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How to get Medical Fitness Certificate for Kerala Sabrimala Darshan, Registration Form, and Procedure to Download PDF Format 2021

Sabrimala Temple is one of the sacred places in South India. It is located in the Perinad Village Pathanamthitta District in the Kerala State. It is one of the temples where a massive number of people gather every year. As many as 40 to 50 million devotees are visiting this temple every year. All the pilgrims go for the Darshan of Lord Kumar Swamy annually wearing mala in traditional attire. The interested people can visit the Sabarimala temple by booking their darshan tickets online. However, the temple authorities have made the medical certificate mandatory for the pilgrims visiting the temple. The citizens must submit the medical fitness certificate that is mandatory for the darshan.

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The interested applicants can download the medical certificate from the covid19jargratha portal and submit their medical fitness to the temple authorities at Darshan time.

Medical Certificate for Sabarimala

This article explains the procedure to fill and download the medical certificate and the online application form for Sabarimala Darshan, Guidelines, and Download PDF format 2021.

How to apply for Medical Fitness Certificate for Sabarimala Darshan

Let us see the procedure to apply for the medical certificate and application form below.

  • Visit the official website of Sabarimala Darshan.
  • It takes the online user to the Home page below.
Medical Certificate for Sabarimala
  • Click on the tab: Sabarimala Medical Certificate Format.
  • It then redirects the applicant pilgrim to the following page below.
  • It then opens up a word document in which the applicant can observe the medical certificate format. 

Kerala Medical Fitness Application Form

  • The applicant should take a printout of the Medical Certificate and start filling it manually.
  • Enter the Designation with Institution Name, Name of the Applicant, Age, and Complete Address of the candidate and the Covid Test’s Date.
Kerala Medical Fitness Application Form
  • Also, Enter the date on which the Covid Test has been conducted to the applicant.
  • Enter the Date and Time on which the test has been conducted.
  • Enter the Name of Medical Officer, Designation, and Registration Number.
  • The seal of the concerned clinic in which the test has been conducted is mandatory.

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Notice: The attached COVID 19 results should be performed within 48 hours before obtaining a consultation. The certificate is valid for 48 hrs from the date of issue. 

Procedure to Download the PDF of Medical Certificate for Sabarimala Darshan

  • The applicants can download the PDF of the Medical Fitness Certificate online.
  • For, this the applicants can visit the official portal and download the Sabarimala Medical Fitness Certificate Online.
  • It then downloads the Medical Fitness Certificate to your system online.
  • Please note that this certificate should be filled by the concerned doctor who examined the candidate.
  • First, the applicant should take a printout of the pdf form of the fitness certificate.
Kerala Medical Fitness Certificate
  • After taking the printout of the form, the form should be filled by the concerned doctor by filling in the details such as Name of the Patient, Age, Village, Post Office, District, State, and Pin Code.
  • Also, fill the purpose for requesting the medical certificate.
  • Enter the signature of the candidate.
  • Keep the Signature of the Medical Officer, Name of the Medical Officer, Date, and the seal.

Covid 19 Guidelines for Sabarimala Darshan

Let us see the guidelines that the pilgrims should follow while having the Sabarimala Darshan.

  • Due to Covid 19, the Devotees have to maintain Distance, and They have to wear masks and use sanitizers.
  • The Medical Fitness and Covid 19 negative certificate is required for the Sabarimala Darshan.
  • The Food for Devotees Annadhana sanidhanam from 5:00 AM to 9:00 PM and in Pampa from 7:00 PM to 10:00 PM.
  • Free food is distributed to the sannidhanam, and Pampa sanitization is done before distribution.
  • The Boards and Banners are tied it made it easy for the pilgrims to identify the places quickly.
  • Every Shop and Stalls which are kept open in the Sabarimala has the Covid 19 Negativity Certificate.
  • They Kept Medical camps to improve the general awareness among the people.

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Medical Certificate for the Sabarimala Darshan FAQ’s

Which God is worshipped in the Sabarimala Kerala?

The God Swami Ayyappa is worshipped in the Sabarimala Kerala.

Which Certificate is Mandatory for the Sabarimala Darshan?

Covid 19 Negative medical certificate is mandatory for the Sabarimala Darshan.

Which officer signature is Compulsory in the medical certificate?

In the Medical Certificate, Medical Officers Signature is Compulsory.

What are the food timings for sannidhanam and in Pampa?

The timings for the food in sannidhanam were Morning 5:00 AM to Night 9:00 PM and in Pampa was from Night 7:00 PM to Night 10:00 PM.

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