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RC Application Status, Check RC Book Online Application Status 2024-25

The RC book or the Registration Card is an official document issued by the Government of India, which certifies. The RC book is an official document issued by the Government of India, which certifies your bike to be legally registered with the RTO (Regional Transport Office). It looks just like a smart card and has the following details about your bike/two-wheeler: Registration date and number. Our bike to be legally registered with the RTO (Regional Transport Office). You can check the RC application status online, but before that you need to understand what it really is.

RC Application Status 

This article explains the complete details about the RC Application Status, Types and Features of the Registration Card Online, Step by Step Guide to Check the RC Book Online Application Status. 

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Types and Features of RC Book 

Let us see the types and features of the Registration Card as shown below.

  • Temporary Registration: When a vehicle is newly bought, a temporary registration numerical figure is allocated by the dealer from whom the vehicle is purchased. This number acts as the temporary registration number. This needs to be registered permanently as per the law as stated above. The temporary Registration number is usually valid for 1 month and within this time the concerned vehicle must be registered by the respective Regional Transport Office department
  • Permanent Registration: This is what is known as the vehicle number plate in simple language which is a legal document to prove the authenticity of the owner of the vehicle with all other important details about the vehicle.


Information Available on RC Smart Card

Let us see the information available on the RC Smart Card , as shown below.

  • The date and the registration number
  • The number of Engines
  • The number of the Chassis
  • The colour of the vehicle and its type
  • The capacity of seating of the vehicle
  • The Model number of the vehicle


How to Check RC Book Online Application Status Online

Let us see the online procedure to check the Registration Card status, as shown below.

There you will find an interface like this. On this page you are supposed to click on Online services and select vehicle related services.

RC Application Status 
  • Then you be directed to a page as below:
  • Here you will be asked to enter your state. So that the RTO office are selected according to the state.
Registration Card Application Status
  • In the next step you have to select the RTO offices
Registration Card Application Status
  • Select your right RTO office and press on the Proceed  button.
  • The next page will look something like this:
RC Application Status
  • Here you are to click on the status option on the top bar. When you do that, a slider will open. In that slider you have to select the option Know Your Application Status.
  • When you click on that you will land on a page which looks like this:
RC Book Application Status
  • On this page, you have to enter your application number or registration number. Then fill in the captcha carefully and your application process shall load.
  • The application process looks something like this:
RC Book Application Status
  • Here you can see on which stage your application is stuck. 
  • Then if you want you can scroll to the side to see why the application is pending, the details will look something like this:
RC Book Application Status

In this manner, you can check on your RTO application status, by following these simple steps.

RC Application Status FAQs

Does the process of generating the application varies from state to state?

No, the process of application is same for both the states.

Do we require to give any identification or verification proof?

No, you don’t have to give any kind of Identification or Verification proof. Your application or Verification number shall suffice.

Where can one find their application number?

The application number will be available in the documents that were provided to you by the seller. In case you can’t find it, you can easily contact your dealer.

What can we do if our process is pending?’

Since this is a government facility, it often takes time. But you don’t have to worry. The process will get cleared within a week’s time. If the problem persists you can always contact your RTO office. 






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