the state government.
  • Around 70 base stations have been set up to survey the state.
  • The government will use the drone cameras to film the land survey details in Surveyor, VRO, VRA observance.
  • The government will also set Mobile Tribunals to resolve the land disputes.
  • The survey’s total cost, including the survey (boundary) stones, will be borne by the state government.

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YSR Jagananna Saswata Bhoomi Rakshana Pathakam Complete Details

Let us see some additional details about the YSR Jagananna Saswata Bhoo Hakku Bhoo Rakshana Scheme announced by the AP YSR Government.

  • The land survey will take place using advanced methods like Continuous Operating Reference Stations (CORS) and Drone Cameras.
  • As a pilot project, the survey will officially launch in the Jaggaihpet in Krishna District.
  • The land re-survey will occur in 17,461 revenue villages, 47,861 Habitations, and 110 Urban Local Bodies.
  • The target of the completion of this scheme is by August 2023, using around 70 Base Stations.
  • The government has instructed the officials to secure the records after the survey so that no one can tamper with the land records and misuse them by any means.
  • Moreover, the security features should be fool-proof, and the hard copy should be with the landowners. 
  • The landowners will get a land titling card unique identification number, measurements of the property, the owner’s name with his/her photo after the land survey.
  • Moreover, Digital Cadastral Maps will be prepared after the survey.
  • Once after the survey process, survey stones will be installed in particular lands for easy identification.
  • The estimated value of the AP Land Survey will come around 987 Crores.

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AP State Official Website

AP State Land Survey Scheme 2021 FAQ’s

What is the objective of the recently announced Jagananna Bhoomi Hakku Bhoomi Raksha Scheme?

This scheme’s main objective is to give permanent landowners permanent rights and encourage dispute-free landholding in the future.

How many base stations are going to set up for the land survey scheme in AP State?

The government will set up 70 base stations to conduct the land survey in Andhra Pradesh.

How many surveyors will work on the recently announced Bhoo Hakku Bhook Raksha Scheme of the AP State Government?

A total number of 14000 surveyors will work for the recently announced land survey scheme by the AP Government.

What is the target timeline set by AP’s government to complete the land survey process in the state?

The timeline for the completion of the Bhoo Hakku Bhoo Raksha Scheme is by August 2023.





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