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[ysr rythu bharosa ap gov in] Rythu Bharosa Website | Official Portal,Login

by Shivaay

Hello Friends, as you know, the YSR Rythu Bharosa scheme starts from 15 October 2020. Although few days are left for the official launch of the scheme, the Official website of YSR Rythu Bharosa is live. Yes, the department has started the Rythu Bharosa portal. In this article, you will know all about the AP Govt’s Rythu Bharosa site. Let’s not waste time and get started right away.

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YSR Rythu Bharosa Official Website [ysr rythu bharosa ap gov in]

It was expected that the official website will be live on the launch day, but surprisingly it is live now! Anybody interested in the scheme, visit the portal and get key information regarding the scheme. The Official notifications & circulars are available to download as pdf. Also, one can see the “Login” option. There is information regarding the Helpline numbers too. It is expected that in the coming days, more information will be updated on the portal. Let’s for the time being discussed, what’s available right now.

Here is the Screenshot :


As you can see, currently the available options are Login, Downloads & Contact. Let’s discuss all of these, one by one :

ysr rythu bharosa ap gov in Login | Can Farmers Login at Official Website?

After seeing the login option, any interested person can think that it is possible to login into the website and check details. But, when you will click on the login link, you will be asked to provide the username and password. Now, what to do? You don’t have username and password, where you get this login information?

Let me clarify this for you.

The Login option given in the Official portal is not for the beneficiaries or interested persons. It is actually a departmental login option. So, after clicking on this link, these three type of authorities can login :

  • District Level
  • AO

Downloads Section:

This section provides the facility to download the available documents as a PDF file. Currently “User Manual” & Other “Circulars” are available to download.

Contacts Section

This section provides you contact information. You can use this section if you want to talk to customer care. Read this for More>> ” Rythu Bharosa Helpline

Once the Scheme is announced officially, the official website of Rythu Bharosa will get many updates. In this particular page, we will keep you updated with every new piece of information that is added to the official website.

Rythu Bharosa Website Direct URL: ysrrythubharosa.ap.gov.in

If still, it’s not clear that what is the url of Rythu bharosa website, let us clear that it is: ysrrythubharosa.ap.gov.in. You can access this right now and check the look & feel of this website.

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We hope this article was helpful. If you think some more information can be added or have queries or suggestions, feel free to write down in the comments section. Keep Visiting Hindi Yojana for latest government schemes.

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Which is the Official Website of YSR Rythu Bharosa Scheme?

The Official Website can be accessed at ysrrythubharosa.ap.gov.in

What features are currently available at Rythu Bharosa portal?

Currently, only basic features are live i.e. Scheme Information, Helpline Numbers, Scheme related files download. More features are expected to be available soon.

When this website be fully functional?

After the official announcement of the Scheme i.e. on 15th October 2020, you can expect all features to be available.

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