Delhi Oxygen Cylinder Scheme | Apply, Register, Book Online & get Home Delivery

Delhi Govt Announces Scheme for Oxygen Cylinder home delivery, portal launched, Book Oxygen Cylinder Refilling @jantasmvad portal

COVID has caused great damage to the Indian capital and the number of patients ( & people dying from it) is still increasing. Most of the casualties have taken place due to a lack of oxygen. Many patients are dying daily due to the either unavailability of oxygen or delay in providing it. Recently Supreme court has directed the central government to provide 700 MT of oxygen to Delhi.

Delhi Oxygen Cylinder Home Delivery | Book, Apply Online

The Delhi govt is now prepared to provide oxygen cylinders to COVID patients. As per a new scheme by Delhi Govt., home delivery of oxygen cylinders to the patients will be ensured. A notification regarding this was released. Take a look :

Delhi Oxygen Cylinder Scheme | Apply, Register, Book Online & get Home Delivery

Recently Arvind Kejriwal has also made an announcement regarding providing Free Ration to Ration cardholders of Delhi & Also a scheme providing Rs. 5000 to Auto/Cab Drivers

What was the need for this?

It has been observed that Several Covid-19 patients in Delhi are seeking care at home because they are unable to find a bed in a hospital. Patients that need oxygen will now be able to obtain the life-saving gas at their place of treatment. Using the online process, the patient will register online for oxygen requirements. The application will go to the concerned DM who will accept or reject the application considering the patient’s current health conditions

This step if implemented properly could help a lot of COVID 19 patients in Delhi. Currently, it is being observed that people have to move to hospitals in case of oxygen requirement. Also, gatherings can be seen near oxygen cylinder provider stores. If the government executes this home delivery plan carefully, it will not only help the existing patients but also the common people of Delhi because gatherings will be reduced and spread can be contained.

Who is eligible to get oxygen cylinder home delivered in Delhi:

As per the govt order released on 5th May 2021, govt will deliver oxygen cylinders to :

  • Individuals
  • Hospitals
  • Nursing Homes
  • Ambulances

However, an online application must be submitted. A special portal has been set up where applications can be filled.

Documents Required:

In order to apply for an oxygen cylinder online in Delhi, the applicant needs to provide certain documents. The following documents should be uploaded at the official portal :

  1. Valid Photo ID Card
  2. Aadhaar Details
  3. Covid Positive Report
  4. CT Scan Report

How to Apply Online for Oxygen Cylinder in Delhi | Register, Book Yours @oxygen.jantasamvad

Kejriwal sarkar has taken yet another revolutionary decision in these difficult times. Now, the COVID patients will be able to submit the oxygen cylinder requirement request online. After the verification & approval of the application, the oxygen cylinder will be delivered at the doorsteps of the applicant.

Let’s find out how one can apply

Delhi oxygen delivery scheme apply

Step by Step Process to Apply online for oxygen cylinder in Delhi

4 3 minutes

Navigate to the Official Portal

oxygen cylinder refiling delhi

First of all, go to the official webpage designed for submitting applications. The direct link to the official webpage is

Fill in the Form

Delhi Oxygen Cylinder Scheme | Apply, Register, Book Online & get Home Delivery

Once you land on the online application form page, you need to provide asked information. Share your name, address, etc. The applicant also needs to upload asked documents (COVID positive report, CT Scan report, ID Card, etc.)

Submit the Form

hit enter button

After providing data correctly submit the form. Once submitted, you will see the reference number on the screen. Note it down.

How to Check Status of Oxygen Cylinder Requirement Application Online in Delhi

If you have applied for availing oxygen cylinder at home at the official website set up by Delhi government, you can check the status of your application online too. To do this, follow these steps:

  • Visit the official Portal (
  • Go to the Status Checking Page
  • Enter the reference number that was generated after application submission
  • Now you can find out the current status of your application


What is Delhi Govt’s plan to provide oxygen to needy patients?

The government has finalized a plan to provide oxygen to needy patients. As per this plan, oxygen cylinders will be delivered at the doorsteps of the patients.

How can one notify the department in case of oxygen requirement?

A webpage has been set up for this purpose. Any patient who is in need of oxygen needs to apply at the portal. After the concerned DM reviews and approves the application, an oxygen cylinder will be delivered.

What documents (information) need to submit by the patient at the portal?

In order to ensure that every oxygen request is genuine, the department has made it compulsory to provide Covid Positive Report, CT Scan report & other documents like ID card, etc.

Does the applicant need to pay any fee to get the oxygen cylinder home delivered?

No, there is no need to pay anything. This service is free of cost.

Does submitting the application mean guaranteed oxygen?

No, there is no guarantee. Once the application is submitted, it will be reviewed by the concerned officer who will take the final decision. Applicants can track the status of their application online.

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