Karnataka Saptapadi Vivah Yojana 2021 | Mass Marriage Scheme, Dates 2021, Online Registration For Rs. 55000 Assistance

Complete Details about Karnataka Saptapadi Vivah Yojana 2021(Mass Marriage Scheme), Dates 2021, Online Registration For Rs. 55000 Assistance

The Karnataka State Government has unveiled the dates of the prestigious Karnataka Saptapadi Vivah Yojana. The government has fixed the dates for the mass marriages, which occurs twice a month to avoid mass gatherings. Moreover, it has been already mentioned that the upcoming weddings will be on 15th and 20th January, 20th and 23rd February 2021. It is good news for the people who wish to benefit from the Karnataka Saptapadi Mass Marriage Scheme. Apart from celebrating the marriage, the government will also assist the beneficiaries by granting Rupees 55000.

The interested applicants can apply for the mass marriage scheme and also the financial assistance from the government.

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Karnataka Saptapadi Vivah Yojana 2021

This article explains the procedure to apply for the Karnataka Saptapadi Vivah Yojana 2021, Online Registration for Mass Marriage Scheme, Dates 2021.

Highlights of Karnataka Mass Marriage Scheme 

Let us see the features and highlights of the Karnataka Mass Marriage Scheme sponsored by the Karnataka Government.

  • The Karnataka Government initiates the scheme to encourage the weaker sections of the people by providing monetary assistance.
  • Under this scheme, the marrying couple will get financial help of Rupees 55,000 from the government.
  • The bridegroom will get a shirt, dhoti, and rupees 5000 cash.
  •  The bride will get a saree, Rs 1,000 in cash and 8 grams of gold for making the Mangalya (Mangalsutra).
  • In this way, the total assistance will come around rupees 55,000.
  • Considering the Covid Pandemic, the government has divided the marriage ceremony into two slots, which was earlier planned as twice a year.

Documents Required for the Mass Marriage Scheme

Let us see the list of documents that applicants should attach with the application form of Mass Marriage Ceremony.

  • Aadhar Card
  • residence certificate
  • Religious certificate
  • Age certificate of bride and groom
  • Permission letter from parents

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Karnataka Mass Marriage Scheme Eligibility Criteria

Find out the eligibility criteria that applicants should fulfil to get eligible for the Karnataka Mass Marriage Scheme.

  • The applicants applying for the scheme should be permanent residents of Karnataka.
  • The government will only approve the marriages which takes place in the listed temples.
  • Both the parents of Girl and Boy should present at the marriage ceremony to avail the monetary assistance.
  • Only the applicants who marry according to the parents’ wish and will are eligible for the scheme.
  • The married couple should be born as Hindu by birth.

[Rupees 55000] Karnataka Saptapadi Vivah (Mass Marriage) Scheme Online Registration

Let us see the online procedure to register for the Spatapadi Vivah or the Mass Marriage Scheme by the State Government of Karnataka. This process is for the candidates who wish to register online for the Saptapadi Vivah Scheme.

  • The interested parties who wish to avail the Saptapadi Vivah Yojana benefits should register themselves in the respective temples at least 30 days before the marriage date.
  • The applicants should fill the manual application form with all the details. Moreover, the applicants should also attach the essential documents and ID Proofs for the scheme.
  • After scrutinizing all the applicants, the concerned officials will shortlist the applications based on the eligibility guidelines.
  • The shortlisted parties should attend to perform their nuptial ceremony in the given dates.
  • On the same day, the registered applicants will get monetary assistance and other state government benefits of Vivah Yojana.

Find Out Karnataka Mass Marriage Dates

Let us see the marriage dates scheduled as a part of the Saptapadi Vihah Scheme by the Karnataka State Government. It was already discussed that mass marriages would happen twice a month.

  • Slot 1: 15 January 2021
  • Slot 2: 20 January 2021
  • Slot 1: 20 February 2021
  • Slot 2: 23 February 2021

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Karnataka Mass Marriage Scheme 2021 FAQ’s

What is the objective of the Karnataka State Government’s Saptapadi Vivah Yojana announced by the CM Mr B.S Yedurappa?

The Karnataka State Saptapadi Vivah Yojana’s objective is to promote the mass marriages in the Karnataka State.

In how many slots the government has planned to conduct the mass marriages in the Karnataka State?

The government has planned to conduct mass marriages twice a month in the state.

What is the total sum of money that a married couple receives under the Karnataka Mass Marriage Scheme 2021?

The married couple who registered under the mass marriage scheme will receive Rs 55,000 in total.

Is there any online procedure to register for the Karantaka Saptapadi Vivah Yojana 2021?

No, in this instance, the applicants have to visit the concerned temples for the Karnataka Vivah Yojana 2021.