Paynearby | Features, Benefits, Aadhaar Pay, App Download, Helpline Number

Complete Details about Paynearby Features, Benefits, Aadhaar Pay, App Download, Helpline [email protected]

Following the footsteps of the Government of India’s Digital India programme, many of the companies are coming up with digital payment services online. One of those digital initiations is the Paynearby initiated by the Nearby Technologies. It is a start-up firm that has started the cashless services to the citizens. It operates in the B2B2C Model, which partners with the neighborhood retail stores. These retail stores offer services like Aadhaar ATM, SMS Payment, Khata Service, Utility Payment. Prepaid Cards etc.

Paynearby | Features, Benefits, Aadhaar Pay, App Download, Helpline Number

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The interested online users can start using the services of paynearby to access digital payment services.


This article explains the Benefits and Features of Paynearby, Aadhaar Pay, App Download and Helpline Number.

Features of the Paynearby Retailer

Let us see the features and the digital & financial services of the Paynearby is offering for its customers.

  •  Aadhaar Banking: Aadhaar Banking is AEPS (Aadhaar Enabled Payment System) powered digital banking service. It enables the retailers to provide banking services such as cash withdrawal, balance inquiry, and domestic money remittances to their customers and earn money as commission.
  • Money Transfer:  Paynearby retailers offers customers with a money transfer facility at any time of the day. It makes the money transfer process to any account easier and flexible than before. It saves the waiting time of the customer at a bank branch. Moreover, customers can finish the payment process at authorised retailers.
  •  SMS Payment:  This feature encourages SMS payments from the customers who wish to go with the cashless payments. The SMS Payment is a more painless process where the customers can complete their payments with a smartphone.
  • Khata Management: With the help of the Khata Management feature, the retailers can track all the purchase details, and the customers can make these payments once in a week or a fortnight.
  • Bill Payments & Recharge Services: The customers can make the utility payments and avail of the Recharge Services at any Paynearby Outlet. The interested customers can walk and make their DTH Payments, and mobile Recharges at the store.

Benefits of the Paynearby Online Services

Let us see the benefits of the Paynearby Online Services in detail, as shown below.

  • Paynearby provides convenient banking services to its customers.
  • It helps the retailers to attract more customers by providing value-added services.
  • The users can get a commission for on every money transfer.
  • The Paynearby will cover all the basic banking services.
  • Paynearby helps the retailers to avoid the card swiping machines.
  • It accepts all major debit/credit cards and NetBanking for payments.
  • The retails can manage the purchases made by its customers on a credit basis.
  • It helps to promote digital literacy among its customers.

Step by Step Guide to make Payments through Aadhaar Pay

Let us see the procedure to make payments through the Aadhaar Pay features on Paynearby App.

  • Open the Paynearby App on your Mobile.
  • It then takes the user to the Home Page of the App.

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  • It displays the list of service available in the Paynearby.
  • Select the Machine you want to give your thumb impression.
  • Come back to the Home Page of the app, and select the Aadhaar Withdraw option.
  • It then shows the withdraw cash.
  • Click on the Next Button.
  • Select the Machine again, and it then opens up the following page.
  • On the next page, enter the Aadhaar Number, Bank, Amount and Customer Phone Number.
  • Scan Finger on the Next Page.
Payments through Aadhaar Pay
  • It then scans the finger and displays the Successful Transaction Message on the next page.
Payments through Aadhaar Pay

Download Paynearby Mobile App

Let us have a look at the procedure to download the Paynearby Mobile App

  • Visit the Playstore on your Mobile Device.
  • Search for the Paynearby App in the Playstore.
Download Paynearby Mobile App
  • It then displays the search results in the app store.
  • Click on the Install button under the app.
  • It then installs and downloads the Paynearby App on your mobile.
  • Open the app on your mobile and enjoy the services of Paynearby at your fingertips.

Contact Paynearby Helpline Number 

  • The customers can contact the customer of Paynearby by dialling to the Customer Care Number +91 33 6690 9090. 
  • Once after the customer care executive attends your call, you can express your concerns on the call.

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Quick Links 

Paynearby Official Website

Mail ID: [email protected]

Paynearby Online Services FAQ’s

What are the list of services offered by the Paynearby Online?

The Paynearby Services include services like Aadhaar Banking, Money Transfer, SMS Payment, Khata Management, Bill Payments and Utility Services.

Can I download and avail of the services of the Paynearby Online on the Mobile App?

The customers and retailers can download the services of the app by downloading it from the Google Playstore.

What is the benefit of the Khata Management Service of the Paynearby?

The Khata Management feature allows for tracking all the purchase details. Moreover, the customers can make these payments once in a week or a fortnight.

What should I do in case of resolving my queries regarding the Paynearby Services?

The customers can contact the helpline number of the Paynearby in case of any queries or grievances.