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Best Electric Blankets in India (2024) for Cozy Winters

If you are not taking care of yourself in winters, you will be seeing the doctor frequently, that’s for sure. Electric blanket is must have addition for your home. If you haven’t used electric blanket till now, you are going to love it. This awesome product is going to give you relief from daunting cold wealther.

Do you need Electric Blanket?

Winters is a challenging season. In India, specially the North of India experiences very low temperatures. The cold weather is at its peak on December, January, February and continues till Mid of March usually. Although anyone can take benefit of electric blankets, kids and elderly need them most. You must get one if you are still not using it.

Who needs electric blanket?

There is no restriction on who can use the electric blanket or not. However, some people will experience greater benefit than others. We are talking about elderly and kids.

Your parents can really benefit from an electric bed warmer. With the increasing age sleep discomfort, bodyaches are quite common. Products like this can surely add to the comfort of elderly.

Kids are senstitive to temperatures and prone to weather specific illness like cold, Flu etc. Along with other arrangements for them, if you add electric blanket, you will notice that your kids will experience better comfort and sleep.

If you are a housewife or working professional, you should also experience the warmth and coziness an electric blanket provides.

Are Electric Blankets Safe?

Many people seem concerned about the safety aspect of electric blanket. However, there is nothing to worry about. Let us explain you safety features included in most of the electric blankets present in the market.

Temperature control : You can control the temperature of your electric blanket. Almost all of them come with a temperature controlling knob which allows you to easily adjust temperature.

Auto Shut Off : Electric blankets come up with auto shut off feature. As the name suggests, this feature automatically turns of the blanket if becomes too hot.

Benefits of Electric Blanket

Comfort & Warmth : During the summers, we don’t really worry to much. We have ACs in offices, at homes and in our cars. But in winters, normal blankets or quilts are usually not enough to provide you warmth and comfort. When you get an electric blanket, you will instantly experience the comfort.

Pain Relief : If you frequently experience muscle aches, joint paints and other discomforts, the warmth provided by the electric blanket will certainly provide you relief.

Improved Sleep quality : The cozy warmth of electric blanket provides great level of comfort. This helps you sleep comfortably through out the night.

Best Electric Blankets in India

In this section, you will find the Top 7 electric blankets available online. Before suggesting them to you, we have thoroughly looked at various specifications.

What to consider before buying an Electric Blanket?

No matter where you buy your electric blanket from, you need to ensure these things before buying :

Size : Electric blankets come in different sizes. They are available in single bed or double bed sizes. Rather than going for two blankets for your double bet, you can opt the double bed size electric blanket. So, make sure you choose the size wisely.

Cable Length : The electric blanket needs to be connected to electric socket. So, you need to ensure the length of the cable that comes with the electric blanket is enough for your case or not.

Safety Features : Check the safety features of the product. Make sure it comes with temperature control and auto cut off feature.

Warranty : Always look for electric blankets that come with atleast 6 months warranty. Quality manufactureres are always confident about their product and offer warranties while others don’t.

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Top 7 Electric Blankets to buy Online

Top Rated

EHEYCIGA Heated Blanket

Best Electric Blankets in India (2024) for Cozy Winters
Ultra Premium Quality Heater Blanket

EHEYCIGA is our number one choice due to the premium quality and the features included. It comes with 5 heating levels, 3 hours auto off and super cozy & fluffy Machine washable material.


Expressions Polar Electric Bed Warmer

Best Electric Blankets in India (2024) for Cozy Winters
Budget Friendly & High Quality

Expressions polar is a trusted brand when it comes to electic bed warmers. They come in different sizes.


Beurer HD 75 Electric Blanket

Best Electric Blankets in India (2024) for Cozy Winters
Premium Quality Electric Blanket

Beurer is a world renowned brand when it comes to electronic products. Beurer has entered the electric blankets market with their premium product.



Best Electric Blankets in India (2024) for Cozy Winters
Made in India Premium Double Electric Bed Warmer

If you are leaning towards budget friendly yet good quality electric warmer, Arcova home is a great option.


Odessey Products

Best Electric Blankets in India (2024) for Cozy Winters
Good Quality electric blanket.

Odessey products electric blankets come with all necessary security features and good quality material.

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We hope our detailed guying on Best electric blankets in India to buy in 2024 helped you to make your decision. If you still have questions, feel free to ask.

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