Marriage Certificate Karnataka, How to Apply Online, Registration Form 2021

A marriage certificate is an essential document in India. It acts as proof for various purposes while applying for government schemes, bank loans, divorce, alimony and many other services from government and non-governmental services. The individuals can register their marriages in the registrar’s offices and avail of the Marriage Certificates in online/offline mode. However, the process is different to different states for applying Marriage Certificate.

Marriage Certificate Karnataka

This article explains the online process to apply for the Marriage Certificate Karnataka, Benefits of Marriage Certificate, the Procedure for applying online and the registration form online on the official portal of Kaveri Karnataka.

Benefits of Marriage Certificate 

Let us see the benefits of applying for the Marriage Certificate to the citizens in India.

  • A marriage certificate is a legal proof that you are married to someone.
  • It is especially beneficial to apply Visa, Passport, Work Permit, and Other Government Schemes.
  • Citizens can also avail themselves of the Insurance Benefits, Family Pension, Bank Deposits etc., with the help of the Marriage Certificate. 
  • It also helps in case of divorce, alimony, and child custody etc.
  • Please also remember that the marriage certificate is given only to the candidates who get married under the age of eligibility set by the government.

How to Apply Online for Marriage Registration Certificate in Karnataka 

Let us see the online process to apply and the online registration form for the Karnataka Marriage Certificate on the official portal.

  • Visit the Official Portal of Kaveri Karnataka Online Services.
  • It takes the online users to the Home Page below.
Kaveri Online services
  • Enter the User Name, Password, and Captcha Code on the same page in the Login Section.
  • Please enter the code sent to your registered mail id and enter it in the respective field to activate the Account.
Kaveri Online Services Login
  • It then takes the online applicants to the users dashboard below.
Apply Marriage Certificate Kaveri Portal
  • Click on the Online CC on your left-hand side on the Web Page.
  • It then displays the below web page.

Karnataka Marriage Certificate Registration Form 2021 

  • Select/Enter the Document Type, Marriage Type, District, Sub-Registrar Office, Document Number, and Year of Registration.
  • Click on the Check for Signed CC.
Karnataka Marriage Certificate Registration Form 2021
  • Verify all the details entered and click on the Re-Search Button.
  • It then displays a PDF file. Click on the Open button on the PDF file.
Karnataka Marriage Certificate PDF
  •  It then displays the downloaded Marriage Certificate, as shown below.

The interested applicants can visit the official portal and apply for the Marriage Certificate Online. 

Marriage Certificate Karnataka FAQs

What are a few benefits that applicants benefit from applying for a marriage certificate online?

The Marriage Certificate is especially beneficial to people applying for Visa, passports, Work Permits, and Other Government Schemes.

Where can I apply and download the Marriage Registration Certificate Online?

The applicants can download and avail of the marriage certificate by visiting the portal.

What are the mandatory details that the candidates should give when applying for the Marriage Certificate Karnataka Online?

The applicants should submit the PAN Card Number, UID Number or Voter Card Number during the online application process.

Is it mandatory to register online on the Kaveri Online Services Portal Karnataka before applying for the Marriage Certificate?

The applicants should register themselves on the Kaveri Online Services before applying for the Karnataka Marriage Certificate.

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