How to register on CDSL EASI online?| Freeze and unfreeze holdings

What is CDSL EASI?

CDSL or EASI is a Central depository portal that helps you to access through various security options, and convenient lets you login so that it can become easy for you to operate based on your internet facilities. If you are a beneficial owner and also a clearing member then you can choose to login through this CDSL EASI portal. If you want to check your Demat account then you can login through your CDSL account as easily you want. Depending on your internet facilities, you can do the same and check out the facilities.

How can you CDSL EASI register online?

How to register on CDSL EASI online?| Freeze and unfreeze holdings

Here are the steps which can help you to login on the CDSL portal.

  1. Make sure that you go to the official website of the CDSL portal. Go to the login portal and then select the registration link.
  2. On the login page, you will find the register option. Once you are done with the same, it will help you to register as a member on the CDSL portal.
  3. On the CDSL registration portal, you have to write all the BO ID details along with your PAN Card information. You even have to mention your date of birth as well.
  4. From there, you will find the DP, ID and other account facilities. There are numbers from your account information which will be shared with you once you are done with your registration.

How to login on CDSL EASI?

  1. If you want to login through the CDSL portal then you have to generate your username and even your password.
  2. With the help of the username and the password, you will be directed to your account accordingly.
  3. If you do remember your username but you have forgot the password, then don’t worry. Click on the ‘forgot password’ link. A reset password link will be sent to your registered email ID. Click on the same and then make a new password.
  4. Use the new password and login to your account.

So, from here, you have to follow these steps:

  1. Go to your home page from where you can get all the information regarding your services.
  2. There are three different bars from where you can get various options.
  3. Under that on green line user account details are mentioned.
  4. To view and download and even print out your options about your demat account then there are facilities which are provided onto the same.

Different menu under the CDSL menu

  1. The home menu which helps you to navigate through various options and other features that you can get.
  2. All your account related details and inquiries can be made from the accounts section. There is the demat option about your demat account which will help you to get through the following. Starting from your account balance to other features, you will get everything right here.
  3. You can make a ton of transaction related inquiries from your account. For example, if you want then these transactions can be made following with your account related information shared.
  4. Now viewers can even know about the corporate engagement and announcements which are produced. You can now ADD or EDIT the corporate announcements which are present.

How can you freeze and unfreeze holdings on CDSL EASI?

Here are the steps through which you can freeze and unfreeze your holdings at CDSL:

  1. Go to the Freeze option and then click on Setup, from there New Setup.
  2. Then you have to select the freeze type.
  3. Then the verification window will open and from there you will have to click on OK.
  4. From there, you can freeze and unfreeze your holdings accordingly.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is CDSL a government based company?

Yes, CDSL is a government shared depository company in India.

Is CDSL safe for you to use?

Yes, CDSL is completely safe for you to be used. As the share certificates which are shared with you comes in completely electronic format, you don’t have to worry about the investing options.

How does CDSL makes money?

The ultimate way through which CDSL makes money is by charging you money about the account maintaining charges and the transaction fees which are managed from the users.

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