Maharashtra MH COVID 19 Pass, Apply, Check Status & Download MH Travel E Pass

Detailed Guide for People of Maharashtra (Or other states people stuck there) to Apply for COVID 19 E-Pass online, Check Status of Application & If approved, how to Download it

Hello friends in this article we are discussing Maharashtra MH Epass i.e. curfew/lockdown pass. this article clearly explains how one can apply online for Maharashtra lockdown pass and check the status after applying. Once applied, there is the facility to download the curfew pass once approved. if you are from Maharashtra& need curfew pass you must read this article.

Maharashtra Travel E-Pass | MH COVID 19 Curfew/Lockdown Pass Online Apply & Status

Who is eligible to apply for Maharashtra lockdown pass

The travel pass is applicable for essential service providers as well as individuals

Required Documents/Information to be provided by the Applicant

  • The applicant clearly needs to specify if he wants to visit outside of Maharashtra or not.
  • Also, it needs to be cleared that how many co-passengers will travel with the curfew pass applicant
  • The applicant needs to provide details like name, travel date, mobile number, the reason for traveling, vehicle type, vehicle number, current address of the applicant, email ID, starting point( from where the applicant will travel), destination. complete destination address, return details
  • The applicant needs to upload a photo and relevant documents that specify the reason for traveling
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MH COVID 19 Pass, Details of Approval Process

  1. The applicant visit the official website to apply for travel pass in Maharashtra
  2. Once all required information and documents are submitted, the application process from the user side is complete
  3. After successful submission, the applicant gets a token ID. This token ID should be saved by the applicant to view the status of the application or even download it if approved.
  4. This application then goes to the relevant departments. If all departments approve the pass request then the user is intimated and he/she can then download the MH Travel E-Pass

Apply Online for Maharashtra MH COVID 19 E-Pass | Fill Online Registration Form

MH COVID 19 E-Pass Apply Online, Check Status & Download
  • Now, you need to read all the instructions given in the page carefully and then click on “Apply for Pass Here” Link
  • This will open up the Online application form for Travel pass in Maharashtra
  • In the first step, you need to confirm if you want to visit outside of Maharashtra or not Online pass form

After this selection, you need to fill in the Travel Pass application, which looks like this: apply for pass
  • After successfully filling in the details and uploading required documents, Submit the application
  • After the successful application submission, a unique token ID will be generated. Note it down for future references.

Maharashstra MH COVID 19 Curfew Travel E Pass Status/Download

After applying, you can also check the status of your Maharashtra MH COVID 19 Travel Pass status. If approved, you can Download it too. Here are the steps:

  • After applying, Once again visit the Official website i.e. covid
  • This time, Go to the “Download Pass” Section and click on “Check Status/Download Pass”
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How to Download or Check Status of maharashtra curfew pass online
  • Clicking on the said link takes you to yet another page, where you need to Enter the Token ID that was generated after applying
Status checking page
  • Enter the Token ID and Click on “Submit” to Check the Pass Status & Download it

We hope that Using the given steps you are able to Apply Online for MH E Pass & Check it’s status and Download it.

Related Questions & Answers

What are acceptable reasons for applying for COVID 19 Pass in Maharashtra (MH)

Death of First relative, Extreme medical emergency, Stranded Students, Stranded Individual, Extreme emergency case/issue.

What documents are required to be uploaded?

Along with the photograph of the individual, (Valid Organization Document/Medical Report/Company ID/Aadhaar card or Doctor Certificate / Fitness Certificate are also required

Is the Process to Apply for COVID 19 Travel Pass in Maharashtra is totally online?

Yes, the process is totally online. Individuals need to fill in the online application form, in order to move anywhere.

How to Check Status/Download MH E Pass after applying?

After successfully applying, one can check the application status & even download the curfew/lockdown pass using the online mode only.

Where to Apply Online, Check Status & Download MH COVID 19 Pass?

This can be done at the official portal i.e.

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