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Whatsapp Pay Update | How to Send & Receive Money using Whatsapp UPI Payment Option, App Download (apk)

Step by Step Guide to Send & Receive money using Whatsapp UPI Payment Option, Whatsapp Pay Update, App Download (apk)

The Networking App Whatsapp has been updating its features to give a better user experience for the users. It has introduced various innovative features for the people using the AppApp. Now its time for the users to experience a new feature, Whatsapp UPI Payment Option. It is excellent news for Whatsapp Users as it is a hassle-free process to send and receive money from the people. The National Payments Commission of India (NCPI) has approved the same and gave the green signal to Whatsapp’s UPI Services. 

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The interested users can directly register using Whatsapp to initiate the Whatsapp UPI Payment Services on the AppApp.

Whatsapp Pay Update

This article explains the procedure to register for the Whatapp UPI Payment Services, Procedure to Send and Recieve Money Using the Whatsapp Payment App.

Register and Use Whatsapp Payments (UPI) India 

Find out the procedure to set up the Whatsapp Payment option using your Whatsapp Application on Mobile. Please do remember you should have the latest updated version of Whatsapp to initiate this process. If not, visit the playstore and update the latest version before beginning the process.

  • Open Whatsapp and click on the three dots at the top right corner of the App.
Register and Use Whatsapp Payments (UPI) India
  • It expands into the drop-down with multiple options.
  • Select the Payments out of the given options.
  • Click on the Payment option.
  • You can observe the Add Payment Method, as shown in the image.
  • Click on Add Payment, and select the bank that you have an account.
Register and Use Whatsapp Payments (UPI) India
  • It verifies the Phone Number linked with your bank account and displays your bank account.
  • Click on your bank account and click on the Done button to finish the payment registration process.
  • You can then observe your UPI ID, Your Payment History, and your linked bank accounts.

How to Send Money Through Whatsapp Payment Option

Let us see the procedure to send money through Whatsapp Payment Option. This procedure is for the users who have registered for Whatsapp UPI services. Please remember you can send money only to the persons who have registered for the Whatsapp Payment Services like you.

  • Open the chatbox of the user to whom you want to send money through Whatsapp payment.
  • Click on the Attachment button, and choose the payment option among the given options.
  • Now, the users can enter the amount they want to send and also add a note for that particular payment.
Send Money Through Whatsapp Payment Option
  • Click on the Send Button.
  • Enter your UPI Pin to get approval for the payment.
  • Please note that the users can only send an amount of not more than 5000 Rupees in this instance.

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Download and Update Whatsapp Pay (Whatsapp UPI) apk  

Let us see the procedure to download Whatsapp if you do not have the App installed on your Mobile. If you are already a Whatsapp user, find out the procedure to update the App to avail of the Whatsapp Payment Option.

  • Visit the Playstore on your Mobile.
  • In the Playstore, search for the Whatsapp Application.
  • Click on the install under the Whatsapp.
Download and Update Whatsapp Pay
  • It then installs and downloads the App on your Mobile (It shows Installed If you are already using the App).
  • Click on the Whatsapp Icon to create your Whatsapp Account.
  • Enter your Mobile Number and Copy the OTP Generated to your Mobile Number.
  • It then creates a Whatsapp Profile on your Mobile.
  • As you downloaded the latest version of Whatsapp, you can find the payment option in the Whatsapp.

If you have already installed Whatsapp on your Mobile but have not updated it for long, follow the below procedure to update the App.

  • Go to Google Play Store.
  • Search for the Whatsapp Application.
  • You can find Uninstall and Update options.
  • As you are already a Whatsapp user, click on the Update button.
  • It then updates and replaces the older version with the newer version.
  • You can now start the newly launched services of Whatsapp Payment after the update.

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Download and Update Whatsapp on Google Play Store

Whatsapp UPI Services India FAQ’s

What is the maximum limit of the amount I can send through the Whatsapp UPI Payment Services?

In this instance, the users can send a maximum amount of 5000 Rupees from his/her account.

I am using the older version of Whatsapp. Can I avail of this Whatsapp Payment facility?

Go to the Play Store and update your old version with a new one and start enjoying the services of Whatsapp UPI.

Can I Send and Receive money from the newly launched Whatsapp Payment Services?

The Whatsapp users can enjoy sending and receiving money from the newly launched Whatsapp Money Transfer Services Online.

Is the bank account mandatory for availing of the Whatsapp Send and Receive Money Services?

Yes, the users should have an active bank account to start using the Whatsapp Payments services.

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