JAC Jharkhand 10th/12th Compartmental Exam, Apply, Online Registration Form 2021 on jac Jharkhand portal

JAC Jharkhand 10th/12th Compartmental Exam, Apply, Online Registration Form 2021 on jac Jharkhand portal

After a long wait, Jharkhand Academic Council (JAC) has announced that it is going to invite applications for compartmental exams for class 10th and 12th. The compartmental exams is for the students who failed in a maximum of 3 subjects and want to re-appear the exam.

The students of class 10th and 12th who are going to appear for the compartmental exams could fill out the application form on the Jharkhand Academic Council (JAC). The last date for the Class 10th to apply for exams is 25th August 2021, whereas, for the class 12th or Intermediate students, the last date of application submission is 26th August 2021.

JAC Jharkhand 10th/12th Compartmental Exam, Apply, Online Registration Form 2021 @ jac.jharkhand.gov.in

In this article, we explain about the Jharkhand Class 10th/12th Compartment Exam, Fee Particulars, Registration and Online Application Procedure for applying the compartmental exam.

JAC Jharkhand 10th/12th Compartmental Exam: Fee Payment Details

  • Students have to pay an application fee of 80 Rupees.
  • Those who wish to appear one exam have to pay a fee of 100 Rupees. ( For Class 12th).
  • Those who want to appear two or more exams have to pay a fee of 180 Rupees ( For Class 12th).
  • Those who are appearing for Class 10th Exams, the fee is 180 Rupees.
  • The late payment fee for class 10 is 250 Rupees, and for Class 12 it is 300 Rupees.

JAC Jharkhand 10th/12th Compartmental Exam: How to Apply Online @ jac.jharkhand.gov.in

Let us have a look at the procedure for applying the Compartmental Exams. This is for the school /college authorities of whose students students are appearing for Jharkhand JAC Class 10th/12th Compartmental Exams

  • Visit the JAC Jharkhand
    Official Portal
  • It displays the Home Page as shown below
  • Scroll Down the Home Page and Click on the Recent Announcements as shown below
  • In the Recent Announcements, Click on the links Secondary Compartmental Exam Form 2021
  • It redirects to the Login Page, on the right-hand side , click on the Login Button.
  • It opens up the School Login Page on the new page.
  • On the opened page, you can find out the fields like Enter Login ID, Enter Password, Enter Captcha.
  • Enter all the details in the given fields and click on Submit.

JAC Jharkhand 10th/12th Compartmental Exam: Registration Form 2021 @ jac.jharkhand.gov.in

  • After that, it redirects the online user to the Registration Form as below.
  • In the form, enter the details like Head Master’s Mobile Number, District, Sub Division Name, Block Name, Post Office Name, Pin Code ( If you are not aware of the Pin Code, click on Know Your Pin Code Button to get the Pin Code Details).
  • After that, Enter School Category, School’s Telephone Number, School’s Email Address, Re-enter School’s Email Address, and Assistant Head Master’s Mobile Number in the last.
  • Verify all the details and click on the Send OTP Button.
  • After validating the OTP Sent, Click on the Sumit Button.
  • All the fields marked with Star(*) sign are mandatory. The applicant can’t move to the further part of the application form.

NOTE: Remember, the applicant can only enter his/her details once in the Registration Page and make sure you fill all the correct information.

  • Now, go back to the Home Page and log in again on the page
  • Enter the credentials like Login ID, Password and Captcha as shown on the login Page
  • After validating the credentials provided on the Login Page, the system will redirect the user to your Institution’s Home Page
  • On the above page, you can observe the User Dashboard with Registration Summary, a List of the candidates Enrolled by the institution.
  • On the top, you can see the sequence of the process that starts with the Print Checklist and ends with the Print Consolidated Statement.
  • By clicking on the View Button in the Action Button column, one can view all the details about the Student.

NOTE: The Student Data avaialable on the portal cannot be modified under any circumstances.

  • Now, Click on the Print Checklist on the top of the page
  • On the Print Checklist Page, the online user can observe the students’ details by clicking on the checklist box
  • You can click on the individual Student or the multiple students’ Checklist to get the students’ details in the PDF Format
  • You can find all the student details in the PDF and take the print out of the same by clicking on the Print Button on the page
  • In the next step of the process, click on the Submit Exam Form as shown below.
  • To submit the student data, click on the Select All for providing all the Students data and Click on the Select Data to submit the individual data of the Student.
  • After Selecting the desired data, click on the Submit Exam Form Tab.
  • You can also view the data of the students by clicking on the view data in the form.
  • Now the user can start the payment process by clicking on the Generate Payment Advice.

  • Select the Candidate Records, which you want to generate the payment advice ( Bank Challan)
  • Click on the Declaration Check Box at the end of the form and click on Final Submit Button.
  • After clicking the Final Submit Submit Button, the system opens up with a dialogue box to proceed for the next step as below
  • Click on the Final Confirm Tab to confirm the same
  • You can download the PDF Files of all the challans in the annexure

Note: You can pay the Compartmental fee by visiting Allahabad Bank carrying Hard Copies of all the downloaded challan.

  • In the next step, you can find the Payment Advice Status, wherein we can download the copies of the Challan Payments from the system
  • To obtain the challans, click on the Annexure Button that is displayed on the page in green color
  • However, we can take the reprints of the Challans by clicking on the Reprint Advice
  • The Approved Tab indicates payment has been updated on the portal, and the Unapproved Tab shows payment details have not updated on the portal.
  • Print Consolidated Statement is generated by the system once after the confirmation of receipt of payment against the payment advice by the bank.
  • To download it, click on the challan and you can view the consolidated statement in PDF file.
  • After printing the consolidated statement, the particular educational institution has to label the challans with seal and signature.
  • Attach all the challans and part of the bank challan marked as “COUNCIL COPY” ( Containing the receiving bank’s seal) and submit it to the Academic Council with the necessary details.
  • Let us have a look at the sample Consolidated Statement Below

NOTE : The application process for the 12th Class/ Intermediate Compartmental Examinations remains same with minor changes in the application process.

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JAC Jharkhand 10th/12th Compartmental Exam FAQ

What is the application fee for JAC Jharkhand 10th Class Compartmental Exams?

The application fee for Class 10th Compartmental exams is 180 Rupees.

Can a student directly apply for the Compartmental Exams Online for Class 10th/12th?

No, the school or college authorities will apply for the compartmental exams on his/her behalf.

Did the Jharkhand Academic Council allows the late payment of Compartmental Exam Fee ?

Yes, the student can pay late payment of fee ,which is 250 Rupees for Class 10th and 300 Rupees for Class 12th.

Can the school authorities download/print the challans from the portal ?

Yes, the school authorities have access to view ,download and print the challans