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PAHAL Scheme – DBTL Pahal Yojana 2022 Apply, What is it, How it works

Initially, the LPG supply chain was vague, and consumers were helpless and at the mercy of distributors operating within a monopoly market structure. On the one hand, the government had plans to eliminate these barriers and improve citizens’ services; on the other hand, it wanted to reduce the subsidy burden by prohibiting domestic consumers from returning subsidized cylinders to the commercial market.

PAHAL Scheme – Pradhan mantri pahal Yojana

As a result, a task force was formed to make proposals for resolving this issue. One of the recommendations was to improve the LPG supply chain’s transparency and effectiveness. The task force recommended a framework for improving the management of subsidies and easing the financial burden on the government. Information technology played a critical role in achieving these objectives. The government finally decided to initiate a scheme known as Direct Benefit Transfer for LPG (DBTL) for LPG consumers throughout the country.

The AIM of the PAHAL scheme is :

  • Eliminating diversionary incentives.
    Enhancing the availability of LPG cylinders or their delivery to genuine customers. 
  • Eliminating bogus or redundant connections.
  • Allowing for self-selection of recipients of subsidies.

Objectives of PAHAL (DBTL) Scheme

Direct LPG cylinder-linked Benefit Transfer Scheme (PAHAL) is a scheme from January 2015, through which the subsidy money on cooking gas reaches the people’s account directly. The special thing is that the name of this scheme has been changed for the second time. Initially, its name was DBTL, then MDBTL, and now this scheme will be known as “PAHAL”.

Benefits of PAHAL Subsidy Scheme

The PAHAL (DBTL) scheme has many benefits to the customers, the Government of India, and the Oil Marketing Companies (OMC). The benefits are as follows:

  • Automatic cash transfer of LPG subsidy to their bank account.
  • Customers’ entitlements are protected as a result of the elimination of an incentive for diversion.
  • Subsidy backlogs are reduced as a result of the reduced diversion.
  • Increased market availability of new LPG connections.

Need of PAHAL Scheme

The Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas took the decision to leverage Information Technology which would solve the twin problems of lack of accountability leading to poor consumer service and diversion leading to leakages in LPG subsidy. A unified portal has been created to address the myriad problems of the LPG consumer. On one hand, this portal has led to the measurement of service levels, enhanced competition, consumer choice, transparency, and grievance redressal, and on the other hand, it has become one of the key enablers to launch PAHAL (DBTL).

History of PAHAL Yojana

The “Pratyaksha Hantantra Labh Yojana”-PAHAL (Direct Benefit Transfer to LPG) scheme was initially launched in six phases in 291 districts across the country on 01 June 2013. The government conducted a thorough review of the scheme and, after considering the difficulties encountered by consumers, significantly revised the scheme prior to its launch. The revised scheme was relaunched in two phases on 15.11.2014 in 54 districts and on 01.01.2015 in the rest of the country. During the initial phase of the scheme’s rollout, the Aadhaar number of the consumer was required to avail of the LPG subsidy.

DID YOU KNOW? >> The Guinness Book of World Records has recognized the “PAHAL” scheme as the world’s largest cash transfer program(s), with 12.57 crore households receiving cash transfers as of 30 June 2015.


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Price of LPG Cylinders under PAHAL Scheme

In the DBTL district(s), domestic LPG cylinders will be sold to Cash Transfer Compliant (CTC) domestic LPG consumers at Market Determined Price (does not include subsidy) from the date of launch of the scheme.

PAHAL Scheme Apply, Online Registration Form 2022

Eligible applicants can fill in the scheme form and submit the scheme joining form to bank & distributor. Here is the PAHAL scheme application form. You may download the pdf and print the form.

[doc id=75987]



What is PAHAL Scheme?

PAHAL Stands forPratyaksha Hantantra Labh. Under the Pradhan Mantri Pahal Yojana, the subsidy that the citizens of India will get on buying LPG cylinders will be deposited directly into their bank account.

Who is a CTC Customer

CTC stands for cash transfer complaint. The modified scheme now provides methods for the LPG consumer to receive a subsidy in his bank account. Once a consumer joins the scheme and is prepared to receive a subsidy in his bank account, he will be referred to as CTC (Cash Transfer Compliant).

Who is an NTC customer

NTC stands for Non Transfer complaint. An LPG consumer (of any company) who has not linked his/her Aadhaar number to either LPG consumer or bank account or both LPG consumer number and bank account

What did PM Modi say about PAHAL Yojana

According to our Prime minister: “PAHAL Yojana will bring an end to black-marketeering; subsidy will reach people more effectively. Its role in nation-building is important”

What award is given to PAHAL scheme?

“PAHAL” scheme has been acknowledged by the „Guinness Book of World Records‟ for
being the largest cash transfer programme (households) with 12.57 crore households
receiving cash transfer as on 30 June, 2015.

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