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Best Air Fryers in India (2024) , Top Rated & Budget Friendly

Air fryers have gained immense popularity in India recently. People all over the world have been using them for many years but in India, Air fryers were introduced recently. Air fryers are healthier option than fried food. So, if you love eating fried food, you can do it in healthier way with Air fryers.

In this article, first of all we are giving you general introduction on Aur fryers, Their health benefits and other associated questions. Then, we have prepared a list of best Airfryers in India you can buy in 2024. Let’s get started.

Things to Know Before Buying Air Fryer

It is our firm belief that every purchase should be thoughtful. That’s why before recommending any products, we try to educate about readers about the product. As we are talking about Air fryers, let’s first understand common things related to Air Fryers.

What is an Air Fryer?

An Air Fryer is an electric appliance that is used to make fried food without using oil.

How is food fried without oil in Air Fryer?

The air fryer fries the food by creating extremely high temepratures of air.

Is Air Fryer only capable of preparing frying food only?

New Airfryer models come with additional features like Baking, Roasting, Toasting etc.

Does Air Fryer consume a lot of electricity?

No, it doesn’t. Most of the air fryer models come with electric power of 1500 to 1800 W. For a 1800W air fryer, if you use it continously for one hour it will consume 1.8 units of electricity which comes out to be approximately 15 Rs.

What can be cooked in Air fryer?

You can cook variety of foods in Air Fryers. This includes Frozen Food, Homemade Fries, Sauted Vegetables, Chicken, Seafood, Appetizers, Desserts etc. If you use a premoim Air Fryer with additional features, you may get the capability to bake food allowing you to make cakes and pizzas.

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Truth About Health Benefits of Air Fryers

There are mixed comments about the Health benefits of Air Fryers. As per some experts, Air Fryers are extremely healthy while others don’t agree.

If you compare deep oil fried food with air fryer’s food, nobody can deny the fact that food prepared in air fryer is healthier. For example, as per this research, french fries cooked in Air Fryer are healthier than those in deep fryers using oil.

There has been a debate going on if Air fryers can cause cancer? Well, to answer that question, you need to first understand the impact of deep fried food on our health.

We all know, deep oil fried food is not health especially if it is consumer regularly. So, if you love to eat samosas, Tikkis and other fried foods from your nearest Snacks shop, this is certainly impacting your health. As per a study published in July 2022, fried foods increase the risk of cancer.

As you can see, normal fried food (without air fryer) increases risk of cancer. This type of fried food is prepared in large quantities of oil (which is often reused). In case of Air Fryer, you can use very-very low quantity of oil (normally less than a tablespoon) and this oil is not reused. So, it is clear that Using an Air fryer is better and healthier option to consume fried food and there is no risk of Cancer associated with Air fryers.

What to Look for While Choosing an Air fryer

Capacity : Air Fryers come in different capacities. This is denoted is litres. It means how much food your Air fryers can process at one time. If you are a big family, you should go for larger capacities and for small families opt for smaller capacities.

Power Consumption : Although, the power consumption by Airfryers is not significant, you still need to check if the model you are choosing saves you electricity or not. Anything between 1000 to 2000 Watts is absolutely fine.

Materials Used : Make sure you are aware of the material used in the Airfryer. You will find this information in the product description. It is recommended to use materials that are PFAS/PFOA free. Ceramic coated Airfryers are certainly better. So make sure, the tray to be used in the Air fryer is of PFAS/PFOA free material such as ceramic coating.

Features : Do ensure what features the air fryer provides. Does it come with Presets, Does it provide the facility of baking, roasting, toasting etc.

Warranty : Other most important thing to consider is the warranty of your product. Products of renown brands often come with atleat 1 year warranty. So make sure you consider this.

Air Fryer Price in India

Depending on the capacity and features of the Air Fryer, the prices differ. The prices start from Rs. 2400 and go upto 70,000 (or even more).

Depending on your requirements we have tried to include all budget options i.e. Air Fryers Under 5000 or 10,000. And also, we have included premium range Air fryers that come with advance features.

Top 14 Air Fryer Brands in India

Buying a product from renowned brand gives you peace of mind. You know what are you getting is certainly a tested product and you can trust it. Here are Top 14 air fryer brands in India that you can trust :

  1. Philips
  2. Havells
  3. Kent
  4. Agaro
  5. Dash
  6. Morphy Richards
  7. Inalsa
  8. Faber
  9. Solara
  10. Lifelong
  11. Pigeon
  12. Xiaomi
  13. Wonderchef
  14. Instant Pot

Kindly understand there are some other new brands also that are promising. So, you can choose an Airfryer from some other brand also, as long as it is reasonably priced, made up of PFAS/PFOA free material and provide adequate capacity.

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Best Air fryer in India in 2024 – Budget Friendly Options

If you are looking for best budget friendly Air fryer models in India, we got you covered. Here are best rated Airfyers in India under different price ranges.

Best Air fryer Under 5000

Our Pick

Pigeon Healthifry Digital Air Fryer

Best Air Fryers in India (2024) , Top Rated & Budget Friendly
Rs 3300

4.2 Litre Basket
360 Degree high Speed Technology
1200 W
Non-Stick Basket

Best Air fryer Under 10000


PHILIPS Air Fryer HD9200/90

Best Air Fryers in India (2024) , Top Rated & Budget Friendly
Rs 6900

4.1 Litre Basket
Rapid Air Technology
1400 Watt
Uses upto 90% less fat.


AGARO Regency Air Fryer

Best Air Fryers in India (2024) , Top Rated & Budget Friendly
Rs 8900

12 Litres
LED Touchscreen
1800 Watt
Presets Menu
Baking, Roasting, Toasting

Best Air fryer in India under 15000

Our Choice

Dash DCAF200GBAQ02

Best Air Fryers in India (2024) , Top Rated & Budget Friendly
Rs 14600

Temperature Control
Non- Stick Fry basket
Recipe Guide
Auto Shut Off
1000 Watt

Best Premium Air Fryer in India

Our Pick

Instant Pot Vortex 8 Litre ClearCook Digital Air Fryer

Best Air Fryers in India (2024) , Top Rated & Budget Friendly
Rs 17000

Even Crisp Technology
Uses 95 % less Oil
6-in-1 Appliance
Air Fry,Roast,Broil, Bake,Reheat and Dehydrate
Even Crisp Technology
Uses 95 % less Oil
6-in-1 Appliance
Air Fry,Roast,Broil, Bake,Reheat and Dehydrate
1700 Watt

Choosing from Top Air fryer Models

Top Rated Air Fryers in India

If you are looking to choose from most loved and highly rated Airfryers in India, we have got you covered. Find the extensive range of products.

Best Sellers

Take a look at the best seller air fryers in India. These are the top models from various trustworthy appliances brands.

Through this article we have provided you information related to how to choose an Air fryer for your needs and finally presented best airfryers in India.

Last Updated on December 22, 2023 by Hindi Yojana Team

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