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WhatsApp Driving License Download – DL New Download Method

Detailed tutorial explaining How to Download Driving License on Whatsapp

Getting your driving license was always a time-consuming and cumbersome process. From daily rounds to the local license issuing RTO to hiring mediators to speed up the process, getting your driving license meant a day off from work for many. This is however not the case anymore, the central government’s Ministry of Electronics & IT is taking major initiatives to make government services much easier and more accessible for the ordinary citizen.

Driving License DL Download on Whatsapp

MyGov’s WhatsApp chatbot now brings a newer dimension to government services. Users will now be able to view a variety of crucial documents via WhatsApp as a result of the effort. The newest functionality will make it easier for the government to provide services and for citizens to access their records. Users can now use the new DigiLocker service through MyGov Helpdesk on WhatsApp. This involves setting up and verifying their DigiLocker profile on WhatsApp, as well as downloading important papers such as their driver’s licence and vehicle registration certificate, among several other things. The MyGov Helpdesk on WhatsApp is a significant step toward ensuring that citizens have easy access to governance and public services.

This article is aimed at helping citizens understand the entire process of how to download driving license in WhatsApp for an easier experience without having to rush to their nearest RTO office. Do note that users will need to be registered with the Indian government’s DigiLocker app with all the necessary documents.

How to download driving license in WhatsApp

  • Save the number for the new MyGov chatbot in your contact list. Here is the number: +91 9013151515.
  • Once saved, open WhatsApp on your phone and click on the option to start a new chat. Scroll through the contact list in WhatsApp and find the contact for the MyGov chatbot.
  • Drop-in a Hi or Namaste and you should find an automated menu popping up as a response from the chatbot.
my gov chatbot whatsapp
  • Choose the option for “DigiLocker Services”. Your click should be sent across as a reply. In the next step, users will be promoted to check if they have an existing DigiLocker account. Select “Yes”. Do note that this feature would not be applicable if you do not already have an account with DigiLocker.
digilocker whatsapp
  • On the next step, users will be asked to verify their Aadhaar number using mobile number opt. Enter your 12 digit Aadhaar number to start the verification.
register on mygov whatsapp chatbot
  • Hit send. Please note that the OTP verification can take up to 30 seconds.
select driving license
  • Now type in the number “1” as per the message prompt for WhatsApp DL download.
  • Users should now receive a pdf version of their driving license. Download the document and take a print for future use.
download driving license whatsapp
  • Click on the option for “Other Documents” if you need to download any other document from the DigiLocker apart from WhatsApp DL download.
  • Your WhatsApp DL download should look something like this.
Graphical user interfaceDescription automatically generated

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About the MyGov Helpdesk chatbot on WhatsApp.

Now that we have a good understanding of how to download a driving license on WhatsApp, let us go over some key points about the MyGov Helpdesk.

MyGov Helpdesk was introduced by the Ministry of Electronics & IT in March 2020 during the Covid pandemic. This service played a critical role during the pandemic, helping citizens to get authentic pandemic data as well as book vaccination appointments and download immunization certificates. Over 80 million individuals have contacted the helpdesk so far, with over 33 million immunization certificates downloaded and vaccination appointments scheduled around the country.

By integrating the DigiLocker capabilities, the MyGov chatbot on WhatsApp intends to provide a complete administrative support network for citizens to access resources and important services like WhatsApp DL download.

Millions of people around the country now use MyGov Helpdesk to get accurate information and access to government services. What began as a citizen-centric solution during the epidemic has grown into a scalable delivery platform for all digital government activities in a way that is straightforward, simple, and efficient for people. By outfitting the MyGov Helpdesk with Digilocker facilities that can be made available directly using WhatsApp, the technology’s possible to broaden the advantages of integral services to the public at scale has been unlocked, making it a huge step toward ramping up the Digital India dream and a technology-driven country.

Frequently asked questions

What is the number for the MyGov chatbot on WhatsApp?

The number for MyGov Chatbot on WhatsApp is +91 9013151515.

What are the services that can be availed by using the MyGov chatbot on WhatsApp?

Apart from WhatsApp DL download, citizens can avail a number of different services like downloading vehicle registration certificates, PAN cards, vaccination certificates, and much more.

Do I need to have an active DigiLocker account for WhatsApp DL download?

Users will have to have an active DigiLocker account for WhatsApp DL download and avail of other services using the MyGov chatbot.







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