Jio-Mediatek “Gaming Masters” Tournament | Online Registration Form, Prizes, Dates, Rules on JioGames Portal

Complete Details about Jio-Mediatek “Gaming Masters” Tournament, Online Registration Form, Prizes, Dates,

Jio-Mediatek has announced a piece of good news for the gamers. It is all set to launch a new tournament called Gaming Masters by Jio Mediatek in collaboration with esports. The Jio-Mediatek has also announced the tournament dates that will be conducted between January and March. Moreover, the interested applicants can also register for the Gaming Masters Tournament online on the official website.

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The interested applicants can visit the official registration portal and start registering themselves for the Gaming Masters Tournament.

Jio-Mediatek “Gaming Masters” Tournament

This article explains the online procedure for Gaming Masters Online Registrations, Important Dates, Prize Money, and Rules of the Tournament.

Register Online for Gaming Masters Contest @

Let us see the online registration procedure to apply for the Gaming Masters Tournament. This process is for the gamers who wish to play the tournament online.

  • Visit the Official Portal of Jio Games.
  • It takes the online user to the Home Page Below.
  • Click on the Tournaments tab from the Menu Bar.
  • It then redirects the gamers to the following page below.
  • Click on the Join button on the Free Fire Gaming Masters icon on the newly opened web page.
  • It then takes the online user to the below page, where the gamer can find all the game details.
Jio-Mediatek "Gaming Masters" Tournament | Online Registration Form, Prizes, Dates, Rules on JioGames Portal
  • Click on the Join Button.
  • Click on the Create an Account Button available on the newly opened dialogue box.

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Jio-Mediatek "Gaming Masters" Tournament | Online Registration Form, Prizes, Dates, Rules on JioGames Portal

Free Fire Gaming Masters Online Registration Form

  • Enter the Full Name, User Name, Password, Confirm Password, Email ID, Mobile Number, Date of Birth, and Enter the Captcha Code.
  • Click on the declaration check box at the bottom of the form.
Jio-Mediatek "Gaming Masters" Tournament | Online Registration Form, Prizes, Dates, Rules on JioGames Portal
  • Verify all the details and click on the Create Account Button.
  • It then sends an OTP to your registered Mobile Number.
  • Copy the OTP from your mobile number and enter in the respective field.
Jio-Mediatek "Gaming Masters" Tournament | Online Registration Form, Prizes, Dates, Rules on JioGames Portal
  • The system then confirms your registration and send a message to your registered mobile number.

Jio-Mediatek Gaming Masters Prize Money Details 

Let us see the details of the Prize Money given to the winners of the tournament.

PositionPrize Money
Grand Finale WinnerINR 300000
Second Prize Winner INR 100000
Third Prize INR 60000
Fourth Place INR 40000
Daily Qualifier Finale Winner Duos (32 Days)INR 5000
Daily Qualifier Finale Runner UP Duos (32 Days)INR 2000
Daily Qualifier Finale Winner Solos (12 Days)INR 2500
Daily Qualifier Finale Runner UP Solos (12 Days)INR 1000

Scheduled Dates for the Gaming Masters Championship

Find out the details of the Gaming Masters tournament conducted by Reliance Jio in collaboration with Esports Company.

  • Reliance MediaTek has very recently been announced by the Jio Mediatek and waiting for the official schedule.
  • However, the registrations have already been started from yesterday and end on 9 January 2021.
  • The gaming tournament is scheduled from 13 January and ends on 7 March 2021.

Rules and Guidelines of the Jio-Mediatek Gaming Tournament

Let us see the rules and guidelines of the recently announced Gaming Masters Championship.

  • Privacy Policy: The participants should abide by all the rules and guidelines and accept the privacy policy available on the portal.
  • Time Zone: All the Matches related to the tournament will happen in only Indian Time Zone.
  • Competitive Integrity: All the participants playing the Reliance Jio Games or Tournaments should follow the code of conduct set by the Jio Games. Any person who violates the rules will have to bear the penalty under violation of rules.
  • Collusion:  The participants who cooperate with others to gain mutual benefit by cheating or violating the rules will be punished.
  • Soft Play:  The games should not play the game on any mutual agreement that results in violating the code of conduct of the Jio Games. Wantedly losing the game to benefit others will also come under the Soft Play.
  • Hacking: The act of modifying the game client, including any 3rd party apps, to grant in-game advantages.
  • Smurfing: Using other players’ or participant’s accounts results in the violation of the guidelines.
  • Drugs and Alcohol:  The participants should not be involved in the intake or the distribution of alcohol or drugs to the other participants according to the game rules.
  • Gambling: The participants should not get involved in betting with relevance to the gaming competition.
  • Concluding the Competition: The participants, once initiated, should play the game till the conclusion under any circumstances.
  • Player Age: The participating players should fulfill the age criteria set by the Jio Games.
  • Substitution:  The Jio Games will not give any substitution for the slots while creating a team. If a team joins a tournament, they cannot change it under any circumstances.
  • Communication: The Jio Games will communicate any vital information to the player through an SMS or Email ID of the players.
  • Final Decision: All decisions regarding the game rules such as player eligibility, scheduling of the tournament, penalities for misconduct are entirely in the hands of JioGame Officials. 

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Quick Links

Jio Games Official Website

Contact: JoiGames Helpline

Free Fire Gaming Masters FAQ’s

Do the applicants are required to login to participate in a gaming tournament?

Yes, the applicants are required to logged in to participate in a gaming tournament. The users can create an account to get logged in to the tournaments.

Do the gamers have the facility to edit their details in the player dashboard?

The players can create teams, add their profile picture, and also add their game IDs on the profile page.

How to Create a Team after getting logged in to the player account?

The players can create their teams by navigating to the profile, scroll down if needed, and click on the Create Team under My Teams.

I wish to leave the team due to some reasons. Can I do it on my own?

The player should go to his/her profile and leave the team by following the necessary procedure to exit from the team.